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Hello! Today I think it’s a great day to answer some questions. I’ve been super busy with work lately and it’s been super crazy these past weeks, but there’s always time for a bit of blogging.

So this meme was created by The resin crew and I first knew about it thanks to Nikki.

I didn’t get tagged or anything nor do I plan to tag people, but I thought it was a really nice set of questions to do.

There are 50 questions so it will be long, don’t feel pressured to read it though, you can skip it and just say hi to me in the comments 😀

1. Have your tastes changed in sculpts over the years?

They sure have! When I first discovered BJDs there was really only Volks and CP and I loved those dolls so much. I was a poor student so I forgot about it for some years, searching for photos only once in a while. When I seriously came back to look for dolls again there were more companies and my taste started to change because now there was more to look, so I liked more stylized and mature dolls like SOOM Supergem dolls and my way has been going in that direction for a long while, though lately I feel I’m turning into dolls with bigger eyes again, though not as big as anime style.

I’m trying to go from SD to MSD and I own more tinies than anything and they all have big eyes. Even Junia that I have on layaway isn’t that small eyed like other dolls from the same company, though she’s still a mature mini. So maybe instead of going more mature and realistic as the years pass, I’m finding a middle ground? I don’t know but I will buy whatever makes me happy in the moment and hope it works out lol.

2. Do you have pre-made characters for the dolls that you get home which must fit a certain description, or, do you get them home and let inspiration hit?

I do have some pre made characters but they all have changed a lot once they became dolls. And in most cases, especially in my fantasy crew, the doll was first and I built a character from that. So I’d say it’s a bit of both, but having the doll in my hands helps me the most to really build the character completely.

3. What do you do when you get hooked on a particular sculpt and want it home right here, right now but can’t as you have to save or some other reason?

For limited releases I just know I will survive if I don’t get it and the excitement and “need” will fade with time so I just let it be. It doesn’t bother me that much really. What sucks is when I have money for a doll and I can’t find any available that I’m dying to have (this is me right now, I want a tiny so bad and I didn’t like the SOOM release XD). But it’s alright, in both cases I just look at other people’s dolls and that’s enough to make me temporarily happy.

4. How many dolls are too many to you personally?

I’ve never had too many so i’m not sure. At one point I think I had 6 and I was a bit overwhelmed, but 4 of those were 60cm or bigger and took most of the space in my closet, so I think that was the reason. I think maybe 10 could be my limit? I really don’t know. I’d love to have 15 dolls but where would I put that many XD

5. What are your thoughts on dolls with already pre-existing characters from movies/books/cartoons/etc.?

They are cool!!! I’ve seen some Final Fantasy dolls that were so well done!! and some other characters from movies as well~ I’m not a faithful fan though, one week I’m in love with one character and the next I’m obsessing over someone else, so I couldn’t do dolls based on famous characters because I know I would get bored. Doesn’t mean I can’t take a bit of inspiration from characters I like and put that into my dolls though.

6. Acrylic, glass or urethane? And why?

Urethane!!! I only have mako eyes and I’ve never seen other urethanes in person, but they give so much depth and they are way easier to photograph, I don’t need to brighten them in photoshop and I love that. I’ve never tried acrylic ones and glass are nice for the price, but they can’t beat my makos. Not mentioned in the question but I hate silicone eyes, they pick up dust so easy and in small eyed dolls they are hard to photograph.

7. How much does yellowing bother you? What is acceptable before you want something done to liven up that old yellow resin skin?

I don’t have any doll that has yellowed so much that I would want to do something about it. I’ve seen photos of really old volks dolls that have yellowed and it doesn’t bother me all that much. I think that if it’s really yellow I could try a few tricks, but only to see what happens, not out of desperation before I get rid of a doll. All skin colors have something nice about them.

Now if the yellowing is uneven I would probably try to make it even if it’s too noticeable, or if a tan doll is turning green I’d blush it so it doesn’t look that bad.

