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Hello everybody! I hope you are having a great time. Here summer is at it’s peak! And I’m enjoying the sunny days (although sometimes too sunny hehe). Today I want to talk a bit about last month’s photos, like I’ve been doing each month.

December was great for photos, I had a lot of fun making Christmas set ups and crafting. Here’s some photos of my crafting mess:

Christmas socks wip.
The start of making the walls.
Gluing wood to the walls.
Time to paint them.
The door needed several sessions of sanding.
Christmas wreaths in the making.
Making these was probably the most fun and stress free of all.
I had this unfinished shelf lying around so I decided to turn it into a table.
Covered the top (that was the bottom before and it was ugly) with wood sticks.
I cut 4 thick wood sticks to size and stick them all together with tape. I like to do this so I can sand all 4 legs at the same time and make sure the sanding comes out straight and even (easy to check too, if you try to stand the four legs together but they can’t, it means it’s not even and you have to see where it needs more sanding).
Glued the legs together and did a bit more of sanding after to round the corners. I spent so much time of this month sanding!
All done! All that is left is paint.

I made socks, wreaths, walls, floors, decorated a Christmas tree (that my brother and I cut from a bigger tree and then trimmed to size) and I made a printable sheet. I gotta say I was expecting to take more advantage for all the props I did, but there’s always next year. I already have tons of ideas.

And the photos I took? Well here they are:

First photo of the month was Himeno’s arrival. I used a golden tree as a simple decoration.

I didn’t uploaded this one to IG because the skirt was folded and I realized it too late! haha

All of these photos were made using the same base diorama as Himeno’s arrival one, but I added more details everywhere: a chair, a dog, carpet, decorations, lights, plants, magazines. I really enjoyed this set up, that’s why I took advantage of it and photographed many things that day. I especially like the shot looking from outside, with the visible brick wall. I like to do all my floors and walls reversible and that worked great here.

A little break from Christmas photos. A friend and I went to take these to a university campus nearby. It was very pretty and calm (it was a Saturday) and we enjoyed it a lot.

I wanted a photo of Lucía and Alba together, but this was the best I could come up with. I must say this is my least favorite photo of the year. I’ll make a better one in the future. I always have trouble photographing BJDs the most.

This photo was the hardest. I soon realized my walls weren’t too wide for all the stuff I made LOL! One wall had the door and the other a window so I couldn’t use that space for the tree or furniture. Still, this shot was nice. Posing all three dolls was quite a challenge, the only doll that never fell was Nina.

I made two versions of this last Christmas photo: one with the socks hanging from the antlers and one without. I already used the other one in a Christmas post, so that’s why I’m sharing this one. I think it looks funny! I wanted a simple and silly photo for Christmas day and I’m quite happy with it. The reindeer headband was actually a Christmas themed reindeer napkin ring that my brother printed for me in his 3D printer. I cut the bottom part of the ring to make it look like a headband and then glued gold glitter all over (the plastic He used to print them was blue). I also covered the headband with red ribbon and put a red ribbon and a star in the middle, to elevate the cuteness factor. The nose is just a tiny red pom pom I stabbed with a needle and elastic thread.

Overall, I’m quite happy with all the Christmas photos I managed to do. I went from simple to more detailed each time and then I ended it in simple again.

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a nice weekend!

14 thoughts on “Photos of December

  1. Kamelia

    I love work in progress photos. It’s so intresting to watch how others make their dolly things. I think you made them just perfect.

    And all of the photos you showed us are so great. My personal favourite is the one with your three ladies and a part of Christmas tree. 🙂

  2. Sharon in Spain

    Your photos are beautiful, I really enjoyed them. And the ‘work in progress’ ones are great too, you are very inspiring!
    I think my favourite photo is probably the one looking in through the window from outside, I really like that a lot! Though it is very hard to choose as they are all really great!

  3. Xanadu

    Well you achieved quite a bit over the Christmas period Alejandra. Love all the photos, especially the diorama ones, you keep giving me inspiration…and like you the window outside looking in, it’s really cool! 🙂

    Have a wonderful weekend, I’m making a couch. 🙂
    Big hugs,

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      I had quite a lot of fun doing everything, I actually love Christmas preparations. Only part that wasn’t fun was all the sanding, but it couldn’t be avoided. Dioramas always give great photos, but it take a lot of time to prepare.
      Can’t wait to see your couch!! I think I’ll use this weekend to rest, I’m beat.

  4. Alasse Carnesir

    You’ve been so busy with the props and dioramas and photos! I loved seeing everything though. I can’t remember if you ever mentioned, the wood wall panels, did you stick them on foam board? It all looks great. And very inspiring especially for those of us who want to make more dioramas. My favourite was your door. I really love how you made that a lot. And the table. What a great way to upcycle an old shelf. It looks amazing too. I like the idea you used of using masking tape to hold it together until it dries. I find that’s the big problem with craft glue, it takes ages to dry! But I also find hot glue doesn’t work well at all on furniture as it just comes off later and isn’t so strong. At least in my experience. It could also be user error!

    Thank you for sharing the review for December. I knew you had done a lot but seeing it all in the one post made me realise just how much you achieved last month. And that’s really great! Now if only I could get as motivated!

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      Yes, the wood panels are glued to a piece of foam board with pvc multipurpose glue (transparent). I made thin layers of glue, but the wall with the door still warped a bit. I guess it was because there was a large whole on the entire wall which made things difficult while drying, I should have put some books on it. Lesson learned. Still, it wasn’t too bad that it couldn’t be used or that it looked weird, it just doesn’t make a perfect corner when put together to a straight wall.
      I use masking tape for pretty much everything haha. It’s great to hold things in place if you put it around tightly. It has hold stuff for me while it dries with no problem. Hot glue is great for gluing decorations on things, but for wood is always better to use craft glue. For the door know and other tiny details I out craft glue on the holes I made first, then glued the piece and then put a bit of hot glue, just in case.
      I’m glad you liked the photos! My only motivation was that I ALWAYS fail at celebration photos and I wanted to go big this Christmas.

  5. Nana Arima

    Wow, all your woodwork is impressive! Especially the door. You are very talented. And extremely patient. I have to admit I hate sanding. You should have a YouTube channel, you are 100 times better than My Froggy Stuff! And you take such beautiful photos. All of them look like cute postcards.

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      Aw thank you so much for the compliment! I think Froggy is way more creative than me!! I like ehr ideas a lot and I plan on implementing some in the future as well. I wouldn’t know how to make a Youtube channel and my english isn’t that great, I doubt anyone would understand a word I’m saying LOL.

  6. Niina

    Wow, amazing work! It looks great and you have accomplished a lot! In other words, you are skilled with the photos and with making props and dioramas. 🙂 I really love the picture taken from outdoors to indoors, so serene to see her sit there and enjoy the Christmassy feeling.

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      I’m glad you liked the photos, I’m quite content with them. I wish I was good at making clothes for dolls more than dioramas, it seems that sucks more money than the dolls themselves hahaha XD! Still, dioramas are hella fun


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