The villagers

This is a very quiet and old fashion village. Most people still tell stories of ancient creatures living in the forest. Everyone here knows to respect nature and fear the deep woods.

*Black and white doll profiles are dolls I’ve sold, but I have kept the characters for future reshelling or reference.


Name: Lucas
Sculpt: SOOM Dia Brown tan skin
Face up: By SOOM
Age: 26
Birthday: May 30th. He arrived in 2013
10 facts: here.

Lucas entire childhood lies in this village. Here is the house He grew up in, and it’s also the place where his mother died when He was 15. That’s when his father sent him to a boarding school in the city.

His relationship with his father has never been great and as soon as He graduated school He left the big city to go live in the village once again.

He has been paying for his studies since He turned 18 and has a few part time jobs that help him with that. Because of this He has had some trouble finishing up his studies, so He hasn’t graduated yet.


Sculpt: Peak’s Woods FoF Lady Alice
Face up: by Peak’s Woods
Age: 5
Birthday: January 8th. She arrived in 2015
10 facts: coming soon.

Ailene is one of the many kids that live in the village. She’s often babysitted by Lucas and has a very tight relationship with him. She’s very friendly, though a bit too shy.


The Fairies

They are beautiful creatures that were born the same day nature was created. There are different kind of fairies, depending on where they live.
Contrary of what people believe, there aren’t many of them in the world and they are the hardest to find among all the creatures that live in the woods.
They are very pacific and love to dance. They can’t talk like humans do, though they can produce beautiful sounds that many people mistake for music.


Name: Frida
Sculpt: Souldoll Soul kid Junia
Face up: by me
Age: unknown
Birthday: July 7th. She arrived in 2016
10 facts: coming soon.

Frida is a fairy of the green forests, She’s as ancient as these woods and She’s like a mother for all the creatures that live in it.

She doesn’t get too close to humans like the guardians in her care, but She does keep an eye on the people from the village, as it is the closest human populated area.

Never being a human herself but sharing similar appearance to them, She’s very intrigued by the life of people.



The Guardians of the forest

Centuries ago, as humans took more and more from the land, mother nature decided it was time for protection for all the living things on this planet. That’s how it was designed that, through a call of the forest spirits, a human could turn into a guardian.
It is said that if you are pure of heart you will be called, and that’s why most guardians were mere children before.
Some people believe that the fairies are the ones who choose the guardians, however, this is not true.
For a human to become a guardian one has to die first. There’s ancient records of colonies that believed to have contact with guardians through their priests or mages. In some tribes guardians are described as powerful Gods, that rule humans and punish their bad deeds through the power of nature.
It’s not easy to tell how old a guardian is, since many of them have lived hundreds of years. One thing is clear: the less a guardian resembles a human, the older that guardian is. This is because their souls are synced to nature in a different way as humans, and as years passes, they assimilate the form of whatever living thing they feel the most connected to. That’s how legends like centaurs and mermaids were created.
As human population grew bigger and stronger, guardians have been forced to give up certain lands and have lost many of the abilities they once had.


Sculpt: SOOM Teenie Gem Tona
Face up: by me
Age: unknown
Birthday: January 25th. She arrived in 2013
10 facts: coming soon.

Serafina (Seraphina in English) is a guardian of the greenest of forests. Her past from before she became one is not clear, and She never talks about that either. She is very wise, but her mischievousness takes the best of her sometimes.

She’s probably the oldest guardian that has been spotted in these woods.

She doesn’t like humans at all so She’s always pranking wanderers.


Sculpt: Peak’s Woods FoF Leo
Face up: by me
Age: unknown
Birthday: February 12nd. He arrived in 2015
10 facts: here.

Faolan is a guardian from the snow fields. He was born a prince in the only tribe that existed in those isolated lands, but the tribe died hundreds of years ago. Faolan stayed there as a guardian for many many years.

Lonely from sharing his life only with wolves and a few trees, He decided to look for a more populated area, that’s how He ended up meeting Fiyero the dragon. They have so many things in common that they became friends instantly and they both love sharing stories of when their homelands were filled with life and laughter.

Even though He became a guardian early on in his life, He remembers his tribe fondly and hopes their culture will live on through his memories and the tales He shares with his friends.


Sculpt: Peak’s Woods FoF Sassy Rosy
Face up: by me
Age: unknown
Birthday: June 24th. She arrived in 2016
10 facts: coming soon.

Violeta has lived all her life in these woods. She’s very easy going and playful.

She’s probably the most immature of the guardians, but unlike Serafina, She enjoys the company of humans, especially kids, so She’s always playing with them.

Ailene and Violeta are very good friends, though everyone in the village think Violeta is Ailene’s imaginary friend.


The Consciences of the forest

Guardians are not too powerful, but they can play with the weather and human’s senses so they often tend to have fun with it, and in some cases, out of the expense of humans.
Fairies noticed then that some guardians were not doing a proper job and needed to be guided. That’s how the consciences were born.
They are small creatures that help the guardians to keep the land safe, but also to not endanger any innocent human. Their appearances depend on the looks the fairy that created them gave them, so there’s not a specific look or way to identify them, but you can feel their presence.
They are not mind readers but they can sense the intentions of humans, guardians and even some animals. They love music so it is often believed that if you see a conscience in the middle of nowhere, a fairy must be near.


Sculpt: SIO2 bleater, the fairytale village sheep
Face up:
by me
a few months
June 17th. She arrived in 2016
10 facts:
coming soon.

is a conscience created very recently by Frida most probably to keep Serafina in line.

As a newborn conscience She gets easily scared, but She wants to protect everyone in the forest with all her heart.

She still has a lot to learn, but what She lacks in knowledge, She makes up for in enthusiasm,

She’s very fond of Violeta and tends to follow her around a lot.


The Dragons of the Rocky Mountains

The Rocky Mountains are a vast terrain of many mountains, some more isolated from the rest than the others. It is said that centuries ago Dragons lived in those terrains, but no one has seen a Dragon in such a long time that they are assumed to be a legend.


Sculpt: Aileen Doll Ashes ver. 2
Face up:
by me
July 12nd. He arrived in 2016
10 facts:
coming soon.

Fiyero is a small dragon from the Rocky Mountains.

The place He was born is very isolated even from other mountains of the chain. Many years ago the place was filled with dragons, but many were killed by humans in shining armor and some more died of sadness and fear.

He was born after those dark times, which makes him more curious about humans than afraid as Dragons always refused to talk about humankind. Still, after the last adult dragon died, He wanted to stay in his home to honor the memories of those who left him behind.

These days his curiosity has won over and He is embarked in the biggest adventure of his life.