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Hi everyone!!! Hope this weekend has been great to you~ And that the new week is nice to you as well.

Today I’m happy to show you a few things I bought on Taobao. As you might know, I’ve always loved them for their doll clothes and accessories. Last time I got a lot of clothes and a few shoes for my momokos, so this time most of the things are for my Pure neemos.

Blythe shoes work for both dolls in any case, so they can share, and many of the clothing items can be shared as well (same as some momoko clothes can be worn by my pure neemos).

First I’ll tell you a bit about each store and why I picked it and what I got from them, and then I’ll show you a few outfit I created with them. Let’s begin!

LK diffuse

Not sure about the name of this store, but I only bought one outfit from them. I had already seen it on etsy and as soon as I saw the seller was chinese I thought of checking aliexpress and taobao. Price on the last two stores was pretty similar, so I went with taobao. I really like the pants. I chose the azone S body size, but the top is a bit big for the S body. The pants fit really nice.

You can find LK diffuse store here.

IDoll Zoo

This is by far me favorite store in taobao. This is at least my third (probably fourth) purchase from them. They used to be on etsy, but not anymore.

They have great looking shoes for dolls. I have bought shoes for blythe and YoSD in the past and I’ve always been happy with them.

This time I got a gorgeous pair of pink sneakers, a pair of white with silver sneakers, pink sandals and red shoes. I also got 2 pairs of tights: black ones were supposed to be for momoko and white for pure neemo but they sent both in momoko size. I don’t mind though, my azone dolls have more tights than my momokos. Oh and a pair of white net socks.

Look how tiny and detailed!

Shoes fit a bit snug on pure neemos, but they fit great on momokos. Someone once told me never to share shoes between these 2 dolls because pure neemos will widen the shoes with use. Since my dolls only wear shoes while I’m taking photos, I think I’ll let them share anyways.

You can find I Doll Zoo store here.

Cat shop

Another store with a name I just can’t decipher. This store was new to me and I found a lot of cute things on it. I got a pink dress that I thought was perfect for Sahra, a cute red outfit, a white sweater and some super cheap plastic shoes (each pair was less than a dollar).

The shoes are soft plastic and the store said they fit momokos and they actually do. I thought it was a cheap way to expand my shoe collection, as I have a lot of momoko clothes that I felt were missing proper shoes. The long sandals are kind of hard to put on, but they look good, the others were easy breezy. Momoko’s feet are flat, but since they have movable ankle it doesn’t look weird.

The pink dress fits like a glove on the pure neemo M body. I’ve been planning on getting Sahra on a larger bust body, so I’m worried that the dress won’t fit her then and that would be a pity.

You can find this store here.

Mini Fairy and Mini Cute

I was very impressed by this store’s outfits. The lilac cardigan set was love at first sight. And it looks GREAT on my dolls, I’m so happy I got it. The white blouse is a bit big but it looks nice on. The brown skirt is SUPER tight. I feel these outfits will look great on momokos as well, they are very casual and stylish.

You can find Mini Fairy and Mini Cute here.

Ayao Handmade

I was looking for denim shorts and I liked the ones this store had to offer. The distressed shorts are too small for the Pure Neemo M body, and they fit tight on the S body. They probably work great on the XS (I have yet to try them on my ruruko girl). The ruffled pair of shorts looks kinda huge on the legs, more than I expected, but it wasn’t a bad look.

The blouse was really tight too, so probably best for S and XS bodies.

You can find Ayao Handmade store here.

And now, for the fun part, some photos:

I’m really happy that my Pure neemos have some casual wear now and more variety for photos.

I was thinking that next time I order from taobao I could take screenshots of the process so I can make a tutorial on it. Is it something you’d like?

Hope you enjoyed this haul!

