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Hello everybody! Hope your week started wondefully~ Today I wanted to make a blog post commemorating Serafina’s arrival. On this day 3 years ago She came directly from SOOM. Time flies!

I didn’t do anything fancy, but I still wanted to talk a bit about her. I took some photos yesterday, but they didn’t came out great since it was cloudy and it was raining and could not take them outside, wich was the original plan.

Poor Sera is always being neglected. She spent almost 2 years blank! She was an impulsive buy and I was starting to think I would have to part with her, but her face up turned out so much better than i imagined that She won a special place in my heart.

At the beginning of this year I repainted her tummy that was looking not so great since it had an accident last year after painting. I also replaced her eyelashes, since the previous ones were looking weird and the color wasn’t to my liking. Now She has light brown eyelashes, and they look almost like her carrot hair, so improvement!

I also ordered some purple Mako eyes for her, but they won’t arrive in a few months I guess. And since She’s always naked because She lives in the nature, I am currently waiting for a purple dress from Taobao that I think suits her style too. Hope I can manage to put it on her with that centaur body making it imposible to pass clothes from the bottom. Bhiner already made my taobao order, so I hope there won’t be any problems getting what I wanted (they did refund me for a pair of glasses that were out of stock).

3 years

To celebrate her birthday, I will tell you a bit of her:

Serafina (Seraphina in English) is a guardian of the forest. Her past from before she became one is not clear, since She was only a child when she got the call of the forest spirits.
She’s older than Faolan and they met the day Faolan stepped into these woods.

For more information about the guardians of the forest and Serafina, you will have to wait for the profiles page to be up.

And that’s all for Serafina’s birthday! Now I want to answer Helene‘s questions from the Liebster award, that She kindly awarded to me. I’m glad to see you blogging again and thanks for the tag!


1. Which doll in your collection is the one you spend most time with and why?
Ailene hands down. She’s not really my favorite (that spot is reserved for Lucas), but the size is so nice to manage, She’s always ready to play with me. She spent a whole week in my desk before her bday.

2. What got you into the hobby?
I saw a website called Jujube or something like that. It was from a collector that had many Volks dolls, a CP Shiwoo and some other dolls. I fell in love with them because of all the photography possibilities they offered.

3. How much money are you willing to spend on your dream doll?
That’s hard to say, we are talking about a dream doll here. My limit would be what I can afford without emptying my savings at the time I get it. I’m always saving so that amount could vary.

4. What is your fondest memory in the hobby?
The day I received my first doll.

5. Have you experienced anything bad in the hobby?
No one inside the hobby has ever commented anything negative about my dolls (not to my face anyways). I’ve always got nice comments, compliments and constructive criticism. Outside the hobby some people have said my dolls are ugly, but I just laugh in the moment and forget about it fast.

6. Do you have any specific things you go through when choosing name and looks for your dolls?
Most names I’ve used in my dolls are from books I really love, so ideas start to come for me after a good read, or after being obsessed with something for a long period of time haha. For looks, not really, sometimes I want X thing to be added on a doll and create something from there, other times I think about the looks after seeing the doll.

7. Is there anything you wish you did more in the hobby?
Photos! XD

8. Do you have any routines when taking pictures?

9. Is there any specific doll or person in the hobby you are inspired by?
Many people in this hobby inspire me in different ways. And I’m always finding more inspiring people and dolls.

10. Do you have a holy grail doll, if yes which?
SOOM Dia in all the colors. But I’m happy to own the tan version of him. I don’t need more (wanting more is another thing entirely).

11. How many dolls have you got since you started in the hobby? 
7, but I’ve sold one already and other is on Doa’s marketplace. So I have 6 dolls at the moment, but only 5 are really part of my collection.

And something completely unrelated, the other day I had this beautiful dream that Lucas was real!! and very much alive, He was so handsome! And we went on a road trip around the south of Chile. After that the dream got kinda weird and last thing I remember Lucas was the main character of a korean drama lol.

Anyways, I hope I didn’t bore anyone with this long post! I should have done 2 separated posts, but I wanted to get everything done today.

I’m also trying to add the bloglovin button to my blog, so if you use that to follow updates you can do so.

Have a great week!

22 thoughts on “About Serafina and other things

  1. Musume

    Serafina is just too cute! Loved the photos you took :3
    Loved your answers! I do have a lot of routines to take photos, hahaha! And the dream!! That was great, I wonder what kind of K-Drama was xD

  2. Helene

    Serafina is so pretty and cute! 😀

    I love your answers for the questions i made. I especially loved the part with your dream with Lucas and how it ended like a korean drama XD

  3. Nikki

    I love Serafina! She’s such a cutie 😀 Will look forward to the profiles!

