2018 is here!

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Can you believe it? I hope you had an amazing holiday season!

I apologize for the lack of updates, but I didn’t do anything with my dolls at all. No, I’m not quitting the hobby. Yes, I still love my dolls. It’s just I’ve been focused on other goals and couldn’t think of them more often.

There is some news, some people know already, but most don’t: I sold Serafina. She was a gorgeous doll, but I wasn’t giving it the attention other dolls have so it had to go. I might let go of other BJDs this year too. I was going to replace her with a Luts tiny centaur, but I couldn’t justify the price when they came out on Christmas.

As for a year balance, I won’t even bother as I failed at everything doll related haha. Goals for this year? some, but I won’t pressure myself.

I did a challenge with 2 friends from my local group, to post a photo a month of our dolls/figures. We chose the themes and assigned a month to each theme. The first one to fail a month has to gift something to the other 2. Hoping it’s not me LOL!

As a second goal, I’m thinking of getting myself a Poppy Parker doll. Might gift myself the W club membership next month, as it coincides with my 1st year anniversary at going at the gym. I say I deserve the prize!

Also, last April I started a bullet journal and it has worked wonders for my organization. For those who don’t know what it is and are interested, this is the official website. I thought it was interesting to show here my doll related spreads? I made one for dolls that come and go this year (still empty as I haven’t purchased or sold anything this year), as well as a list of photo ideas. Of course I also made an ADAM (a doll a month) tracker. Might print a miniature of each photo and stick it into the squares.

Thanks to everyone who showed concern and wrote me or send me messages on social media. I love you all so much!! I’ll try to be a better friend this year.


14 thoughts on “2018 is here!

  1. Xanadu

    Hi Alejandra!
    I’m so glad you’re back!

    The idea of the bullet journal sounds good, and thanks for the link, but knowing me I’d never use it. It’s much simpler for me to write a list on my computer in the evening of what I need to do the next day . . . little steps, one at a time. 🙂 In saying that, I do like your ADAM page, that could work for me with photos.

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      Hi!! Thank you!!! I was never too good writing lists on my computer, but I kept writing post its and putting them all over my desk, so a bullet journal was ideal for me! I keep track of many things, not only doll related stuff. It’s also very fun to do.

  2. Nana

    What a coincidence! I took part in monthly photo challenge on Dolls Forum last year.
    And I’ve had a similar kind of journal for years, even before I heard of Bullet Journal. ^.^
    I write down not only things to do or photo ideas but also locations of my favourite shops in the city. It’s pretty useful.
    I hope you achieve your goals, no matter doll related or not.
    Happy 2018 and best regards!

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      How nice! Are you going to post your photos?
      Journals are very useful indeed, and super fun to fill in!
      Thanks for the good wishes, hope you accomplish your goals as well.

  3. Alasse Carnesir

    I’m really g lad to find an update on your blog! I’ve missed reading your blog.;

    Sad to see Serafina go but sometimes, you just have to let dolls go. I wish I could do that but every time I think I am going to, I end up not and keeping them! Which of the other bjds were you thinking of letting go?

    Oh how exciting! If you do join the W Club this year, they usually open registration either at the end of January or early February. You can go here: http://www.integritytoys.com/w-club/ put in your email and you’ll be notified when they open up for membership again. I’m still debating if I’ll rejoin or not this year. It will depend on the upgrade dolls available. I can’t say much but I can tell you the theme for Poppy Parker this year will be a good one which is why I’m a bit torn about renewing my membership or not this year. Also because I’ve decided to take out a premium membership with Dramafever this year so I can watch a couple of the movies and the rest of some of the K-Drama that I’ve fallen in love with.

    I think the bullet journal is a really great idea. I make lists all the time, not that I fulfill everything on them though!I love your ADAM idea too, very crafty! I’ve got an empty photo album that I’ve been thinking of using to store doll photos by year, either that or make a photo book of the same thing. Depends what is more cost effective. Crafty ideas get me excited!

    As always, life comes first. Sometimes our priorities change and we concentrate on other things for a while. Doesn’t mean we love our hobbies any less, it just means that other things require our attention at that particular time. So no need to apologise for living your life. It’s good for the soul. And sometimes you really just need a break from certain hobbies. Heck, with the amount of hobbies I have, I have to take breaks from time to time myself!

    PS. I am super excited that you’re thinking of adding Poppy Parker to your collection. They have upgraded her body too. My Misty Hollow Poppy is on the upgraded body. And I will say, the new body is awesome. Does a lot more poses more naturally too.

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      I’m not sure which dolls to sell yet, but I want to reduce my BJD collection for sure.
      Thanks for the link! I registered now :D! I’m hoping Iwill be able to join but it also depends on te upgrade dolls they put for sale.
      Bullet journals are very nice, but if that’s not your things, there’s other journal methods out there. I make lists all the time so a bullet journal works perfectly. It also gives me the opportunity to practice lettering without repeating the same practice drills on a notebook.
      Thank you for your kind words, and I agree!! But I wish I kept more in contact.
      Love you!

  4. Musume

    Nice to see you back to blogging!! I’m relieved you are not leaving the hobby as I loved your dolls, but ultimately it is up to you, and it is nice to see you here 😀 I hope to read and see more of your photos 😀
    Also, bullet journals look so interesting but I’m really not a calygraphy person… yours looks so neat and tidy and cute!! <3

  5. Lise Schou

    I understand the feeling of getting ups and downs in this hobby, Sometimes the time just isn’t right for the stuff, you want. Sometimes the motivation is gone or other things are more important. It’s all legit and we have to make sure we do what’s best for ourselves. But I’m glad you’re not quitting 🙂
    I think it’s so cool that you keep a bullet journal. I admire everyone who does. 😀

  6. Niina

    I have been thinking about you and I know that I should have been more active in asking how you are doing. I have no excuses and the one with real life took over feels a bit lame. 😀 I am really glad that you are doing OK and that you are back here at your blog. Have been missing your posts!
    I know that sometimes this hobby can be overwhelming. I do love my dolls and do not want to leave the hobby, but when the time is the essence and not every doll gets the attention I really want to give them – well, then there is that moment crawling up the spine. The end. But then it is a good thing to do something else. Read books, paint, walk, work, sleep….what ever feels good.
    It is interesting with the bullet journal. I will check out the link you shared, because I never really got the hang of it. I have had little sheets in my calendar with to-do-lists and tiny circles to fill in when done. Rather boring, but effective. But this bullet thing feels a bit more fun and artistic.
    Sad to hear that you have sold Serafina. I am going to miss her, but I hope she found a new and good home.
    Enjoy the new year ahead, may it be a happy one!

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      Thanks for your sweet words, and yu know, it’s okay, I know you have been busy too and I didn’t ask you how you are doing either, so don’t feel bad, I should have kept more in contact with everyone. Bullet journals can be as minimalist or as artistic as you want them to be, that’s my favorite part, I usually do very simple spreads.
      I’ll be back with my dolls soon I hope, and I’m super happy with all my 1017 accomplishments too, so no regrets there.

  7. Nana

    Hello – I am new on your blog, but I am glad that i found it!
    Taking time of the hobby helps a lot. I think it is normal to step away from this community sometimes, to find inpirations again. I am ADAW, so I am excited to see your ADAM… Also the journal looks awesome, I will check your link out. i bought a planner fpr this year to keep up tih project and so on, but I still have to fill it xD
    All the best 🙂

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      Welcome!! Thanks for taking your time to post. I admire anyone who can do ADAW or ADAD, I know I couldn’t keep up with it. I’ll be following your challenge in your blog!
      Planners are also fun!


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