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I hope I’m not boring you all with so many tags lately, but the questions I got this time are awesome! And it’s good to keep the blog going~

I was given this award by Alasse, thank you very much for considering me, I get excited when people remember me in this hobby, since it wasnt that long ago that I knew no one.

Let’s go to the questions then!

1. Finish this sentence … It was as if the sun came out and …
… played all day with the clouds. I don’t know, I’m not good at this QwQ.

2. You picked up a doll at an op shop. It was pretty banged up. What do you do with it?
Not sure what op means, but I would try to restore it as best as I could. And maybe give it to someone who want dolls, but can’t afford one.

3. The world is about to end. You have room in your bag for just one item. What do you choose?
The world is about to end and me with it right? then no point in carrying a bag around. I would go spend it with my loved ones and tell them how much I love them.

4. You’ve been asked to star in a movie where dolls are going on a rampage against humanity. Are you: the Villain, the Hero, one of the Dolls or the Bystander and why?
This one is hard! I want to be the hero, but that means I have to fight the dolls and I don’t want to fight them. But I also don’t want to be the villain. Maybe I could be a bystander that can see both sides so clearly that she helps the hero by uniting both sides XD

5. Post a photo of your very first doll or figure. Tell us a bit about how you came to purchase that particular doll/figure and why?
My first doll was a SOOM Onyx. I found some of her first photos not so long ago, but they are awful lol. Here you go!


This one was from her first photoshoot after she got her face up. I was struggling with the eyes as you can see XD Now I’ll go hide in a corner for a while, so embarrased ;_; (I like the lighting though)

By that time I didn’t have any way of purchasing things online and a friend just got her card linked to paypal, so She offered to help. She knew how much I wanted a BJD and it was really nice of her. SOOM was having their Free choice event and the rest you all know it, I stayed in the hobby, bought more dolls and now She will be going to a new home 😀

6. You’ve just been sucked into a Virtual Reality game where you, the Hero must save the Kingdom. What kind of character class are you? Why did you pick this class?
I’m always the healer. I love taking care of my party and being able to bring health to the team. I also love their designs. My favorite kind of healer is the one that can fight on their own (slow but steady), but truly shines in a team as a support character. There’s some games that make healers and priests super useless on their own and that is not fun for a person who loves to help, because they force you to depend on others for easy tasks like quests, and then you become a burden for other people.

7. You’ve just won a trip to Japan. What is the first thing you do?
I would check how many BJD stores and showrooms there are for me to visit XD

8. A doll, a cat and a human walk into a bar. What happens next?
They drink too much so the doll rides the cat and the cat rides the human. It would make up for a cute picture XD

9. Do you have any fanart of your dolls or have you commissioned artwork based on your dolls?
I’ve always thought about it, but I’ve never commissioned anyone for it and I do not have the skills.

10. Given what you’ve learned so far being a part of the hobby, if you could travel back in time to the self you were before you started collecting (dolls or figures), what would you say to your younger self?
Do whatever you want because at the end of the day what other people say doesn’t matter. And if some things look like impossible today, doesn’t mean they will be impossible forever.

11. Do you have that dream photo that you’d like to do with your doll/figure? Describe it. Do you think you will ever make it a reality?
Not a particular dream photo, but I dream to getting the light right in my photos XD I want really bright photos.

Aren’t these questions clever? I loved them! And that’s for the tag. I won’t be tagging more people though. One because I think everyone has been tagged at least once, and two because I’m really bad at making up questions.

23 thoughts on “Liebster award 3

  1. Alasse Carnesir

    I love your answers to the questions!

    And “op” shop is a charity store that people donate their second-hand items to that they don’t want anymore. Sometimes here, if I’m lucky, I may find some old dolls but that’s not always the case.

    Great answer on the world ending one and I love your resolution to the doll rampage question. I wouldn’t have thought to try uniting both sides. I’d have you on my team any day!

    I actually think you did a good job on your Soom Onyxs’ eyes. I haven’t even tried painting resin yet but once my DollFamily practice head arrives, I will have one to try.

    I have to agree with you, a lot of games make their healers useless alone. They may have really high magic but they generally are pretty dismal at defence and get taken down so quickly. I guess it’s the price of having so much magical ability. I usually pick the dual wielder as I like to just run into a crowd of enemies and just start swinging my swords (or axes) at them. They usually have high defence and attack which I like. I am usually the first to die though as I am pretty reckless when I play warrior class. I’ve only ever enjoyed playing a ranger class once and it took some getting used to as I had to keep my distance rather than dive into the crowd like I normally do.

