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Leeke World is a doll store located in South Korea that is famous mainly for their huge amount of wig colors and styles and their own lines of dolls.

I ordered a limited indibrown wig in LR-147 style, W-129 wig in baby brown and W-124 wig in slate gray.


Let’s start with the limited color. If you check the photos for the color, it’s a very nice brown that has fibers from different tones. The color is kinda ashy, but that’s exactly what I was looking for. What I received, however, was not brown at all.

I understand that screens might make colors to change a bit, but the wig went from looking medium brown in my screen to the ugliest ashy blond I’ve ever seen.


Here’s a comparison of the wig that I got and a screenshot from Leeke’s website at the top. In real life the wig looked even paler.

I was really disappointed about this, since it was the wig that got me the most excited, but I was still decided not to complain since the color could be my fault. When I went to try this wig on Ailene I notice that it was way too big for her and the wig cap was covering her ears entirely. It turned out to be a size too big (7~8 inches). So the wig was not only the wrong color, but useless to me.

Luckily I had a plan B: a second wig in baby brown.

The W-129 wig was the correct size, but I am not too happy about the quality. It had a lot of loose tiny hairs inside the wig cap. And I mean A LOT. I took out most of it but the wig stills has some that stick to the silicon wig cap whenever I take it out.



The wig is a bit messy, but I don’t mind that. One of the sides looks way better than the other too, but that can be fixed styling it more.

And as for the third wig, well, it was also the wrong size, which left Faolan with no grey hair.


Leeke does not offer any other postal service besides EMS, so it can be pricey. Since my order included one pre order wig I had to wait for them to ship everything together. It’s supposed to take up to 45 working days and I think I had to wait a bit over that, making the wait take 2 months and a few days, which for the things I received was not worth it.

They do answer any question real quick. I forgot to add a wig cap to my order so I made a second order and before paying the second one I asked them to combine both, which was done very fast.

I also had to complain about the wigs being the wrong size and the limited color being nothing like the pictures. I got an apologize (they didn’t adress the color of the wig directly) and they asked me to send the wigs back for a refund. No other option: I had to send the wigs back and once they got them they would send the refund.

So I sent the wigs back. They said they would cover with the shipping cost so that was nice. Since EMS to Korea was too expensive, I decided to send them via airmail with tracking number (EMS was over 50 USD for 300 grams worth of wigs). Once I sent Leeke the tracking number and the shipping price they asked me If I wanted a refund or a new pair of wigs. Since they first offered me only a refund I asked for that.

The shipping back to Korea took 2 weeks and they sent me the refund on december 24th. I didn’t even have to ask them about anything, they contacted me directly as soon as the wigs arrived to their store. So that was cool. I received my refund and used it to buy some mako eyes hehe.

I asked around a lot in my local community about Leeke wigs and there was a huge amount of people that have had trouble with their wigs. The most common problem is them sending the wrong size. I think they have trouble with the labels: if you check the wig tags, they always have the style and color written on them, but not the size, so that might be the problem.

In conclusion, I love all the color and styles of wigs Leeke sells, but as many people have said before me, buying from them is hit or miss and until they don’t fix their problems I just will spend my money elsewhere.

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19 thoughts on “Review: Leeke World

  1. Nikki

    I’ve had similar problems with Leekeworld 🙁 It’s too bad, because they have some gorgeous wigs, but I shop at Monique’s and FMD’s instead >_<
    I hope your Mako eyes will make your happy though 🙂 I just received five pairs and they're really nice! I think, by now, my doll's have a majority of Mako eyes xD

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      I agree, they do have very nice wigs, too bad it’s a gamble. I haven’t tried Monique wigs but I love FMD 😀
      Once I get the mako eyes I bought all my dolls will be using mako haha 😀

  2. Alasse Carensir

    I’m glad you posted your review. If I had waited the amount of time you did for the wigs and got the wrong sizes and colours, I’d be pretty upset too. I hadn’t realised you had waited so long!

    I have to say, Isabelle’s wig had a similar issue to the first wig you reviewed. Her wig is two toned but the second colour did look much more white on the promo photo and it ended up being more grey in person which was a shame but luckily, I could work with it.

    As for the sizing issue, I really think my 8-9 inch wig I ordered is a bit roomy so I may very well have gotten a 9-10inch instead, luckily I do have dolls here that can wear that size but still …

    It is a big shame they make mistakes like this as they do have a massive range of wigs and colours. I’m sorry the wigs didn’t turn out for you but I am glad they refunded you the money.

