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I’ve been super absent in the BJD hobby lately and I didn’t think much about my dolls, I always seem to take an unplanned pause from the hobby through winter.

A few weeks ago I really started to think deeply about my dolls again and wanted to do some plans for the future, which is both good and bad: good because I’m back at looking at other people’s dolls and I want to do stuff with mine, but bad because it will take money off my pocket haha.

At first I planned to do a post about all I was thinking for all of them, but I thought it would be more organized to do a blog post for each doll. So I’ll start with Ailene.

I love this girl so much and the more I look at her, the more I think she’s a tiny version of Lady Bee, my favorite Peak’s Woods sculpt. And that’s why I chose her to be honest, because I couldn’t justify getting a ¼ doll which would not fit my crew. The moment I saw Lady Alice in the PW website I fell in love. We could say it was an impulse buy of some sort, though I still thought about it for some time before actually purchasing her.

And her size is so manageable. It’s so nice to be able to take her off the box in a few seconds, compared to all the trouble it takes me to take a bigger doll out. That also makes taking pictures of her easier. I want to re make her look a bit though, to improve the way she looks in photos, so here are my plans:


I want to get her some urethane eyes. I’ve stayed away from them because the price tag is quite scary for something so tiny, but I think they would really make a difference in photographing Ailene, since she has quite big and open eyes. So making her eyes brighter would be super nice.

The first thought I had was checking DollBakery eyes, because of the review Fyrd did a while ago and because they look stunning in pictures. I really like the unicorn eyes, they are a gradient from light blue to pastel lilac, so I would be keeping her original eye color (kinda). I’m still on the fence about it, since checking Den of Angel’s photo reference posts the eyes seems to be lighter than I thought, and it makes them look almost white near the center in some photos. I’ll keep looking for photos and hopefully I’ll have reach to a conclusion before the new pre order opens.

I also would consider some orange/honey colored eyes, but I haven’t found a pair I really like. After seeing the unicorn eyes, I really want something with a gradient, it looks extra cute!


coloresI like Ailene’s hair, but for some time I’ve been thinking of another style for her, which is shorter and cuter, and way harder to find lol. I checked all the wig stores I could think of, except for Lullaby Poem wigs, since I thought they only sold long wigs for some reason. So a day after the pre order period ends I checked just in case and there it was!! The exact style I wanted and in a color I liked (I still want her hair to be brown, but a bit lighter and/or less reddish). So I have to wait for another pre order for it, or try to find the same hair cut somewhere else.


The hairstyle I want, from Lullabypoem wigs. Screenshot is from Pupa Casa store.


I want all the cute stuff I can find for her! She has a cute face and needs cute, pastel things to go with it. I checked taobao, but didn’t find much, except for a store called Sunflower with lots of cute dresses marked as 9,999, which I guess meant out of stock of something? I don’t know, I’m still clueless about tao bao so I gave up rather quick.

I like Rosen Lied dresses, and I think I’ll try to get a few items from there in the next few months. I’m trying to avoid big purchases for the time being, since I only finished paying my university debt in july (I paid all 6 of the remaining years I had that month, so I’m debt free, yay!)

I also have my eyes set on a few etsy items and I already commissioned Musume for some items in her Etsy.

As for shoes I still can’t find something to my taste that it’s not that expensive. The etsy store I got my shoes last time closed, so any suggestions are appreciated. Think cute, cute, cute!

And that’s it for the time being, I think She has become my number one priority to buy stuff for, since She doesn’t have many things, and I feel like photographing her like crazy.

Thanks for reading!

12 thoughts on “Doll plans: Ailene

  1. Alasse Carnesir

    I think sometimes, we do need to take a time out in this hobby. It can get pretty intense and overwhelming sometimes. I know it gets that way for me from time to time.

    It’s nice to see Ailene again. She’s so adorable. I have to admit the 26/27 cm is a great size. That size and the MSD size are possibly my favourites. I rarely take out my bigger dolls either because they’re always so big and awkward to handle.

