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Angell Studio is a company located in China that sell their own line of BJDs of all sizes and also clothing and accessories. They have an English version of their website and buying from them is really easy.

This review is only about clothes and shoes, since I’ve never bought dolls from them, even though their dolls are very lovely.

I also can’t comment on how is the current service, since last time I purchased was 10 months ago. I have plans on buying again, so I’ll be making a second part about service and waiting times then.


I’ve purchased from them 2 times in the past. You create an account in their website and you add your items to the shopping cart. After you checkout you need to wait for their e-mail confirming your order, where they will send you the total amount, which includes your items, shipping cost and sadly, PP fees.

One of the cons it has for me is that since it’s located in China, they can’t send EMS packages to Chile, so I always have to pay for TNT, which is more expensive, but I’m guessing most countries won’t have that problem. I have no idea why China and Chile can’t use EMS between them, I have no problem with Korean stores.


The quality of the clothing is very nice in my opinion, though I’m no expert. They aren’t the absolute best I’ve seen (I think Souldoll has the best quality clothes hands down), but you can tell they put some effort into details and finishing products. Your clothes won’t start fraying with use, like with some other cheap clothes’ companies.


Their prices are really nice and you get really good pieces. If you click on the images I’ve posted, hopefully you will see details of the clothing’s inside and out.

I also like to add that some of their clothings come with extra buttons in a little bag, in case you ever need to replace one. I think that is a really nice touch.


The 1/3 Youth girl clothes fit really well my Supia Rosy (although the white dress is a bit to hard to put on) and their Charm boy tops fit my SOOM Super gem Dia just as nice. I haven’t tried any pants from them.


AS_bootsTheir high heel shoes fit both my Super Gem old girl body and Supia single jointed body high heeled feet. Their male shoes also fit both my Super Gem new male body and my DollShe DS18M PURE body feet.

Another nice thing is that they always put the measurements of the clothes in the description, so If you have doubts something will fit, you can check that.

Shoes are also really well made and they have a nice range of styles in their shop. The only pair of shoes that I was a bit disappointed in was a pair of white boots where the fur part didn’t have finishing in the bottom part to stop it from fraying, but I’ve had those boots for a long time and they look just as good as the first day. All the other shoes were perfect.




The first time I ordered (almost 2 years ago) I never received an email telling me the items were shipped, and also the order (which was full of shoes) took almost a month to be sent. The second time around (10 months ago) things were faster: I got a shipping notice 7 days after payment. That order was mostly clothing, so I guess the first time not all shoes were in stock.

In both cases packages arrived well and fast after they sent them; lots of bubble wrap around everything.



Overall, I think Angell Studio is a really nice place to shop for clothes and shoes. They have really nice clothes for girls, which I find hard to find, and really cool clothes for boys.

I definitely will buy again in the future.

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4 thoughts on “Review: Angell Studio

  1. Fyrd

    Nice to see your pictures of the clothes! I have also bought a few sets from AS before anz I have no actual complaints either. My only miff about them is that the pants have no zippers in the front, only a hook at the top. But I understand that sometimes compromises must be made with small scale clothes. But that checkered shirt looks very good! I moght do another order with them just to get more clothes for my boys…

    1. Ellesmera Post author

      That’s a really good observation! I don’t mind snaps myself, since the faster to put the clothes on the best for me.
      Sadol pants even have really tiny buttons instead of a brooch, and it takes me so long to put them on that I end up just using the ones with the elastic band in the waist instead haha, but I sure can appreciate the detail!

  2. Musume

    OMG the shoes!!! I wish they made shoes so gorgeous for the slim mini size T_T. I loved your review! I have purchased from them once, mostly wigs and a stand, and the only thing that retains me from buying again, is the PP fees =S

    1. Ellesmera Post author

      Yeah that really sucks, but since I love so many of their stuff I’m willing to pay them at the moment, I’d love to get some 1/6 clothes from them if I decide to get a tiny 😀


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