8. What are your thoughts on anthro BJDs vs actual animal BJDs?

I like both! There’s something really nice about anthros, they let your imagination fly! But real animals made into bjds, that’s super cool too. I want a dog 😀

9. How small is too small? How tall is too tall? Or does height even matter to you?

60 is too tall and 65 is too tall and 70 is unbearable tall for me. As for tiny I don’t know yet! I own some YoSD sized and that’s the smallest I have so far. I plan to get a little dragon and/or a dog at some point though, I’ll have a better opinion then. For now I’m not interested in smaller than 24 cm for “human” dolls.

10. Do you talk with your resin buddies while painting them, dressing them, just because?

Not really. I’ve said “ahhh pretty” a lot to some dolls while styling them for photos. But that’s the only thing I ‘ve said to them and it’s more talking to myself really.

11. Do you have a doll you love but will probably never have because finances or impossible to get?

I love so many Supergem sculpts I’ll never get because the size is not right for me at the moment. As for finances, probably a Volks YoSD ? I really like a few of their sculpts but I’m not sure if there’s ever lottery for their tinies and the second hand market for volks dolls is crazy expensive (for the sculpts I like anyways) and there’s also the recast thing that is very common among volks dolls.

12. Do you have a favourite clothing company where you go and buy clothing and/or shoes from?

I really liked Sadol clothes but they don’t sell that much casual clothes anymore, they have a lot of uniforms and victorian suits now and that’s not for me. I like taobao at the moment, at least for YoSD sized clothes.

13. Your favourite pair of shoes you ever got home? Picture please!

05052012-IMG_0202I love all the shoes I’ve gotten but since I have to get rid of my SD girls, they have to go.

My favorite brand is Time will Tell though, they make fabulous shoes! Not sure if they still do shoes since they haven’t updated their flickr in a long while.

I will miss all my shoes and souldoll msd girls have a tricky size apparently XD I wanted a pair of souldoll boots to get with her, but they were sold out.


14. Favourite accessory and, again, picture!

disneypI don’t own many accessories but I love the minnie ears! Sure the scale is weird and they look huge on dolls but they are cute XD!! I wish I had more in other colors and maybe more into scale.

I also have a Canon camera in 1/3 scale that is very detailed. You can see a photo of it here. I love it but I don’t have much use for it so I can’t say it’s my favorite.


15. How many times have you had to redo a face-up in a day?

I’m really slow painting dolls so there’s not enough hours in a day for me to repaint a doll more than once, but I’ve wiped a face up midway and started a new one in the same day.

16. Ever sat screaming and cursing at your sewing machine? Or even if you’ve sown something by hand? Tell us a bit about one of those silly outbursts!

I don’t sew and I don’t have a machine. I tried my best doing the bath cap for the bath photoshoot, but I didn’t scream nor curse at it. It is very small, but I felt it took me forever to do though haha.

Bath Time! 2

17. In the past year have you had to find homes for some of your resin buddies?

Last year I tried to sell my Onyx doll in my country but with no luck (Supergem dolls aren’t that popular here for some reason) so starting this year I put her up for sale in Doa. She will soon be going to a new home and I’m excited about it! I also put my Supia Rosy for sale this year and I’m holding her for a local owner for a while, but if She backs out I have a few other people interested, so I hope She will be going this year too. I really could use the money and space.

18. Have you ever made any miniature furniture of any kind or do you prefer to buy it?

furnitureI have made furniture with the help of my brother. It is SD sized so I’m not sure what I will be doing with it. Maybe it looks okay with MSD dolls so who knows! I’d also love to buy a doll sofa.

I’m also working on making a rocking horse for my tinies. It is not realistic nor detailed, but so far my dolls can balance on it so that’s cool. I need to paint it but I haven’t got the time. I’m taking pictures of the process though so I can make a post about it.


19. What would you do if one of your dolls went green or banana yellow? Would you try and salvage the damage somehow by mods and the like, or would you reinvent their character?

First of all, I would cry if a tan doll goes unevenly green, just because that seems like something hard to fix. Other than that It would depend on the case if I try to restore it, make it part of the character or just photoshop the photos like mad.

20. Ever got two dolls or more home in a year?

Two is the most I’ve gotten in a year and it was nice. I have the hope this year I can bring 2 or more home, but we will see. At least one is coming for sure.