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      Yeah 2 months is a whole lot and it only made the disapointment even greater.
      Thanks for reading! I was a bit afraid to post this review haha, but oh well, at least they reply fast XD

  3. Fyrd

    Yeah, it’s really a gamble with Leeke so the only times I’m interested in their (or DollGa’s) products is if/when they have an event for the two-toned wigs. Although the quality is still a bit iffy, at least the wigs are something I can’t get anywhere else.
    For natural looking hair, I suggest shopping from Crobidoll. their wigs are very fine quality and the fit is snug. For more fantasy-colours, For My Doll is a good option!

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      Two toned wigs are great, but even then I don’t think I’ll gamble with them anymore ._. I want a yellow wig now XD wonder why ahahaha lol
      I love Crobidoll and For my doll. After this leeke situation I went right to Crobi to order me some wigs, but I didn’t like the look on Faolan for the one I got him and the other 2 were for Hana, since I re did her face up 🙂

  4. Xanadu

    Hi Alejandra,
    I’m sorry you had such disappointment with your wigs. I have stopped buying from Leeke for similar reasons.

  5. Kirstine

    On my screan those colors also look way too different. :/
    Sorry to hear about your experience. I’ve only ordered from Leeke once myself, but I’ve decided not to order from them again.
    When you look through their catalog, there are SO many promos where you can clearly see the wig cap. I mean, they don’t even try to hide their bad quality – why would I buy a wig that obviously looks ridiculous even on their own pictures?
    It really is sad, because they have some really nice styles, but they just don’t seem like they care much when their own pics show those horrible faults. (Of cause they shouldn’t photoshop or lie about the quality, but I just don’t see the business value in showing defect goods that looks horrible and expect people to buy it)
    But I think with all the new possibilities for wigs (that it has become almost normal to make them yourself and such) they’ll maybe need to change no matter what to keep up with the market.

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      You are right about that. I even remember one style of haircut they did for a limited period of time where it was advertised that the wig cap might show XD. At least they are honest but seriously they need to fix their problems. Now that alpaca wigs and other fibers like soy are being used in the hobby, many people has stopped buying synthetic fiber wigs, so they should do something about it or they will have to stop selling wigs

  6. Irene

    Wow that’s just shitty, especially for such a long waiting time o_o;; I’ve never had issues with the wrong size with Leeke, but I did have issues with the quality of their wigs, the styles being sloppy/messy or unevenly cut etc. D: I prefer to use taobao now >_> it has a great assortment of wigs, though some of Leeke’s unique styles / color mixes still tempt me T_T;;;

    Thanks for your review though, it’s great to read truthful feedback like this, it really helps other potential buyers!

  7. Crystal

    I tend to buy mostly Leekeworld wigs for my dolls, accept when I want shags. It’s true though, that they can have their issues. I have ordered *thinks* six or seven wigs from them (through Denver Doll) and I have only been dissatisfied with one of them. I have a pretty good experience with DD, and Mint, so that’s where I do most of my shopping.

    Thanks for the review! I think it’s awesome when we can share our experiences with the shopping end!

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      I’m glad that you haven’t had any bir problems with Leeke, I think their wigs are quite pretty 🙂
      And no problem, we should always share our experiences, good and bad 😀

  8. Musume

    I haven’t seen the post before! You should add a bloglovin or something :O
    Anyways, I knew about your issues beforehand, and it is really sad you had so many problems with them. At least the wigs arrived back safely and you got the refund!
    Hope the Mako eyes will arrive soon, then!! 😀

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      Sorry sorry! I will do the bloglovin thing today 🙂
      I hope the eyes arrive soon too, I kinda need them XD
      Thanks for listening to all my complaints when I got the wigs 🙂

  9. val

    The problem with Leeke wigs is that SOME wigs are really produced by Leeke (even if I think with time they have loweled the quality of their hair as well), and some of most wigs are produced by wigs. And all dollga wigs are really bad quality and not soft at all! Ive ordered a baby brown wig on leeke site that it was produced by and I could not knew this untill arrived at home as it have a white tag with written “”… It was the most ugly wig and color I ever seen as baby brown.
    So… I decided to avoid leeke. Moreover they dont reply me if I ask them if they can shipping wigs with registered mail instead of EXPENSIVE EMS! so I would not suggest to nobody to buy from leeke world or stay very careful….

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      Didn’t know that, thaks for the information! It makes all the sense in the world! I hate paying EMS shipping for wigs, but of all the stores that only offer EMS, I find leeke is the cheapest.


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