Why SOOM should release Dia in MSD size

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Or my adventures in the 1/4 world

I’m always complaining about how little space I have for my dolls since they are so big: and don’t get me wrong, I love the size since it has some really nice pros, like the amount of gorgeous male sculpts and how mature the faces are (though in the last few years there’s been a lot of mature MSDs), but I always wondered how would it be to own smaller dolls.

So I was contacted by a group of friends that had Mini supia girls and wanted to see how the old big body looked like. Since they live in my city we made a small meet up with mostly Supia dolls.

This was my first time leaving the house with a doll, so that was quite an adventure! I get there and see how little their bags were compared to mine, since 1/4s take way less space, so that was the first pro of MSDs right there. We took out our dolls out of the bag and it was fun time!

I can’t say taking photos of smaller dolls was easier, but it was more enjoyable (much more easy to stand them and move around), though I had a few problems trying to get sharp images (light was crappy so there’s that). I’ll show you some pictures I took, and as you will soon see, I totally neglected Hana the entire day, so no photos of her pretty face today XD.

I can say lots of reasons, reasonable reasons why I should change to MSD and sell my big dolls. Thing is, I think I could sell Hana quite easily and my Dia boy as well, but that’s the point: I can’t separate myself from his tanned perfection. I’m sure I could reshell Hana in msd size easily, but what about Lucas? for me the Dia sculpt is the best sculpt in the whole world. Having him in tan was my grail, and there’s no way I could part ways, unless SOOM releases him in 1/4.

Oh well, being perfectly honest, I really don’t find many male sculpts in that size I like, and there’s a bazillion in my SD whislist, so I couldn’t downsize despite all my love/hate for the 1/3 scale.

But enough of my rant! I had a really nice day getting to know other doll collectors near me and it was super cool to see other dolls as well. I hope you enjoy the pictures! They were taken by me and posted here with permission of their respective owners.




The only other 1/3 doll in the place, a Supia Lina


1/6 dolls look great next to 1/4s. Not that bigger dolls look bad or anything.



16 thoughts on “Why SOOM should release Dia in MSD size

  1. Safir

    Big dolls surely do take a lot of space, that’s for sure ^^; I think one of the male faeries that Soom has released (Metato) looks a lot like Dia, so I guess there’s a chance that they might make an MSD version of him too.. Though their MSD bodies are quite child-like, so I’m not sure how the head would look with that :/

      1. Safir

        I think that’d be great! I love how the faery bodies are sort of like miniature Super Gems XD So if only they’d make similar bodies in MSD size as well! Dia is one of their most popular sculpts so I’m sure people would be interested :3

  2. Musume

    I totally feel you! MSD are way more easy to manage, and take a lot less of space!! But as you say, there are few stores with manly MSD boys. I can recommend a few, but if you have a lot of 1/3 dolls on your wishlist, maybe you should keep to that. Or maybe get the Supia MSD you always told me, and see what happens after that.

  3. Xanadu

    Hi Alejandra,
    Space is always a problem for all of us, especially if we own a lot of dolls. I have only have one SD, and about 6 MSD’s the rest as you are aware, are tiny. I recently received a Minisup Hannah and she is gorgeous, and as much as I love all the Supia sculpts, especially the larger ones, I probably won’t be adding any more her size, simply because of space.

    I’m pleased you attended a meet though, they are great fun and the photos you took are lovely.

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      Thanks! I’m happy I went too. I only have 3 big dolls, and have no space for more, so that’s very limiting.
      I hope in the future I have a place of my own with enough space for more 🙂

  4. Irene

    Maybe they will! I understand your pain as the owner of 20+ SD+ sized dolls T___T; I have no idea how to store them. But for some reason smaller dolls just don’t work for me and I’ve no idea why!

    Anyway, lovely photos! They are very clear and I like seeing lovely face-up details like these dollies have!

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      I think I could make smaller dolls work, but yeah, at the end of the day I love my big ones, it’s just they are so big and heavy sometimes you can’t avoid thinking of throwing them to a wall XD at least I do

  5. Fyrd

    Oh the size issues… Been there, although I ended up going bigger instead of smaller 😀 I still won’t get any more MSDs, but I do think that if Soom would release a more mature mini line, it would be hugely popular. Especially if they continue to sculpt remakes of their most popular sculpts. I’d hate to see Lucas go in all of his big-sized gorgeousness, but if you get him as a mini-Dia, then all the better for you 🙂
    Also, glad go hear you had fun at the meet! It is nice to get doll-friends and just go out and have fun while snapping a few pictures.

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      Yeah I love Lucas so much I don’t think I could part with him even if I quit the hobby XD but hey, if they make a perfect replica in msd I would totally consider it! Specially if they add other popular sculpts to that line 🙂

  6. AlasseCarnesir

    I think your photos turned out beautifully. There were some gorgeous dolls at your meet up. It’s always great getting out and about and meeting other dolly people.

    Oh boy, if Soom released a 1/4 size Dia, I would be sorely tempted. I have a Soom Epidos and I have to admit, he feels a lot “bigger” than some of my other big dolls. I think it’s because of how bulkier his body feels?

    Ah yes, the 1/4 vs 1/3 argument. I had this very same argument with myself a few years back when I bought my first MSD size doll. I started the hobby in the SD size so it was a huge shock to get an MSD and see how much smaller (and easier) they are to actually take out and about. I find taking photos of the smaller dolls much more enjoyable than the bigger dolls. I think it’s because they can be posed in silly situations and still look cute.

    SDs are definitely a pain to lug around with you because of their size and I am always concerned about face planting as mine tend to do that and they all have lovely custom face ups right now that I do not want damaged! Probably why they just sit in the cabinet most of the time these days.

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      Thank you!! I loved taking photos of other dolls 🙂
      I think in the efuture I’ll probably convince myself that my excuses are totally valid and justified to buy an MSD, even though I still have SDs.
      Every size has a beauty of its own and it’s very hard to stick to just one

      1. AlasseCarnesir

        You are definitely right there, every size has an allure, a siren call if you will. I seem to have (accidentally) acquired pretty much most of the sizes except for the 16cm (I did have that size in realpuki but wasn’t a fan of the size). The only size I haven’t got yet is the in-between size of 35cm, not quite Yo size and not quite MSD size. I am quite intrigued by this size and if I were to buy any more bjds, it would definitely be this size.

  7. Jan

    I know how you feel. Most of my dolls are SDs and it’s a pain lugging them around when going to meets.

    I’m all for companies releasing mini versions of their SDs so we could have portable versions of our fave dolls/characters (though I don’t think our wallets would agree to that especially if you have a big SD crew. XD).


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