21. Are there a certain theme going style/face-up/accessory/other wise? Or are they all fairly different from one another?

Mmm I’m not sure. From the dolls I’m keeping 2 have default face up and they are quite neutral. The other 2 dolls have more defined styles I think and they are both different from each other? One is really dark around the eyes (Faolan) and the other has heavy blushing and it’s more fantasy themed (Serafina).

As for clothes my fantasy dolls are different from one another and my human dolls they all tend to be very casual, I do not own any doll with a defined extreme look like punk or goth or mori, etc.

22. How much is too much to pay for a doll/how little is too little? And why?

There’s no such as too little XD! But 1000 USD would be too much for a doll for me I think. Even 700 for a tiny seems way too much and I’m actually having second thoughts about spending over 200 USD on a doll that is smaller than YoSD.

If I like the doll, well, then I have to think what’s more important, having the money or the doll. Most of the time the money wins, that’s why I really have to love a doll before buying. That only makes it worst when something doesn’t work and I have to sell them.

23. Do you do mods? Show us some of your work! Would you do them on rare/limited sculpts?

I don’t do mods, I like to play it safe. It was a huge step for me to even dare doing face ups.

24. Do you prefer getting dolls home blank so that you can do your own face-up, or, do you prefer to have the company paint them for you?

I love getting dolls ready to play, but doing my own face ups not only helps me improve, it saves me a lot of money and I get exactly the style I want so now I’m always opting for blank.

25. Do you keep up with the various companies releases, events and the like?

I try but no, I don’t. I check DoA news section once in a while and check my favorite companies often, but other than that I don’t know what’s going on. I miss on so many nice events and new companies, it’s so hard to keep up!

26. Ever hated having to cover up a body with clothing because the sculpting was absolutely divine and you’d rather just be able to watch all that naked glory for all time?

Not at all. Supia girls body is really nice, but I like it with clothes on too. I do appreciate the work involved in it though.

27. What is your favourite wig brand?

For my doll. I haven’t tried many brands but FMD never dissappoints.

28. How many pairs of shoes do you own for your dolls?

Not sure, the SD ones have to go so that will be zero for big girls. As for YoSD size I plan on doing a post about shoes, but since I have to buy a few more off taobao, I will wait until I have those so I can make a more detailed post. So far I think I have 6 pairs? I will not be left shoeless after giving up big girls XD.

29. How many wigs do you have for your dolls?

I don’t like hoarding wigs because I hate dealing with them and SD long hair wigs take up a lot of space, but I was thinking the other day that since my dolls will be all using 6-7 inch soon, I might as well allow more variety in my wig collection.

So far Serafina is the only doll with 2 wigs, the rest has 1 each. I have 3 wigs for my Supia Rosy but she’s up for sale so it doesn’t count. And I do have some wigs that didn’t work for me up for sale in my local group.

30. Do you have a favourite set of clothing? Do you own it? And if, picture please!

I love many clothes for dolls and most of them I don’t own. I love raouken corsets and I hope to get one someday.

And as for the favorite clothing piece I have in my hands, I have to say it’s a dress from Studio 1283. It’s super pretty, pink and I love how well it fits Ailene. All her other clothes run big on her. It’s a very well made dress too and has a very cute bow at the back.

New Look

31. Do you have a favourite outfit you’ve made yourself?

Haven’t done any.

32. Ever commissioned someone? And what for?

I’ve comissioned MusumeOkasan twice. Both for hats and scarves, the first time for SD girls and the second for my tinies.


33. How many pair of eyes do you have, spare and in use combined?

I have a few pairs of glass eyes that I will probably sell since all my dolls will be wearing mako eyes now. I have 5 pairs of eyes and 4 dolls so only one is spare.

34. Ever called in sick because of an incoming package?


35. What have been you longest wait? And the shortest?

The shortest has been 3 months and the longest 5 months or so because there was a layaway. I haven’t buy that many dolls and I’ve never gotten surprised with a fast shipping notice lol.

36. Do you prefer shooting single shots or group pictures?

Single shots because they are way easier. I haven’t managed to take proper group shots so far.

