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I was tagged by Musume and Dollsdolour to do this tag about dolls with very original halloween themed questions.

As always, I’m supposed to tag some people at the end, but I’ve seen that anyone has been tagged already XD

Hope I don’t bore you too much with my answers!

Werewolf – How has the hobby “transformed” you? 

I don’t think the hobby has trully transformed me, but it makes me want to try things I wasn’t interested before, like sewing (someday) or crochet. It also makes me fight with myself because I’ve always been a person who loves to save money, not so much to spend it, so I have to fight that side of me when I want some doll stuff.

Vampire – The dreaded sun! How do you feel about and cope with yellowing, or more generally the aging of these dolls? 

I’m okay with it now. The first doll I got has a really peachy skin tone that I wasn’t too fond of, so it yellowed really nice (for now). The first time I realized she has yellowed was when I was changing her eyes and inside the headcap the color was still peach and very vibrant, and the outside was more creamy. I think I freaked out for like 10 minutes before I could sit down and say to myself that I knew it was going to happen and it’s inevitable, even if I have my dolls in their boxes. Sometimes I think I should take more photos of my dolls to capture their color when new before it goes away, but you know me XD

Frankenstein’s Monster – Have you ever modded a doll? Tell us about it! If you could magically try any mod without fear of failure, what would you like to try? 

I haven’t tried any mods, I just do face ups. I can’t think of any mod I’d like to try at the moment.

Zombie – Have you ever caught the Marketplace virus?? Name some unplanned purchases that jumped out and “infected” you?

I check the marketplace sometimes, but I’ve never bought anything. Two times I’ve been tempted, but I chickened out before even contacting the sellers. The first time was for a grey Beyla/Bygg and the second time was for some clothes for yoSD.

Serafina was an unplanned purchase, but I got her directly from SOOM.

Skeleton – What’s your favorite body sculpt? Forget heads! 

I think the Supia female old body is gorgeous! Even if it’s single jointed it has nice poseability and it’s very detailed, I specially love the back.

Witch – Name some dolls that are magical! Seeing them on your dashboard inspires you! Can be general sculpts or specific dolls owned by talented friends.

I think a photo or a doll is magical when it looks real. It doesn’t have to look like a real person (though sometimes that’s the case), as long as it makes me think that it could belong to reality, that’s when magic happens.

Ghost – The one that got away. Do any limited or rare dolls “haunt” you to this day?

I used to hate Chrom when it was first released, but a month or so after his sale period was over I started to fall in love with the sculpt. Everytime he’s been re released I’ve lost a chance to get him. But now I’m at peace with it, I don’t really need the sculpt anymore. He was replaced by Heliot dream ripper haha, which I also missed, but I hope to get him someday. Or maybe not, who knows what will I want in the future.

Freddy Krueger – What is your worst doll nightmare? Has it happened or not?

I think one of the things I’ve always feared was to ruin a doll when trying face ups, like those horror stories of dolls that got tinted by colored acetone or melted or weren’t properly sealed and the color passed onto the resin. So far I haven’t done anything bad to any of the heads I’ve painted, but I always play it safe: I use the materials everyone has prove that work and I seal a lot before the first layer of color.

Jason Voorhees – If you were gonna make Halloween costumes for your dolls (or if you plan to!) what costumes would you make?

If I could make the costumes I definitely would make characters from musicals, Ailene could be Annie (or Matilda), Lucas the Phantom of the opera (or Shakespeare, Something Rotten’s style) and Hana could be Anna from The King and I or Glinda from Wicked (because I don’t think She would feel much like Elphaba).

Chucky (possessed doll) – Have you ever been scared of dolls or a certain doll? Be honest!

There’s a head sculpt that I saw a few times in tumblr that had carved eyes all around, just thinking about it makes me feel horrible! I can’t stand seeing it and I hope people would tag the sculpt properly so I could completely block it from my tumblr. Thinking about it makes me want to take my own skin off.

16 thoughts on “Too Spooky Halloween Monster Tag

  1. Irene

    I love your Halloween ideas! 😀 I hope you can actually do them~!
    also hope you get your dream dolly one day~ Chrom and Heliot are both really nice sculpts!

  2. Musume

    Loved your answers!! I understand the freak out with the yellowing, it happened very similarly to me T_T
    And those costumes would be great, specially the Phantom of the Opera!
    Glad you did the tag, too :3

  3. NyteRaine

    Heliot Dream Ripper is such a beautiful sculpt! I can see why that “haunts” you! In the beginning, I was deathly afraid of yellowing too, but now… not so much. I love your costume idea! My dolls would dress in group costumes too. 😉

  4. Alasse Carnesir

    Glad you did the meme!

    I think in this hobby, our tastes are always changing so what we might want now might not be the case a year down the track. I know my tastes have drastically changed over the years and I am glad now that I didn’t get some of the dolls I wanted a few years back because I wouldn’t have liked them as much.

    My first doll I used to keep in his box. I was surprised at how quickly he yellowed (within 6 months) even though I had him out for a short time taking photos but then he went straight back into his box. Dolls do yellow even boxed. I guess it’s just the nature of the material used.

    I really love your ideas for the Halloween costumes. That would be really neat to see. This is why I sometimes wish I was better at sewing so I could make such intricate costumes for my dolls.

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      I totally agree that our taste is constantly changing! I think if I started the hoby right now it would be totally different 🙂

      I keep my dolls in boxes because I don’t have space and I know they will yellow in there as well, though my supia head that I kept in my desk yellowed a lot more than the supia doll I kept in the box (they were sent at the same time and were the same color). In any case yellow cannot be stopped so I’m okay with it

      Thanks, I’m glad you liked my costume ideas, I also wish I could do something like that 🙂

  5. Xanadu

    Oh I did enjoy reading your answers Alejandra. Hope you find your grail doll one day, he’s a very unusual vampire doll, I hadn’t seen one with wings on his head before. 🙂

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      Thank you!! I think my true grail was a tan Dia and Lucas covered that hehe, but I’d love a partner for him and thought Heliot would be cute? But who knows, maybe someone will release something better or SOOM re releases him :D!

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      Yeah it was fun to answer too! I think dressing up can be great, thought I don’t usually think about dressing up my dolls either, but the questionmade me think about it 😀

  6. Niina

    Thanks for taking the tag! Lovely to read your answers! I had to check out Chrom and Heliot. There is something with those two dolls, that almost makes you want them but at the same time not. Both have adorable faces – just love those faces. But I do not know why, because I am more into the cute things.
    I wish you an amazing new week ahead!

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      Hehe it’sa fun tag, isn’t it? I’m glad you liked my answers too 😀 Chrom and Heliot are gorgeous sculpts but they are definitely not cute haha XD I love cute dolls too, but more on the yoSD and msd size 🙂

      Have an amazing week you too and thanks!


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