    I love your answer to the bar question about a doll, a cat and a human. I got amusing visuals!

    What’s that saying? Those that matter don’t care and those that care don’t matter or something to that effect. I think it’s so true, enjoy and do what you want in the hobby and ignore the naysayers. Practice, practice, practice. I always thought it was impossible for me to ever be able to do face-ups but I’m doing it now … of course not perfectly but I’m giving it a good ole go.

    Thanks for doing the tag. I really enjoyed reading your answers!

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      Thanks! And thanks for tagging me, it was a lot of fun!! The doll rampage question was super hard to answer !! I had to take my time with it lol.

      Oh and I meant positioning the eyes, I did not do that face up, it was the first time I ever comissioned someone and the last one. It wasn’t a very nice experience.

      Games know that balance keep the game together, but they always tend to fail at it at some point, and most of the time that just hurts the support classes. When the damage dealers are too powerful they don’t want to go helping a healer to do their quests, but they demand you to be a high level and high geared healer when they need you in a dungeon. Not cool. That’s the only reason why healers should be able to solo most of the thigns other classes can solo, even if it’s slower or more expensive to do.

      I love that saying, it’s so true! Starting is the hardest imo, now that you have already did that, you will get better, is just a matter of patience and practice~

      1. Alasse Carnesir

        It’s a shame your first experience with commissions wasn’t a good one. I think I’ve just been lucky as I commission all the time and I’ve always had great experiences with all the face up artists that have been kind enough to paint my dolls. But it is a pretty scary experience, sending dolls out and just hoping everything works out well. I always wish there were more face up artists in Australia, overseas shipping can get pricey particularly as when it comes to doll heads, I don’t ship anything other than EMS to and back! Which rules a lot of countries with great face up artists as well out for me.

        1. Fantasywoods Post author

          Yeah, it even was from a local artist, and thought the head was really pretty when I got her back, there was so many things that I didn’t like about the whole thing. In the end I decided it was better to learn and do things myself. And that’s how I started

  2. Musume

    You are not boring with tags! I still have a Liebster to answer xDDD

    Your answers were really interesting, and I agree with the trip to Japan! 😀
    And the dream photo is just on point!

  3. jSarie

    I always love seeing these tags go around, so no apologies for them! Especially when the questions are as interesting as this set is! 🙂

    Your SOOM Onyx is lovely – I’m always curious to see people’s first dolls. It’s fun to have an idea of how tastes and styles change over time.

  4. Xanadu

    Hi Alejandra,
    These were great answers to a group of wonderfully thought out questions. I enjoyed reading this post, it was really fun.

  5. Irene

    I loved your sentence, it seems so romantic and adorable x333
    I always played healers in games XD it’s fun to be wanted by others ~ and not being a very common class. But yeah, it sucks if you want to solo. I used to play city of heroes, a game where teams are the biggest part and also the most fun to play~~
    Ahh, you should definitely go to Japan! There’s some lovely dolly and other cute shops there~~~

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      Aw you make me blush! XD

      Healers are awesome! they are harder than most other classes to play (with the exception of the tank) because you need to be super focused and have a strategy ready, be careful not to attract aggro and if the situation gets dangerous know who to heal first and what to do without panicking, it’s a lot of fun!

      For some reason I’m more attracted to Korea than Japan, but I’d love to visit both countries ofc! And they both have dollies X3!!!

  6. Maria

    I still have 4 tags to answer, so I know how you feel. XD But I’m definitely not tired of reading them! Some people come up with some really interesting questions (I always suck at that). ^^

    It was fun reading your answers! I love that you’d restore the doll from the op shop and give to someone! Such a lovely thought! 😀

  7. Crystal

    I want to go to Japan with you! XD When I have some time, I will do some fanart of one of your dolls! I LOVE doing that! XDDD

    I’m always the warrior usually, but one of my games has a really strong battle mage. We should party together! In a totally nerdy way! 😛

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      Really? thanks!! no one has ever done fan art of my dolls before, that would be super nice 😀

      I’d love to play with you!! We need to find a cool mmorpg that suits us both XD


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