37. Do you prefer male or female dolls?

I love both. Male clothes are easier to find and I find more of them are to my taste so I like that about them, plus handsome resin is amazing. Girls are trickier to shop for but my imagination goes wilder with female dolls.

38. Ever had that one piece of accessory you could never quite find and are still searching for years later?

Does a dog count? I tried finding a doll for my dolls for so long, but now there’s many for sale so that’s cool.

39. Ever had trouble settling for a sculpt for a given character and had to buy multiple sculpts home before finding that perfect one?

No. If it doesn’t work out with the first doll I just give up XD.

40. Do you keep a journal in where you write all of your doll related ideas and plans even if they wont always come to fruition?

Not a journal but I do have a notebook where I’ve been writing all the ideas I randomly have for photoshoots. I started it in december so it’s something new I’ve been doing and it has given me great results.

41. Ever shot some naughty naked/nude pictures? If not, why?

No. I wouldn’t mind making nude shots, but naughty pictures I find that  it would be umcomfortable for me. They are dolls after all, nothing more, but still.

42. What are the longest time you’ve had a layaway running? If you’ve never done one, why are you refraining from making use of this service?

4 months for my SOOM Dia. I started a layaway with Souldoll for Junia thinking to pay it in 6 months, but I already paid more than half the doll in 2 payments so I’ll probably finish it in 3 or 4 months XD.

I love layaways because my bank account doesn’t emtpy so sudden nor fast with them. I always make sure I have the money to pay but it’s nice to be able to save along the way while also paying your doll.

43. Do you mind not being able finding a whole lot of pictures of a given sculpt you want home or do you like it’s exclusivity?

I don’t like exclusivity, I much rather prefer to find zillions of owner pictures, but it’s not always the case. For my SD dolls I always liked the popular ones so it was always easy to find photos, but PW tinies aren’t that common and I didn’t find many pictures of them, specially of Leo and that makes me unsure if I will like the doll in the end or not. I do not trust company photos because some companies have gorgeous photos only in the good angles of their dolls, others heavily photoshop the photos and some companies don’t do their sculpts justice.

44. Are you more of a share all the pictures type of person or more of a keeping them all to yourself and only share a select few?

I don’t like sharing more than 2 photos of the same photoshoot, because I think it will bore people and my gallery will look repetitive. Other than that, if there’s a photo I really like, I share it (until I don’t like that photo anymore and I take it down xD).

45. How good are you at sticking to your plans if, say, you told yourself you only were to bring home one more this year and then go on a break?

I’m pretty good though I’ve broken my plans more than once since I started. But last year I wasn’t suppose to buy dolls and I didn’t and this year I have plans of buying dolls and I’ve done so.

I break my own plans drastically too sometimes though. It took me a few hours to decide to be done with SDs. That wasn’t part of this year plan but it wasn’t something I prohibited myself either XD

46. What doll body is your favourite?

I wouldn’t say I have a favorite at the moment.

47. Who in your resin crew has gone through the biggest transformation since arrival?

The only 2 dolls that have gone from one style to another are being sold so none at the moment from the ones I’m keeping. I find that if what I wanted for a doll doesn’t work it makes it super hard for me to “bond” with that doll. I do try other things, but so far I haven’t kept any doll that had to be restyled.

48. Do you pamper some more than others?

Yes! Ailene gets all the clothes and shoes and I love it XD

49. Ever bought something (dolls, clothing, accessories) that looked amazing in the pictures but turned out to be nothing like it upon arrival?

Yes, a Leeke wig.

50. What are your continued plans for this year?

My main plan is to get a doll friend for Ailene. I’ve been looking for the perfect doll, but so far none has made me fall in love. I really like Doll Love Yoyo and Luts Lolly, but so far not enough to die to buy them.

I’m hoping for SOOM rereleases of old tinies for my fantasy crew too, maybe Aileendoll Ashes dragon (I was thinking about the limited sleeping face, but in the end it was too much money for something so small so I’m skipping the event) and the iplehouse dog. Do you guys think the doll scale would be good for MSDs? It’s 8 cm tall. The scale is the only thing keeping me from buying, though I’m almost sure it would look nice XD but I don’t know much about dogs and dog breeds and size.

