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NamelessIt’s no secret that I’ve been trying so hard to make my first doll work. I love this sculpt so much, I felt in love with Onyx the moment I saw her in SOOM website.

She had a nice face up done by a local artist, but no matter what I did, the photos were always so horrible. I recently did a new face up on her, and after years I finally blushed her fantasy parts.

I really like how she came out in the end. IN PERSON. I know the lighting in this picture is not good, but to be honest, no matter what I did with the lighting or her clothes, I can’t make her look good on camera. She’s frustrating me on so many levels, I’m thinking of selling her since I can’t seem to find the right place for her in my crew. She didn’t fit the character I wanted so I gave the character a twist, and She still didn’t work then.



I don’t feel confident enough to sell anything to be honest, specially overseas, but I have to do something. If She doesn’t work out for me, She could work for someone else. She deserves all the love She can get, and at least today, all I feel for her is sadness/anger.

I just want to wipe off the blushing (I painted way too much on the tail, it will probably chip soon anyways), and just offer her blank. I’ll probably think more about this.

tableOh well, it won’t always work with all dolls right? It’s not the end of the world…. My friend Musume calmed me a bit, so I’ll try playing with her and probably chip her tail and see what happens.

I almost didn’t post this because the pictures make me feel so bad that I think they just ruin the entire blog lol.

10 thoughts on “Frustrated

  1. Musume

    I’m happy that talking helped you a bit! I already told you a lot of things via email, but I sincerely hope you can make her work.

    Did you tried the purple lingerie set on her? I think I will work great with her blushing.

    Also, I do *love* to bits the blushing and faceup you gave her. She looks so gorgeous!

  2. Fyrd

    The photo is not bad by all means! But Onyx can often look very lifeless in photos. You have given her a nice, well-done but neutral-expression face-up, which makes it much harder. The best Onyxes I have seen have been face-upped either to look almost angry/bitchy or then on the other end of spectrum, very sad. Could you give her another go, and maybe try either one of those? Even if you paint the eyebrows very distinctly angry or sad, photos and especially wigs tent to soften or emphasise that expression so you won’t end up with a totally one-dimensional doll.

    I love the Onyx sculpt too. I think it’s partly to do how she (and Heliot) are the ‘parent sculpts’ to Bygg/Beyla, my favourite Teenie. There is much same in her face compared to the smaller doll. Funnily I just wrote in my blog about how Byggs tend to be either sad or angry as well 😀 But Bygg too, can look very lifeless with a wrong kind of face-up. It doesn’t have to be a bad face-up per se, just not the right one for that sculpt.

    I hope you get over most of your anxiety, since I know how frustration can be very lifesucking, dementor-level. Haven’t had it much with dolls luckily, but other things. But if you do then decide to sell her, just be brave and do it. The market is kinda slow atm, but I’m sure you’ll find a nice buyer for her 🙂

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      I think you might be right about the face up. I wanted neutral because 90% of the angry looking ones look like they have floating eyebrows to me, since her brow bone is so detailed in the sculpt. I guess I could go for sad.
      I never felt this bad about my dolls, I even thought that I didn’t belong in this hobby for a moment, but I really love dolls, is just she isn’t working for me.
      Thanks for your comment, I’ll think about doing another face up before giving up, I’ll probably redo Faolan’s anyways, so the working table will be there

  3. Lise

    I’m sorry you’re feeling this way 🙁 It’s never fun to struggle with a doll or a character.
    I think it’s something you’ll feel inside yourself, whether you need to sell her or not.
    I just hope it’ll work out for the best for you *hugs*

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      I have this feeling I’ll end up selling her in the end. She will probably stay for months in the marketplace though, the scorpion tail maybe put off lots of people XD!
      Thank you for your nice comment, this is truly an awful feeling

  4. Kurisu

    I think she is a most gorgeous sculpt. But I see what you mean. Some sculpt just do best with an ‘expression’ in their faceups. Like a smile, a frown etc. And I really think she would look amazing with some sad’ish eyebrows. Maybe you could get inspiration from the newer PW dolls. They make their eyebrows look a little sad’ish not, and I think that style would look great on your lady. As you mention, her eyebrows seem to be sculpted a lot, so I think adding sad’ish eyebrows would make her look a lot more alive. You could also try giving her cheeks even more pink/peach blush to add more dimension on photos. 🙂
    Often flash kills a lot of blush which can make a doll look terribly expressionless and blank, so I always blush a little ‘harder’ to make sure it can be seen on photos. ^^
    Hope you will give her one last shot at least, and if she is still making you feel regretful you should maybe sell her and not feel so sad about her. Then you can focus your energy on the dolls that work for you 😉
    I’ve had a few dolls I couldn’t work with as well, so please don’t feel like you don’t belong or something – some sculpts are just more difficult than others. :/

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      Thanks! Yeah I will give her another face up soon, maybe I’ll post it too. Thanks for all the advice, I’ll definitelly give her more color in the cheeks and check PW newest dolls :D!

  5. Xanadu

    Is it the sculpt or just the way you see her. We often are more critical of our own work, because we are expecting perfection. But others see her through different eyes and often see the beauty we overlook.

    Personally, I think she looks lovely and your blushing is just wonderful, I love the colour/s you have used.

    Maybe take a step back, do something else and come back to her another day and see how you feel then.
    Keep your chin up ol’ girl!


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