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Hi all!!! How are you doing today? I’m so happy January is finally over, it felt like it lasted at least 10 weeks!! It seemed that it was never going to end haha. I’ve been super busy, super tired and I’m ready for a brand new month.

And because I had just way too much stuff going on, I didn’t take that many photos, but there is some, so I think it’s worth making a post for them. They aren’t super amazing, they were all quick shots, but I’m happy I got some photos taken.

You already saw this one, it was the first photo of the year. I liked the happy colors and the brightness of it. And it also helps that she has a very happy face. Love the little strawberry and the tiny fork.

Quick shot of Fiyero in the same spot as my Remo nendoroid. He always looks grumpy, which is exactly why I got him in the first time. I’ve been thinking of selling him as of late, since I barely play with him and He doesn’t pose all that much. Same goes for bleater.

I saw this plant had its flowers blooming and it inspired me immediately to go shoot something. I dressed Sahra and filled the basket with goodies, for her to go on a walk. I love how it turned out!!

It seems to be a custom here that my Petworks dolls end up stealing my Azone doll’s stuff lol. The blue jacket is a big bit on her (she’s on the XS body and the jacket is for the S body), but it does work. I tried to use a background in the same color scheme,

And I finally managed to change Himeno’s hands!! I used the hair dryer technique you guys suggested. I don’t like this photo very much, I had her posed really cute, but all the full body shots went bad. I’ll make a better one soon!

And that’s all the photos. I’m happy I managed to take some, at least.

In other news, I already booked my flight to Panguipulli on March 10, so I’ll be going for vacations there for 5 days. I’ll make sure to bring a doll with me this time and I’ll be showing you all the nice places I visit and all the yummy food too. I’m super excited!!

Are you guys having any vacations soon? I’d love to know!

14 thoughts on “Photos of January

  1. Xanadu

    Well I’m the opposite, January didn’t last long enough for me. The year is slipping by so quickly and summer in particular is disappearing far too fast, I’d love it to stick around all through winter. LOL!

    Lovely photos Alejandra, I really like them all, but grumpy Fiyero takes the cake! I think the expression on his face is so cute and I think you should keep him, otherwise you may regret it later.

    I shall look forward to seeing your photos taken on your holiday in March, I hope you take plenty as I have never seen Panguipulli. 🙂
    Big hugs,

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      I love it when time goes slowly unless it’s a bad moment and January was just a plain bad month LOL. I seem to be the only one in my city not complaining about the hot weather, but I rather much prefer this hot summer than any winter. And when summer gets too hot, you know winter is going to suck big time.
      I love Fiyero, I just don’t take it out of the box often, but I’ll keep thinking about it, thanks for giving me your thoughts on that.
      I haven’t been too much in Panguipulli, but I’ve been close enough and it is lovely, I’m sure you will love the photos!

  2. Nana Arima

    I’ve already admired the photos on IG. Great job! Sahra has such a lovely dress! And I’m sure your vacations in March will be fun.
    My last vacations was in 2008. I really would like to go somewhere and have fun but there is always something to do or just much work so eventually I don’t leave my city. At least I can have some free time on weekends.

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      I hope you can give yourself a few days for vacations soon enough!! I try to leave town for a few days at least once a year. Sometimes is harder than others, but it’s a much needed break from everything.

  3. Niina

    Love your nendoroid! She looks so happy with that face! And Fiyero looking almost like ”so, what ever!” He is a cutie! Sahra looks like she is on her way to grandmother, hope the wolf stays out of the way! I do like the photo of Himeno, it is simple and sometimes that is enough! Glad you could change her hands. Have heard about the hair dryer technique and seen it been used on Smart dolls (on youtube, that is).

    January was soooo long. It feels like the winter over here has just started. It is snowing right now, too. No vacation ahead, but the kids have a week off from school later in February. Maybe during Easter, would love to take a trip to the cottage. Hope you have a marvelous five days in Panguipulli.

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      Thanks! I love how you took the time to tell me everything you liked in each photo, that’s much appreciated!
      Hope you can make it to the cottage. I always enjoy your photos from there. And after the longest January ever, it’s much needed to have a break.

  4. Sharon in Spain

    I really liked your photos but my favourite was of Sahra amongst the greenery….I think we have the same plant here too 🙂 Anyway, she is perfect in her outfit with her bag of goodies.
    I hope you have a lovely holiday and look forward to seeing your photos afterwards…will you take a doll or two with you?
    Big hugs xx

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      Thanks! I think Sahra’s photo is my favorite too! I used her default outfit, which I find suits her the best so far! I’m waiting on some casual clothes for my dolls to come in the mail so hopefully something will look great on her too.
      I’m sure I’ll have a blast in Panguipulli, though there’s still over a month left. I do plan to bring at least one doll, though I might not take it out everyday for photos.

  5. Alasse Carnesir

    I loved all your photos from January too. Sahra looks great on her walk. I love her little basket with the little bread in it. Looks like she’s about to head out for a nice little picnic. And that Nendoroid, such a cute little face. For me, January went like the blink of an eye. It went by so fast I didn’t even get a chance to enjoy it really. I’m kind of sad the first month of the year is done and dusted now.

    Will look forward to seeing travel photos. I always get a bit of travel envy when I see you all going to such wonderful places. I would love to go travelling but with a sick cat, all travel plans are off the table for the foreseeable future. And yes, definitely show off some food. I love seeing food from around the world. Enjoy your trip! It’ll be here before you know it!

    This week I took off work but because the city is flooded and we’re all just waiting for water to recede and roads to be open again, I am stuck at home not able to do much. I took the wrong week to take off! Shouldn’t complain though. At least I have power unlike a ton of houses that have been flooded through here. Glad the rain has finally taken a pause today though. We need it.

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      Aw thanks!! I loved filling the diy basket with yummy miniatures, and the photos were so much fun to make! I love how bright nendos color photograph, it’s something I can’t seem to replicate with dolls.
      I’m happy january ended but that’s probably just me 😀
      Still a month away from vacations but I’m really excited. This month has been 0 doll action cuz I’ve been enjoying Kingdom Hearts 3. I can’t seem to enjoy 2 hobbies at the same time, there’s simply not enough time.
      Hope your cat gets better and you can enjoy some vacation time.
      That’s really a bad choice of week to take off , how unlucky, but yay for having power. When it rains here I’m usually out of either power or water. And it’s not even on floods, just regular rains XD Santiago is never prepared for winter.


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