I also want to see how I feel about MSDs once I get my Junia and if that works for me I’ll start looking for more dolls in that scale. Hopefully Souldoll won’t surprise me with more MSD cool dolls before I get mine XD.

Wow that was even longer than I expected!! Hope I don’t bore you guys too much and if you read the whole thing thanks from the bottom of my heart!

Have a great week guys!!!

23 thoughts on “50Q BJD meme

  1. Alasse Carnesir

    Wow, you know me and how much I like memes but this was one long meme! Hats off to you for answering all the questions! I think I would have given up by Question 20!!

    It was a fun read though and I enjoyed your answers. I am pretty excited that you’re entering the MSD arena and am looking forward to getting your thoughts on that size. I love the size personally and my first BJD was almost an MSD. Had it been, I think I would have got into Tiny dolls a lot earlier than I did.

    SDs are just so large though that they can be overwhelming especially if you have quite a few of them!

    I hope you find a friend for Ailene. I understand your feelings though on the hunt. I want a friend for Rune too and I’ve felt the same way as you have with ones that I like but not enough to part with my money for.

    That furniture you made with your brother is awesome. I really love the design.

  2. Alasse Carnesir

    {My post got eaten 🙁 so I reposted! }

    Wow, you know me and how much I like memes but this was one long meme! Hats off to you for answering all the questions! I think I would have given up by Question 20!!

    It was a fun read though and I enjoyed your answers. I am pretty excited that you’re entering the MSD arena and am looking forward to getting your thoughts on that size. I love the size personally and my first BJD was almost an MSD. Had it been, I think I would have got into Tiny dolls a lot earlier than I did.

    SDs are just so large though that they can be overwhelming especially if you have quite a few of them!

    I hope you find a friend for Ailene. I understand your feelings though on the hunt. I want a friend for Rune too and I’ve felt the same way as you have with ones that I like but not enough to part with my money for.

    That furniture you made with your brother is awesome. I really love the design.

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      I’m starting to hate the plug in that filter comments so no spam would get posted because sometimes it take legit comments and marks them as spam, that’s when they get eaten. It’s at least 2 comments per blog post that I have tor escue from the spam folder. I would take out the plug in but that would mean I’d get A LOT of notification emails to approve spam comments XD I’ll try to look for another way

      It was super long but it was fun! though it took me quite a long while because I had also to check my english didn’t went crazy mid way XD I can’t make long sentences in english that makes 100% sense you know? XD

      I’m also super excited to be owning MSDs and I haven’t bee this excited in the hobby in years! Hope you get a friend for Rune soon too~ let’s pray to the tiny dolls god haha


  3. Nikki

    So cool that you also participated in the meme! 😀 Yay

    I’m like you with characters from books/movies/TV shows. I’ll have a short obsession and then it’ll be over.

    I miss Sadols old clothes too T_T Especially when they had all their colourful suits!

    Good luck on selling your Supia girl! She’s really stunning ^^

    I agree with you on FMD. 🙂 Their wigs are really nice yeah.

    That Studio 1283 dress is adorable :3 I need to check them out!

    Musume & Okasan does some pretty stuff! I wish I could buy more from them right now ^^

    Aww Honey Delf Lolly <3 I can't say I'm not biased though 😛

    Such good answers! 😀 Was a pleasure to read ^^

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      Right? Sadol was super cool, I still have a few jackets in hound size from them that I need to sell, they are so pretty but Lucas can’t fit into them haha.

      Thanks! The person that I was holding the doll backed out today but I have another person in line already so that’s cool :D! Hope she does sell this time.

      Studio 1283 is awesome and I totally recommend Xanadu’s dresses, they are amazing!

      Lolly is super cute!!! The promo pictures don’t do her justice at all, her lips look super flat and I was super impressed by owner photos. I hope I get her one day too 😀


  4. Musume

    I agree with your scale of too tall and unbearable tall xD.

    Also those shoes are so pretty!!! Maybe Souldoll girls use MNF shoes too? You can always search for Fashion Dolls shoes, some of them should fit. And an uneven tan doll is also one of my nightmares!!

