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It’s that time again, when we start looking into the future with full hopes on a better year. I’m so grateful of this year, because I came back to the hobby with full force and also because I kept being honest with myself. I crushed some goals, I didn’t with others, but that’s okay. I’m hoping for a great 2019.

And before the year ends, I want to introduce you to Alba, my Bluefairy May 3rd. You might remember I got her in 2016 but I didn’t share much of her after. It was because i never liked the face up I gave her, so She was kept in her box. This year, right after coming back to you, I made it my goal to finish her image. If not, I would sell her.

I commissioned someone to do her face up, a local girl that suited my style best. I also commissioned a friend of mine to make her wig. The wig isn’t exactly what I wanted at first, because He had trouble with it, but it’s a nice wig nonetheless. I hope you like her look as much as I do. Here’s Alba:

Alba’s full look.

And in honor of having her all done, I also revamped all my doll profiles. I’ve included small description of every doll I own (except Sassy Rosy, as I’m still set on selling her). Most I had finished for a while now, but I wanted to post about it once they were all done. They are all very simple, but they give an idea of everyone’s personality, Or so I hope. You can check them here.

I wish you the very best for this new year that’s about to start. May you all get to accomplish some goals. Dream big, work hard and be happy.

I love you all.

Happy new year!

14 thoughts on “Last post of the year

  1. Niina

    I remember her. She is so cute! I think that the wig and her new face up is just right for her. I hope to see more photos of her during the next year!
    I am glad that you took your time for yourself (even if I missed your posts and photos, and you) and then came back with some new and good energy. I hope that the boost you got carries you through 2019 and that the new year brings you happiness and new great goals! <3

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      I’m glad you like Alba’s look, I’m very pleased with it. I just need better eyes, but that will have to wait!
      Taking a break, though not intentional, was exactly what I needed! And I think I compensated the lack of photos by a lot with all the new ones I took these past 3 months. I’m pretty sure there’s more photos and crafts done since September of this year, than in any other year playing with dolls for 12!
      I’ll be posting new goals in January 😀 sooo… soon! haha
      See ya next year~

  2. Xanadu

    Hi Alejandra,
    It’s been a fun year and I am so pleased you came back to the hobby. I know there are times when we all need to be taking care of other things, but it really wasn’t quite the same around here without you. Am loving little Alba, she’s really quite a cutie pie. 🙂
    I wish you good health and much happiness for 2019, may all your dreams come true!
    Biggest hugs,

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      Aw thank you for coming back to my blog!! I’m so grateful all my doll friends came back the minute I started blogging again! I’m glad you like Alba, I’m quite pleased with her too. Almost too much, now my PW Lady Alice needs a revamp, to look just as good!
      Thanks for the well wishes, I do wish you the same for 2019, and more!

  3. Alasse Carnesir

    Alba is adorable. I love how you styled her. She’s the kind of doll that I think will look good in anything!

    I’m glad you came back to the hobby but as I always say, sometimes you do just need a break from things. I did miss reading all your blog posts though but I’m glad you still posted on IG. I love your doll profiles. You have such lovely dolls. I did noticed your 1/6 size has crept up a bit! They are easier to handle I feel too.

    Happy New Year! I really hope 2019 sees your dreams turn to reality and has a lot of great little surprise in store for you, surprises that will make you smile all year through!

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      I’m glad you like how she looks!! It took me so long to figure her out!! And after 2 years of not finding her name, it came to me in a second! The moment I saw the name I knew it was just perfect for her. I changed Ailene’s name too, I totally forgot to add that in this entry, She’s Lucía now. I didn’t find a need to keep fantasy-esque names on my crew as they are normal little girls, separated from my few fantasy dolls. They might live in the same world, but I doubt they will see each other much.
      Thank you for the well wishes, I’m sure 2019 will bring us many good memories and smiles.

  4. Nana Arima

    Alba looks really cute now. Somehow she makes me think of a child version of Jessica Alba. 😉
    I think it’s OK not to make any resolutions. Just move on, do what you love, be good to yourself and you will be rewarded.
    Happy New Year!

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      Oh I can totally see why you would think of Jessica Alba! I think you are right haha!
      I’ll probably will make resolutions, as it is my favorite thing to do on january, but I’ll keep it simple, hopefully. They are just guidelines that cna change any time anyways, I’ll keep being honest with myself. Thanks for the advice.
      Happy new year!

  5. Xaya / Kaisu

    I propably don’t have to say that I love Bluefairies, May is their icon in so many sizes. Alba is cute name, I love it. I also need to reorganize all of my dolls and do their styles into something I will be able to maintain. I still haven’t made any other plans but I love reading others. I feel like the arranging and organizing things have come important to doll owners. And getting fewer dolls maybe. Lists can be big, but many people have said they will need to think more what they want and to be more selective. I find that in myself too. 🙂 Happy New Year <3

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      I’ve always loved their msd May best, but I don’t like that size for me. I’m glad they have a yoSd of her, she’s perfect! I’d love to have the first version someday too.
      I’m probably going to post my own To do list for this year as well, gotta organize!

  6. Sharon in Spain

    Alba is lovely, I really like her style. I had this sculpt but in the MSD size and have always liked this face.
    I’m glad you were able to finally get the style you wanted for her 😀


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