Mickey Mouse 90th Anniversary Flat Lay Photo

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In 2 days will be 90 years since Mickey Mouse’s first appearance in Steam Boat Willie (November 18th, 1928) and I was really looking forward to celebrate with him my way: the dolly way!

I still don’t have enough space to set up a diorama, I would have loved to have my dolls throw a big party for the occasion, but even though I didn’t managed to do that, I sorted it out.

I’ve been planing this shoot for at least a week. I had this clear idea of a flat lay photo of what would have been a Mickey’s themed party. I remembered I have a tiny Mickey mouse shaped pink cake and a Minnie donut that I got as gift in a purchase long ago, and then my brain started to plan it all.

I needed party hats, of course!! So I made them myself. A party isn’t a party without party hats!

After that, all I needed was setting it all up. I needed any surface that could work as a table, since I wasn’t planning on showing anything else but the table. I thought of scrapbook paper first, but I thought that printed paper would make a too busy background. So what about colored paper? That would work great, but I was hoping to get some texture going. So I thought of using one of my 2 handmade tiny tables since both had a bit of texture going but were simple enough.

I started off very simple. Party hats, a red and polka dot teapot and some sweets. I put the flowers in the corner to make the scene look busy and colorful.

And if you are wondering: Yes, that’s my bed, a piece of wood and the miniatures on top. I put the piece of felt in case I decided I wanted a piece of the “floor” to show in the final photo.

I took a few photos but it looked way too simple, so I resorted to table number 2.

Ok, it doesn’t look like much either, but the plan was to leave a few elements partially outside the frame, so it looked like there was more stuff going on. But it was still not festive enough.

And what is more festive than confetti? So I made tiny confetti in Mickey’s colors.

It’s crazy how the confetti changed the whole thing!

Now, my camera is good, but the lens can’t focus real close, so I had to take the photo from further than I needed, so everything would stay in focus. It’s okay, cropping is no crime at all.

This was the second time I took the photo. In the first take the heart cookies didn’t show up after cropping, but thankfully I still had everything set up in my bed so I moved them closer in the scene.

And of course, I had to do some editing, Loving the result so far!

This is the end result after Lightroom. I liked it a lot, but I felt the Minnie donut was competing too much with the cake, so I decided to blur everything a bit, except the cake. It was such a shame to blur things out even a little, since I worked so hard to get it all in focus, but I think the end result is much better.

It’s a very small change, but it made all the difference in my opinion. What do you guys think?

Happy Birthday Mickey!

18 thoughts on “Mickey Mouse 90th Anniversary Flat Lay Photo

  1. Alasse Carnesir

    This is a fantastic set up. I really love how it turned out and your cropping is on point! I’m teaching myself food photography and I have to say, this shot would belong perfectly in a food magazine! I love it! Did you also make the tables yourself? If so, I’d love to hear some tips or a tutorial if you have the time or inclination.

    Okay, now I totally feel like something sweet to eat, maybe donuts or cake.

    Also I did not know it was Mickey’s anniversary soon. I don’t follow that a lot (I’m more a Disney Princess kind of girl!). But that Steamboat Willie brings back nostalgic memories.

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      I’m so flattered you think it could belong to a food magazine!! I think food photography is very similar to doll in a way: the subject and area to photograph is generally small. I have been watching some food photography tips videos to get inspired, and I clearly tried to replicate food photos here, I’m glad the result was to your liking. I’m really proud on this one!
      I did the wood colored table myself, the blue one is kind of an hybrid from a failed prototype my brother made for his board games. I can’t remember what was He making, but that piece looked like a table to me and He was gonna throw it out so, I put some details on it and made use of it. I do plan on making more tables in the future probably, so I’ll take photos and make a tutorial, no problem at all! Not sure when that would be since I still don’t get my crafting table back.
      I’m more of a Disney Princess kind of girl myself, but they have really put Mickey out in every store since around march. I really wanted some Mickey t shirts or a jacket, but the prices were too high. I settled on a Mickey mug in black and white I found today for cheap at the supermarket.

  2. Xanadu

    Oh well done Alejandra, you are really getting the hang of it now!

    I love the idea of celebrating Mickey’s 90th anniversary, but I didn’t realise it was that long ago. Anyway I don’t have anything handy to make a celebration like you have done. I love the tables and the hats you made yourself, they look very professional..
    Big hugs,

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      Thanks!! i’m really happy with the result. it’s not often that my photos end up looking exactly the way I envision them when I plan them!
      The hats were super easy to make, and it can apply to any kind of party, you just change the colors and designs.
      I hope you give miniature photography a try someday, you have so many cute tiny props :D! It doesn’t have to be Mickey related either haha, I wasn’t expecting anyone else to celebrate it in the doll community anyways, I just thought it would be a nice idea for a photo.
      I wanna keep trying these kind of shots, it was super fun!

      1. Xanadu

        Perhaps I will when my Gorillapod arrives, I think it will make it much easier to shoot flat lay photos. I find it difficult not to get shadows with my normal tripod. 🙂

  3. Nana Arima

    That was a wonderful idea. And the festive effect was achieved. The little rabbit and star and heart shaped cookies are cute so pity they were out of frame. 🙂
    Flat lay photography has been so popular but I’ve never tried it myself, what a shame. ^^;
    I’m not a big fan of Disney characters but I see them as popculture icons so Disney printed clothes are OK.

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      Hi Nana! I’m glad you liked the idea! I’m sure the little bunny will make an appearance in another photo at some point, so no worries!! And the cookies will probably make the cut for the Christmas photo XD After all, I bought them 2 years ago for that purpose!
      Hope you give flat lays a try, they are super fun! I think not many doll owners use it, since there’s just a few poses your doll would look good while on a flat lay (all I can think of is if your doll is actually laying down). I want to venture more into other photography branches, but using miniatures. I saw some cool looking miniature food I could use for both dioramas and food photography. Wouldn’t that be fun?
      I Love Disney, my dream would be to go Disney World some day, and even though I know I can save up and go, I don’t have any friend willing to go with me hahaha. Hopefully when they open more Star Wars themed things (like the Hotel), more friends would be willing to spend a lot of money going there. Until then it will remain a dream, I don’t have the guts to go solo to another country (besides, my spoken english isn’t too good).
      Hope you have a great weekend!

  4. Musume

    Amazing set up and the effect looked really well!
    I never tried flat lay photography, but I should, now! I think your PureNeemos now deserve all those goodies you did!

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      Hi there! I’m glad you liked the end result. Setting it up was really fun, you should try it, you always make the cutest set ups!
      I didn’t make the food, only the table and the party hats/confetti. Wish I was that talented!

  5. Niina

    Oh, wow! Amazing results and I really liked this post. It is interesting to see how you work with the photos you take and how you edit them. And the party hats! Love!

  6. Sharon in Spain

    What can I say that hasn’t already been said…..? I just think it’s a brilliant little set up and you should be very pleased with yourself 😀


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