    Those DollBakery eyes look quite nice. I love the pattern on them. I tend to get Makoeyes. I’m pretty sure they are urethane too but a bit more affordable.

    Looks like Ailene will be getting quite spoiled in the near future!

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      Yeah I totally get you about everything, and I wish I had MSDs instead of SDs sometimes, but Ican’t help but love those bigger sculpts hehe
      I’ll check out mako eyes again, thanks for the suggestion.
      I hope she does get spoiled! I’m feeling rather cheap at the moment lol

  2. Irene

    Ah yes D: some eyes are so pricey I just prefer to stick to glass eyes T_T;;
    That wig style is so adorable :3 I’m sure you can also find similar or the same wig on taobao xD
    Yeah if it’s marked like 999 or something means sold out, however it could come back!
    As for great tiny doll shoes I suggest:
    If I remember any others I will let you know :3

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      Thanks for the tip and the recommendation! It seems I need to get on the taobao thing asap XD
      I want to stick to glass eyes as well, but Ailene’s eyes are so open idk, makes me want to give them an extra “POW factor” XD

  3. Xanadu

    Hi Alejandra,
    Well you know already that I love this sculpt having a Lady Alice of my own (albeit the blue/grey skin), so I am pleased to see your sweet Ailene. I am sure you will find just the right eyes and clothes for her. Sometimes it’s good to take a step away for a little while and give some thought to exactly what you want to achieve with her, just as you have done.

    Hey big congrats on being debt free, it must be a wonderful feeling to have paid of those Uni fees in one go. 🙂

    I will look forward to seeing Ailene completed.

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      Hehehe yeah it’s an amazing feeling to be free of such a big debt, but it was also so very hard to let go of all that money lol it took me so much time to save up and now I have to start all over again. But it was worth it.

      I’m also looking forward to see your own Lady Alice more often, I love the blue grey skin (I have a Leo in that color) and the little fangs are super cute too!

      I hope I get to finish Ailene soon as well, I’ve been trying to get everything together story wise so I can start putting more info online as well 🙂


  4. Niina

    Oh my, I am not so often on Peak’s Woods – but this visit made me drool! Such cute and lovely creatures! And this made me want to plan more things to do, make and shop for my girls. And I agree, Rosen Lied has amazing clothes and Ailene will be pretty in those. I could see her in a wig with “Biscuit” or “Cappuccino” color, but that is probably because I like that color second to pink. 😀 Hope you find the things you want and it will be lovely to meet her!

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      Thanks!! PW has some of the cutest tinies out there imo 😀 I wish I had more dolls in that size hehehe. I love the “biscuit” color too. I really want a doll with pink hair someday, but none of my characters would have it so I’m stuck with natural colors for the moment lol.

  5. Crystal

    I tend to take my breaks in the summer, so I defiantly get that. It’s also nice to feel revamped and excited again. If you never step away, you can miss out on that. Good luck with everything! I’m sure she’ll be adorable! 😀

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      You are totally right and it’s good to step away for a bit from time to time to appreciate everything again. I love when I get to take a doll out of the box and I’m in awe with how pretty they are, almost like it was the first time seeing a doll 🙂

  6. Musume

    Ailene is so cute! I bet she will look amazing on the DB eyes. A huge sale is coming (including imperfect eyes) so you may want to keep an eyes open on that! The news were posted on August 21st, if I recall correctly.

    Have you searched ForMyDoll for shoes? They have some models, or Nine9Style could be too! Also, thank you a lot for the commission, it means a lot!! 😀

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      I also saw the DB news so I’m waiting for that too 😀 though I’m not so sure yet if I should go for it or not, we’ll see

      Thanks for your suggestions, I’ll go check Nine9Style, since I didn’t think of that before. Also Leeke now that I think of it XD I checked taobao, but I didn’t like the shoes D:

      No prob! I also owe you a review!


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