Ailene is ready for Halloween

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Happy Halloween guys!!!

I never do photoshoots for any holiday except some crappy photos at Christmas, but this year my goal was to upload photos every month (which I have so far!) and even though I already have photos for October, I planned to do a Halloween photoshoot for the first time.

In the end time flew by and by Friday I had nothing! So I decided to look for simple costume ideas on the internet and Ailene got her first Halloween costume, can you guess what it is?

Happy Halloween

She’s going as a rag doll~ not sure if genius or dumb lol!

I’ll be posting the tutorial on how to make the wig soon, though it will be already too late for Halloween I hope some people will find it useful.

Hope you have a spooky celebration!!!

12 thoughts on “Ailene is ready for Halloween

  1. Alasse Carnesir

    Oh my gosh, what a neat idea for a Halloween costume. I love it! A doll going as a rag doll. Poetic isn’t it? And nostalgic. I actually still have some of my old rag dolls here including some I made myself. I love this photo of Aileen but you know, she always looks good no matter what she’s wearing. Hope your day was spooky! You know what would be perfect? Watching ghostbusters, hehe.

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      Thanks!! I wish I could have done a more elaborated photo, but I didn’t have any Halloween props nor enough time to make them. I’m still happy I actually did something~ and the wig was fun to make!

      My day was not spooky at all haha, but it’s okay because I don’t celebrate Halloween~ Watching ghostbusters is a great idea!! That’s as spooky as my heart can handle!! But instead I spend the day playing World of Final Fantasy on my ps4, so much fun!! I’m glad that at least one game I preordered finally came out, Final Fantasy XV and The Last Guardian won’t come out until december, but I’d like to have finished this one before that so I can finish Child of light (I know you like that one and with good reason!! it’s so pretty and the gameplay is really nice).


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