2019 is here!

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How I love all the first of of the year: first workout, first doll, first purchase, first meal, first new dress, etc etc. So here’s the first post of the year! Haven’t done many first so far, but January is just starting so it’s okay.

First photo of the year: bright and happy!

Hope you enjoyed the celebrations, ate good food, spent time with the important people in your lives and overall had an amazing time. Mine were okay, Christmas went great (and I got new sneakers for the gym), but I’m just not a fan of New year’s eve. It was fine though.

2018 was a short year hobby wise, since I only spent about three months being active. And how fun were those 3 months!! So much happened: I crafted a lot of things, I photographed my dolls a lot, I finished Alba’s look and I even managed to bring one doll home.


It’s the first year that I take so many photos one right after the other. I usually take a few photos every month, sometimes one or none, but I took many this time around, which left me with a pretty nice selection of photos for the future. Many of those photos have become personal favorites too.

Only doll arrival of 2018

And same as any other year, I want to still add new goals for 2019, projects and ideas that I can look back to next December and see how the year evolved. Will I fulfill my goals or will I change them along the way is not important, but to see how things goes and remember how was I thinking back then, 365 days prior.

So let’s begin, in no particular order:

  1. Get more miniatures: I enjoyed a lot taking flat lay photos of just miniatures, and I’m really lacking on the props department, so I would love to hopefully get some new re-ments for my collection this year, and keep experimenting with miniature photography.
  2. Get better at doll photography: I’m quite content with my level at the moment, but I know there’s some things I could do to improve, after all, practice makes perfect. I’m hoping to take many photos this year (though I probably won’t keep up last year’s rhythm) which can only result in improving, both in editing and in taking photos. I saw this post on Facebook and I think it’s a great example of this, I need to take more time setting things up. I also want my photos to be bright and happy.
  3. Get a Licca-chan: I initially wanted to get into asian artists vinyl dolls (I’m in love with Jjorori and Iroa dolls), but I’m not sure if this year will be the year, as they are quite pricey for such a small doll. I think it is worth it, but you have to be willing to spend that much and I’m not, at the moment. Who knows, maybe I’ll find a good deal or change my opinion sooner than expected. As for Licca-chan, I’ve been eyeing these dolls for the longest time and I just need to take the plunge. Ideally I would get an obitsu body for her too, as their original body doesn’t do much.
  4. Bring some other dolls home: ideally i want to expand my Pure neemo family. I also want to bring Lucas back, sort of. I’ve had this idea for some time of making a YoSD Lucas. Of course it wouldn’t be a SOOM Dia, but it would still be him. Not counting on bringing a BJD home this year, but you never know. At least there’s plans for one.
This is Licca-chan. Photo belongs to Takara Tomy

And I think that’s pretty much it. It will require some planning, some saving too, but let’s see how it goes.

Thank you for being here with me after the long hiatus. Hopefully this year will be better for everyone!

Big hugs to you all!

22 thoughts on “2019 is here!

  1. Sharon in Spain

    I enjoyed reading your plans for this year, you seem to know more or less the direction you’re heading, which is great.
    I love your little doll that arrived last year (it’s hard referring to 2018 as last year….) those dolls are so cute and very tempting.
    And Alba is very pretty, I like her style.
    I look forward to seeing what you do this year and wish you all the best for the months ahead 🙂

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      Thanks sweetie!!! I look forward to this year’s progression, it’s always nice to see how people evolve, especially in this hobby!
      I’m glad you liked my dolls 🙂 I wish I could have more mature sculpts, but I gravitate towards cute all the time, can’t help it! hehe

  2. Xanadu

    I love the first photo, it’s so cheery and the little cutie looks like she has a question mark on top of her head . . . I wonder if she’s thinking “What will this strawberry taste like, will it be sweet?”
    Well you might have taken a little hiatus but you are all the better for it and that’s all that really matters. You still managed to share some wonderful things with us. 🙂
    I really am impressed by your photography goals and can hardly wait to see the photos you take this year. It’s an area I also need to work on . . . I guess we’ll both get there if we continue to persevere.
    Looking forward to sharing another year blogging with you!
    Big hugs,

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      Hi dear! I’m glad you like the first photo, I’m quite happy with it too 🙂 You are totally right, her hair looks like a question mark hahaha
      We can totally work on our photography! I’m sure you’ll do great! Looking forward to what this year brings to your dolly crew! We’ll definitely get there <3

  3. Nana Arima

    I hope you can achieve all your goals. Licca is really lovely. My goal is to take more outdoor photos. Pity I don’t have a cottage. I live in a block of flats and I have to take my dolls to the nearest park in order to take outdoor pics. There are always some people staring but I try not to mind them. I also want to have more dolls and miniatures. I’m curious about your new Pure neemos. They have really great stock clothing and the biggest advantage is they are small and handy.