    Ohh, and thank you for mentioning us in the question #32 :3

    I don’t know about the dog, I’ve been eyeing myself, too! If you find out, please do let me know! 😀

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      I think that MNF and fashion dolls shoes should work but I won’t stress over that for now, I’m trying to get over my hoarding obsession with shoes XD

      I might end up buying that doll anyways if I can’t get a straight answer, I can’t keep photoshoping pictures of my dolls with it XD!!!!

      And no prob, loved the items I got from you~

  5. Xanadu

    Well my dear 50 answers was quite a read Alejandra, but I did manage to read them all and found it very interesting too! I agree about Supia bodies, they are beautiful, and so are their faceups, I love my Hanako.

    Thank you so much for the compliments and link to my store, that was very kind of you.
    Big Hugs,

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      Thanks for reading through it all! took me a lot of time to write them too haha!

      And no problem, your dresses and sweaters are the prettiest things Ailene owns 😀

  6. Irene

    What a big tag! XD It must have taken you ages!

    I find we have the same mindset for most of these ~ but what amazes me is your discipline and self-control when it comes to buying! XD I should really learn from you~~

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      Hahaha it took a lot of time but less time than it did to glue all the tiles for the bath photoshoot hahahaha XD

      I’m glad to see we have similar way of thinking in some hobbie related stuff, that’s cool!! and thanks! I do have a lot of self control for many things, but then there’s are impulsive buys once in a while too, like Junia hehe. Or maybe I’m just a cheap person who loves money too much XD who knows! I really like seeing my bank account happy XD

  7. Crystal

    I love those Mickey ears! So cute! You seem to try out so much crafty things, you inspire me to try more. I think I would cry too if my dolls went green D: but maybe I would make them turtles! XD My tastes have also changed a lot! Maybe I will take this one for my blog too! XD

    Also, hi! 😀

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      Yes! You definitely should do the tag and also more crafts :D!! I really don’t do much, I have ideas but most of them remain as ideas or half way projects XD The furniture in the photo was half done for like a year before I finished it lol.

  8. jSarie

    Oh wow, this was a long meme! Great to read all the answers though – I always find it so interesting to see people’s opinions on so many doll topics. 🙂

  9. Niina

    I read this meme at Nikki for just some minutes ago and this is something great! Glad that you took this too and I hope to take it soon too. I liked the questions and love your answers. And I am trying to go from smaller dolls to bigger dolls, but there is some fear – what happens if I do not like it at all? And then I try to even think boy dolls, I only have girls so far.

    And as long as one has room for dolls and can keep them in good conditions, then there should not be a limit. I dream about a own room for my hobbies – dolls, painting, sewing and reading.

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      Thanks!! Big dolls are amazing, especially the male one sbecause there’s so much casual clothes for them. And you know, if you don’t like them you can sell them later. I don’t regret getting big dolls at all, they just don’t work for me anyymore.

      And I agree, if there’s room for a doll then I can get a doll :D! I also dream of having a room with enough light to be able to take photos in a corner and have a table for face ups, while having all my dolls there too.

  10. Xaya

    Wow what a long meme! 😀 I LOVED to read all your answers, and I’ll certainly fill this too as I can’t sew since my sewing machine is having a maintenance at the moment. x’D I’ll need to go and read it from Nikki’s too since I love these meme things.

    I agree on many things, people who come in the hobby now are having so much to choose from! I kinda envy them for that. LOL.

    I love that wooden cupboard (?) you made with your brother, it’s really pretty! And Ailene is so cute in that dress. <3 ^^

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      Hahaha yeah I wish we had that much to choose from back then, but when I finally got my doll there was already a lot to choose. Sometimes I regret choosing Onyx as my first doll. She was gorgeous and loved the sculpt, but that scorpion tail and her size is not very newbie friendly XD!

      It is not a cupboard though I see how it could work like that XD It’s more like on of those pieces of furniture you put next to your bed? It was SD sized it is kinda big and I have no use for it now XD I’m not going to do the matching bed ever. So I either repurpose it or say goodbye to it lol.


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