No more SDs for me

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Hello people!! I thought it would be nice if I could just post something, even if it was really short, just to let you know I’m okay. Winter hit me hard and I haven’t feeling like doing anything with dolls. Still, I have been in a very good mood considering the weather. We had snow one day, can you believe it? We never get snow on these parts, it was so magical to wake up and see everything white outside, I had never seen it before!

Regarding the title, it is what it is, I think I should mention I sold my SOOM Dia, Lucas, a few months back. It’s still my favorite doll of all times, but I just wasn’t doing anything with it, so it had to go. With the money I got a momoko, a pure neemo and the ruruko girl you already saw. I also got some momoko clothes that I should show you guys sometime, when the weather gets nicer.

With that, I don’t own any SDs anymore.

Hope you can forgive my lack of dedication to the blog lately, and I hope you are all okay. I’ll try to keep up with your blogs soon, I miss you!

16 thoughts on “No more SDs for me

  1. Nana

    If you feel you don’t need SD dolls anymore, it’s OK. Just follow your heart.
    I’m sure you’ll have much fun with your other dolls. 🙂
    And don’t worry, your readers will wait for you, take your time.
    Have a lovely weekend!

  2. Xanadu

    Hey Girl! ‘Bout time you dropped us a line, I was worried you weren’t coming back.

    Oh I know what you mean about the weather, I have been hibernating quite a bit myself lately, I really don’t like winter at all, can’t stand being cold. Seems strange getting snow where you are, but the weather is strange everywhere. Italy has a drought, which is the worst it’s been there for many years.

    Don’t worry about moving Lucas on, it’s a hobby and you need to enjoy what you’re doing otherwise why do it at all. If there are other dolls that make you happy, then I say go for it. Look at me, I’ve gone crazy over play dolls just lately and Alasse’s collection has taken a different direction too. Just be happy!
    Big hugs,

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      Hey!!! I’m so sorry! I should have posted sooner! If I ever decide to close the blog, I will let everybody know, so if there’s no new posts is just me being lazy haha.
      Weather has been crazy overall, I agree!! And it is kinda scary. Hope weather gets nicer where you live soon!
      I find fascinating how everybody’s collections seem to have evolved and expanded, it’s fun, isn’t it?

  3. Niina

    Well, hellou there! Lovely to read something from you again. Good that all is fine! And the weather – feels odd to read about snow and winter when I’m almost sweating buckets here. Haha!
    I’m glad that you are happy with your decision to sell Lucas. It is always hard to let go a favorite. Collections can change as Xanadu wrote, and it is okay.
    Enjoy your weekend!

  4. Musume

    Nice to see you back to blogging!! 😀 Winter is awful, I agree with that D:

    I do hope you will show all those cute Momoko clothes with us!! Hope you get back to blogging soon!

  5. Maria // tjassi

    It’s nice to see an update from you even if it’s just a small one. Just take your time, I also had quite a long break from both dolls and blog. xD

    Taste changes over time and there is no need to holding on to things that don’t feel right any longer. Then it’s better to focus on the things that bring joy and feel more right. 😀

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      That is so true!! I’m not the one to keep things just because I once enjoyed them, I’m very practical. If it’s no use to me, it has to go.
      And breaks are fine for sure! I was hoping I wouldn’t disappear for so long XD

  6. Alasse Carnesir

    I’m glad to see you are doing well! Have missed your posts. Winter is one of those seasons that you just want to chill and hibernate. If we had snowy weather here, I am sure I would feel the same! I think that will happen when the sky rains unicorns!

    I know what you mean by saying goodbye to SDs. I seriously consider doing that with mine too as I barely touch them these days. The hassle of selling and trying to ship such heavy resin is the only thing that’s really stopping me. I would probably just keep Deirdre as she’s my favourite and DS Saint but the others I’m really not that attached to. I’ve honestly considered selling on the three boys (Soom Epidos, AOD Gu and Popodoll Bomu).

    Wish the weekend was longer. Back to work tomorrow for me 🙁

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      Hahaha I wish I had a warm winter, but I wouldn’t want to have your summer, for as much as I love the sun, it cases me migraines.
      I’m surprise you would consider parting with most of your SDs, but I totally get it, and msds can be a lot of fun too, in a more manageable size! I’m not sure if I’ll keep my msd girl yet, I’m loving everything 1/6 scale, but I’ll give her a chance this summer!
      Aww hope this week isn’t too tiring for you.

  7. Fyrd

    Now you can concentrate on the dolls you feel more active with 🙂 Sad to see Lucas go, but you have other amazing dolls, so I’m looking forward to seeing photos of them when you have the energy for them!


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