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      Outdoor photos is a great goal! I live in a nice place but it’s still in the middle of the city, so not many parks around me and definitely not nice huge green areas, still urban outdoor photos are great, especially with SDs imo.
      If I do some traveling this year I might bring a doll or 2 with me. I’m not a fan of carrying too much stuff, but I’d love some nice photos.

  4. Alasse Carnesir

    Oh I love that Nendoroid photo you took. She’s so adorable. I love that there’s a little crumb on her mouth. I’ve really enjoyed seeing all your photos lately and I know you’ve been feeling quite inspired. It comes across in the photos you take how much you are enjoying it. Ack, photo set-ups are so time consuming. It took me about 30 minutes to set up the one I did the other day for my last blog post even though there wasn’t much to it but I kept changing out stuff as I didn’t like how things looked. And then another hour once I had the doll in place. It’s satisfying though when it turns out but the initial set up can be frustrating. I try to keep the vision loose so I don’t get too caught up in getting it exactly as I see in my head. It’s the only way I can deal with it sanely!

    Licca-Chan works really well on Obitsu bodies. I think I may have seen people put them on Pureneemo bodies too. The skin tone is just slightly off but nothing really bad from memory. I’ve been curious about those dolls too so if you end up getting one, I’ll love to hear your thoughts on them.

    Do you have specific Pureneemos in mind already or are you just waiting to see what comes out? I kind of regret not getting Rose Red Mio Ver 1.1 – I like that face sculpt but found out about her too late as I don’t keep up with those releases.

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      I’m happy you like the photo! I should have photographed her sooner!! But better late than never I suppose, she makes great colorful happy photos! Makes me wanna get Sora (from Kindom Hearts) nendoroid to make her company haha, but I probably won’t.
      Setting photos up can get stressful, so I actually try to make it as fast as posible and that’s my biggest mistake. Last year I took a photo I liked until I realized the skirt on my momoko was all folded wrong haha! and I often have photos were the hair is just not right. I need to take more time in this, I’m sure it will make a difference.
      I’ve seen Licca on both azone and obitsu bodies, but I prefer the obitsu look more for her, the 24 cm body looks perfect in my opinion and I’m curious to see how that one poses.
      As for pure neemos, a part of me wants to wait and sees what it comes out and the othe rpart of me wants to get the EX Cute – Aika Wicked Stlye IV Ver.1.1. I need to see how my finances are doing at the end of this month, but I’ll probably will just get a Licca for now. I’ve seen some nice ones on mandarake (the cheapest line, not collectors). I’ve also been checking ebay, but I have to see.

      1. Alasse Carnesir

        The Obitsu 24cm body is really really good. It even stands on its own without shoes on. I have three of them. I got them when they were first released. I haven’t taken a lot of photos of them though as I haven’t really found the right wig for at least two of them. I got them Dollmore wigs but they don’t fit right and I’m not a huge fan of the wigs offered by Parabox. I could make my own but you know me, I can get a little too caught up in procrastinating about it rather than doing it.

        1. Fantasywoods Post author

          Can’t wait to have one of these bodies 😀 I even thought of getting one to switch for Sahra because I’m kind of getting tired of the old Pure neemo body, it doesn’t give me the flexibility I want. The new body does but it only comes in small atm and because it’s so flexible it loses balance too easily so I don’t know if I’m ready to deal witht hat for all my PNs lmao.
          Hope you can find better wigs soon. Have you tried for my doll? I think they sell small wigs? not a huge variety in that size though.

  5. Lise

    Great plans 😀 I think Licca is such an interesting doll, and I hope you can make your hybrid.
    Are you still considering Withdoll Ivy for Lucas? <3 Ivy has gotten onto my "wish list" as well XD

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      Thanks! I think I’ll be able to bring Licca chan soon 😀 let’s hope
      And yes, Withdoll Ivy is first in the list as Lucas still. A friend said He didn’t see ANY resemblance at all, but I feel it fits the bill. You can’t expect a cute YoSD to look like a mature SD anyways, no matter what you do.

  6. Kamelia

    First photo of the year made my day. It’s so joyful! 🙂

    I wish you all the best in 2019. I wish you will achive all the goals you made for yourself. 🙂

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      Thank you!! I’m happy you like my photos, I haven’t done any cool ones this month yeat, but I’m hoping for a better month on february XD! January has been crazy busy and it barely even started x.x…… but I’ve been taking photos, which is what matters.

  7. Niina

    Hope you had a great start on the new year! Lovely to read about your plans and I hope you can make them all. At the moment I do not have any plans, even if I have dreams and hopes. Just hoping that some come true. 🙂 Those Licca-chan dolls are so cute. <3

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      Dreams and hopes are just as good!!! I’m sure some of them will come true~ Sometimes all we need is to focus a bit of energy on it 😀
      Licca-chan dolls are cute indeed, I’m having a hard time to pick just one.


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