20 thoughts on “Taobao Haul

  1. Niina

    Such great finds! I do love the sneakers and the white dotted red skirt! It is always, I think, hard to be sure of sizes when ordering clothes for dolls. Or even to search for patterns to sew. Shoes is the worst.
    Great idea with a tutorial over the ordering process.
    Now off to look at the links! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      Yeah, I’ve had a lot of trouble finding pure neemo clothes, most seem to be made for either obitsu or blythe so it’s a hit and miss. Still, since I have many bodies in that scale I can always find a doll that can pull them off 😀
      I’m bad at sewing, but I’m great at taobao hahaha

  2. Xanadu

    Ohh ohhh more eye candy to tempt me, what are you doing to me Alejandra!!! I absolutely love, love those tiny red shoes and pink sneakers . . . but than means I would just have to buy a Momoko doll and I have been trying so hard not to. I also love the strawberry blouse and red spotted skirt. 🙂
    Big hugs,
    P.S. A tute on the ordering process would be good for oldies like me, I have never ordered from Taobao as I have no idea of how. 🙂

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      I DOll Zoo always has the greatest shoes, I wish I could buy their entire store!!! You know I love momokos so if you ever get one I’ll be very happy to see her in your crew :)!
      Once I have enough funds to purchase on taobao, I’ll make sure to do a tutorial.

      1. Xanadu

        Thank you Alejandra, that will be a great help to all of us who are not so computer literate as yourself when it comes to shopping online. 🙂 You are such a sweetie.
        Big hugs,

  3. Sharon in Spain

    What lovely items you’ve found, they look great on and off the dolls. I love little reviews like yours, they are very interesting as I always like to know where people shop for their dolls and a lot of people don’t like to share in case others copy. I’m glad you’re not that way inclined 🙂
    Thank you and enjoy!
    Hugs Sharon x

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      Thanks! I’m really happy with my finds and it’s always nice to let other people know what fit best so they can spend wisely 🙂 I’m all about sharing knowledge~
      Hope you are having a great week!

  4. Nana Arima

    All clothes and accessories are super cool but those sneakers are absolutely awesome!
    I’ve never bought anything on Taobao but I used to buy on Aliexpress from only one seller, Wamami. I was really satisfied.

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      Thanks for that info!! I’ll check it out :D! I’m happy you liked the stuff I got, it’s all very cutesy hahaha I don’t think it’s very much like your Barbie’s style~ I love that we can all share our hobby with people and enjoy the differences 🙂

  5. Alasse Carnesir

    I never could figure out how to use those Taobao stores. The whole process/system intimidates me way too much. It’s a shame as it looks like they carry some really adorable clothing. It’s so hard to find clothes for fashion dolls I think, particularly of the Pureneemo and Momoko sizes.

    Your girls look fantastic in the new outfits though. They are rocking all the styles and colours. And you’re right, the shoes look so detailed. I love that.

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      I promise I will make a tutorial on using an agent!! I just need funds to make an actual purchase so I can screenshot everything for the blog~
      I’m really happy how this purchase turned out, I was a bit worried that maybe my pure neemos wouldn’t look good in casual clothing, but they rock it as much as they rock their lolita outfits.
      I’m very pleased with the shoes, I will definitely add a pair or 2 more next time I go on taobao, I just can’t help myself.

  6. Musume

    That pissed off mouse from the LK Diffuse shirt is so cute, honestly! I love those grumpy faces, honestly. But the tiny shoes… *dies* The red ones with the ribbons are just so cute!!!

    Congrats on such an awesome loot!

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      Grumpy faces are cute haha 😀
      I’m impressed so many people liked the red shoes so much, I think they are my least favorite, I got them because I have too much red stuff and no shoes for it haha. But it makes sense, I wear sneakers 90% of the time, it’s what I like the most

  7. Kamelia

    I just fell in love with the shoes from IDoll Zoo. They are amazing! I don’t have any Momoko doll, so please let me know if they fit Barbie dolls?

  8. Lise

    Such a cute haul! Your taste in doll clothes are so on point 😀
    I love love love the lilac cardigan and the sneakers so much!


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