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furnitureIt’s that time of the week and I finally come with a brand new picture! There are no dolls in it, but it’s very much BJD related.

My brother and I started this 1/3 scale furniture last summer, and we thought it would be a piece of cake. Turns out IT WASN’T. So after designing it, cutting the pieces, assembling and painting we didn’t like it and it went to that mysterious place where all unwanted things live. I rescued it this week and thought that it wasn’t that bad so I decided to save it. If you want to see how it looked last year before paint, click here.

I went and bought some things to make it prettier and a few days (and a lot of work) later it was done. It has its flaws, but I think it came out very nice in the end. What do you think?

In other news, as some of you may already know, I bought a Peak’s Woods FoF Lady Alice. I paid her a week ago I think? I’m not sure, but the waiting just started and it’s driving me insane! I’m usually very good at waiting dolls, but I’m finding it really hard this time.

Lady Bee has been on my wish list for a long time, but she doesn’t fit with my dolls at all: the size, the big eyes, etc. But then I decided to check PW tiny line and found that Lady Alice was quite similar (in my opinion), but in a size that could totally fit in with my crew. There are not many owner pictures out there, so I wasn’t sure about it, but in the end I caved in, and so far I’m very happy I did.

Now I feel this urge to have more tinies, which is weird because is not a size that I thought it would appeal much to me. I mean yes, I want to have YoSD sized dolls because they are cute, but now, I want a whole army! I really want to get PW FoF Leo in the future, hopefully in a special color (tan or grey or something like that). I also want to get a SOOM Beyla eventually, if they re release her in a nice color.

And talking about SOOM, I purchased a pair of jointed hands for Lucas and another pair for Faolan, so that’s happening.

And on a non BJD related note, I’m really obsessed with Aladdin Broadway musical this week. Not that it’s of any importance, but I wanted to say it.

That’s it for this week; I wish you a wonderful weekend!

11 thoughts on “Furniture

  1. Musume

    Welcome to the tiny doom! I have one, and already planned a friend for her, hahaha. I’m sure Lady Alice will come soon! And also, congrats on ordering her :3

    Regarding the furniture, I love it!! It is so cute and detailed, even being so small (and the shoes are amazing, tbh). This was a nice photo, indeed!

    1. Ellesmera Post author

      Thank you! I’m glad you like the finished result. It took me longer than expected, but it was also really fun!

      And yes, I’ve seen it happen before, tinies are like potato chips, I guess, you eat one, you eat them all ? (instead of eating, collectiong would be more fitting XD)

  2. Lise

    I think it looks great! And your taste in shoes is lovely. :3 I have the same pair in blue and white as you do.

    Congrats on your Lady Alice. I hope the wait won’t be too long. I’m terrible at waiting too, so I feel your pain. 😛

    1. Ellesmera Post author

      Thank you! Those shoes are one of my favorite pair, it’s hard to find anything that is not white/black/brown that I like enough to buy it.
      Waiting is hard, but It’s always worth it 😀

      1. Lise

        Where do you buy your shoes? I think Taobao has a great sellection of shoes in other than white/black/brown 😀 But maybe you already know them.

        1. Ellesmera Post author

          So far I’ve bought from Angell Studio, Horus doll, Time will tell and Crobidoll. I’ve tried to check tao bao, but I can’t figure out how it works or how do I buy .-.

          1. Lise

            It’s actually really simple to order from Taobao. You can use Taobaotrends (I’ve used them so many times, so I know they’re trustworthy). You sign up and press “submit your orders”, it’ll put all your items into a shopping card, which will tell you the final price with fees included (though shipping will be extra when they receive your items).
            When you’re done, you just press check out. 🙂

            The tricky thing is to browse Taobao in Chinese, but I use translators like Google Translate. 😀

            If you have any questions feel free to ask me! 🙂

  3. Fyrd

    I have to join the group who loves those shoes! Where are they from? Especially the tall boots. Also, good work with the furniture. It looks outstanding!

    1. Ellesmera Post author

      Thank you!! The boots are from Horus Doll. Most shoes in the picture are from there, except the ones next to the blue ones, those are from Angell Studio.


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