    Great to read the Liebster Award questions too. 🙂

    And tbh, I laughed out really love at the dream you had XD <3

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      We need more dreams like that right? 😀 it was awesome~

      I’m focusing on making better photos so I can change the WP theme soon and upload the profiles. Just don’t expect too much, I write really short ones XD

  4. Safir

    Happy birthday to little Serafina~ I really love her and I’m glad to hear that you started to like her more after some trouble ^^

    I love having dreams about dolls/characters, especially those were they’re real persons XD Sometimes it’s really fun, sometimes really creepy (depending on the character I guess)

    Hope the stuff you’ve ordered for her arrives soon! The dress looks super pretty and I’m sure will be adorable on Serafina~

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      Thanks!! I hope I get my stuff soon too~ Bhiner already updated with photos from one of the stores I got things from, but still missing the rest. I can’t wait to try a dress on Sera haha 😀 and the eyes too!! everything purple and carrot *_*

  5. Kirstine

    Serafina is just super cute 😀
    Happy bday to her. *^^*

    Haha that dream though. XD’ I could imagine it must have been a little weird that it suddenly turned from road trip into a K-drama XDDD
    I wish I dreamt more about my dolls. Would be super fun to ‘interact’ with their characters in the back of your mind (because your subconsiousness always makes it into weird stuff) 😀

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      This is my first doll dream besides those times I dream I’m doing a face up and it looks like crayon and sharpies on the face XD I had plenty of those!

  6. Alasse Carnesir

    Serafina has just such a lovely face up on her. And I adore her backstory. I love fantasy roots. (incidentally I have a doll called with the same name but spelt the other way “Seraphina”). How neat! Happy Birthday Serafina! Did you make her lovely scarf?

    Ooooh another set of questions. I kind of wish I had a smaller bjd collection. When I first entered the hobby, I got a tad crazy and ordered a few dolls within the first year (most have been sold now and live elsewhere). I kind of wish looking back I had slowed it down and only got one doll a year. Ah well.

    The smaller size dolls are definitely easier to play with aren’t they? They’re just there, ready to go whenever you need them. It’s what I like about both the yo and tiny size dolls.

    I loved your dream about Lucas. It sounds quite interesting especially that last bit where he was the star of a Korean drama!

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      Thank you! I love your Seraphina as well 😀
      The scarf is from Musume & Okasan etsy, I must admit I haven’t practiced any more crochet (it makes my hands hurt so I can’t do it for long periods of time, same with using a computer x.x)

      Your collection is gorgeous though! I would miss so many of your dolls if you ever decide to downsize. I wish I had more, but at the same time I think I couldn’t handle that XD

      I wonder if tinies are just as fun as YoSD, I bet they are!! you can fit them into your pockets haha. I love the size~ they are easy to pose and photograph and they are always looking cute 😀

  7. Irene

    Serafina is so cute, but it must be hard to find clothes~ :3
    Hope you can update profiles soon! 😀
    Also that’s an awesome dream XD dolls coming to life has never scared me ~ seems really awesome actually! 😀

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      Well I never thought She would be wearing clothes really, but it would be nice to have some things to vary her style more in photos. My order from taobao will be shipped soon and I got a shipping notice from Mako today so I probably have everything ready for her new photoshoot in march :D! I also find a light blue dress in etsy filled with flowers that may suit her, but I don’t have the funds at the moment to get it.
      I’ll be doing the profiles pictures once everyone is using their mako eyes, since I’ve been trying to take photos but I didn’t like any.
      I think if the dolls stay doll size once they come to life it could get kinda creepy XD but I probably wouldn’t fear my own dolls. But Lucas was taller than me and it was so nice 😀

  8. Crystal

    Serafina is lovely, and I can’t wait to see her new dress and eyes! I hope they work out well.

    I wish I would have a dream that my dolls were alive! XD I do have day dreams of them being real though! Haahaa.

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      Thanks!! I’m hoping everything will work out in the end :D! A traslucid dress would be useless for any other doll of mine XD
      Hope you get a nice dream like that too ~

  9. Xanadu

    Hi Alejandra,
    I really like your Seraphine, it will be interesting to see her again after her dress and Mako eyes arrive. Hope you are going to keep her wig, I think it will look lovely with the purple.

    Enjoyed reading your answers, always enjoy reading about other people’s inside info to their doll collecting.
    Hope you are having a lovely week.

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      The wig is staying :D!! I love the combination of orange and purple~ Both her eyes and dress and on its way to me at the moment. But you know how postal service is here, so I won’t get them in at least 3 weeks, but more close to a month and a half hahaha
      Oh well, I’m excited to see how She looks in the end, I promise photos 😀

  10. NyteRaine

    Serfina is lovely, I love her face up! Which purple Mako Eyes did you get her? I have my DollClans Kien for 3 years now… and he still have no face up and no body (I want him to have a 68cm muscular body… but I’m so picky).

    Soom Dia is one of my favorites, I think Dia sculpt looks amazing in all skin color… Talk about Dia, Soom’s Dia Lord of Jotunheim is so tempting. But I already have a Dia plus I need to focus on finishing Kien.

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      Thanks! I got her Dan 020 eyes with black pupil (that if they read my comment about it XD).
      I love Kien~ you need to finish him up :D!!! I wanna see *u* haven’t seen a Kien in ages

      Dia is my absolute favorite hehe ~ The new Dia makes my heart suffer, It’s so so tempting!


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