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I promised a yoSD sized shoes guide some time ago and since I received the last order from taobao this week, I can finally deliver. I’ll add information about the stores I got them, the fit and proportions, so I hope you guys find it useful.

With the exception of one pair of boots, everything here is from taobao. If you know of international stores that sell a particular pair of shoes listed here, let me know and I’ll add it as extra information.

Since Fof dolls feet are kind of small (4cm. long) I always try to find the smallest shoes I can get for the size. Boots always run bigger though, no matter where  I look for them. I also try to buy shoes that look like real kid shoes, though there are a few here with heels and lolita style. All shoes here should fit most yoSDs, unless their feet are really wide and/or long.

All the shoes were tried on with socks, except for the boots, those were put without.

POST IS IMAGE HEAVY. All images can be enlarged by clicking on them.



These blue shoes are from M柒人形屋. In this store you can find wigs, clothes, eyes and shoes among some other things. I got some really nice clothes from this seller. Can’t say the same for the wig I got, but it was really cheap so I didn’t feel cheated.

The listing for these particular pair of shoes is here. You can choose colors (brown, blue, pink, white). The fit is okay with socks on, the feet won’t move around and standing a doll with them is quite easy.

Proportions are also nice in my opinion, though I found them a bit big at first.




Same store as before, these shoes can be purchased here. There’s beige, white, black and brown. There’s 2 type of black ones: completely black and with light brown rim. These are probably one of my favorite because the proportion is nice and they fit great. I regret not getting them in black too.

I think they are excellent for boys and girls, for school uniform outfits as well as paired with shorts or rompers.





Okay these ones weren’t from taobao exactly. I got them from an etsy store that closed not long after I got them. However, the same store can be found in taobao. Link to the store is here. They also sell a few pieces of clothing and accessories, but it is mostly pullip, blythe and other kind of dolls shoes including yoSD.

Direct link to the shoes.

They are quite thin overall, so the sole isn’t very sturdy, however, they don’t make standing the doll much more difficult than without them. They aren’t very detailed, but the proportions are nice. They come in different colors, though most of them are sold out at the moment. The fit is nice, there’s a bit of extra room at the front like in most shoes, but it doesn’t make the feet move around so they stay in place.

Happy Birthday



I find so hard to find nice boots, but I really like these. Same store as before, they run a bit large, but the sole is sturdy enough so the doll doesn’t fall nor the feet move around. Without socks, you can easily slip then through your doll’s feet without puttig the zipper down. If the doll is wearing socks or leggings, you might need to also take the ribbon band off (I slip it through my doll’s leg).

You can find these boots here, but there’s only black available now. I hope they restock them at some point, I’d love to get them in more colors.

Little pink riding hood



Harder than finding cute boots, finding sneakers that look in scale proved to be a challenge. These are amazing, I just wish they didn’t have the wings because they tend to bend and try to go inside when I’m putting them on a doll. They are a bit tight and the sole is made of some sort of foamy material so it makes a bit difficult to stand a doll, but it is possible to do.

Sadly, they seem to be sold out from Idollzoo, They came in various colors, though the only ones I liked were these.




This store seems to sell a little bit of everything, though I didn’t find much yoSD things to my liking. These converse-like sneakers can be found about anywhere, though what I liked about this particular model is that they don’t have shoelaces that often make them bulky and out of proportion. They are still very wide, and look big on dolls, but I can work around that. They make standing a doll really easy.

They come in a lot of colors.


Other shoes


No idea what the store is called, but I got these shoes here. They are more lolita style than anything, but I thought they were cute. They run a bit big to the sides, but the sole is so thick and sturdy that is quite easy to make the doll stand. Probably easier than with no shoes.

I was thinking of selling them because they are quite big looking, but I think they might look lovely in my Sassy Rosy, so I’m keeping them for now. And Ailene doesn’t look bad with them either, so they could prove useful.




Not a fan of heels on YoSD shoes, but these were also too cute to pass up, and since they aren’t as wide as the previous pair, they look quite lovely. The sole is the exact same one as the previous one and it is made of plastic, the leather-like pink material is also the same. I got them in the same store as the other pair, though they are not available at the moment. In any case if you search for bjd 1/6 shoes in taobao, there’s quite a few stores that sell these exact ones. There’s also red and white versions,




These are the only ones I didn’t get from taobao, they are from Mimiwoo, and though they are not longer listed in grey, there’s still a black version. There were more colors available that they might restock and they cost 7.99 USD (they were 6.99 when I got them) and shipping is free, so it’s quite a bargain.

They are super big so I put some sponge inside of the shoes to stabilize the feet or else they move around making it hard to pose a doll. Since they are boots, they don’t look too bad once you put them on, I quite like the look on Faolan.

Awesome. Wow!

As a side note, I made the hardwood looking floor that you can see in the photos, not sure if anyone would be interested in a tutorial for it? I didn’t take step by step photos, but I could explain what materials I used for it. It is really simple. Let me know in the comments if you are interested.

20 thoughts on “YoSD shoes review

  1. Musume (@musume_desu)

    I loved the review!! Thank you for doing it, it is really useful!
    Some of this shoes are just so cute, congrats on such adorable collection <3
    Also the floor is looking great, sign me up for the tutorial!!!

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      Thanks!!! I can’t live without doll shoes XD!! So happy you like the floor, I think it turned out really nice and it was easier than what I was originally planning to do.

  2. Xanadu

    Great review Alejandra! You are a girl after my own heart, I love all the different shoes you can get for YoSD’s, but never think to do a review on them. I love all the boots too, I usually put socks on mine even when they are wearing boots, as it helps to fill the boots better. You didn’t say if your model was wearing socks with the boots or not?
    I really love the blue shoes, I haven’t any like that, but I have never purchased anything from Taobao as I find it a little confusing. Do you translate the pages?

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      Thanks!! Yu always choose the prettiest shoes too, and they always match your ourfits so well!
      I was meaning to add the information about socks, but I forgot. The boots were tried on without socks, sorry about that, I added it at the beginning.
      Socks and leggings can help with boots too, but without those things you can slide them right on without even lowering the zipper and I guess I was feeling lazy haha.

      I use google to translate the pages and I use google translator to search for items too (I translate what I want to chinese and write that on their search bar). Then I buy the items through a taobao agent.

  3. Irene

    I just love looking at shoes! 😀 They’re all so adorable and detailed, the bunny shoes are very cute too ;_;

    As for the floor, I’d love to see your tutorial of it! I always like your tutorials anyway, and the floor looks so real too!

    I will send you a package soonish! 😀

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      Thanks!! I love shoes so much XD and with tinies is so much easier to show the shows in the frame :D!!!
      I’ll definitely post about how I did the floor! ~ And yay you are back :D!! I’ll start preparing what I’m missing too then ~

  4. Safir

    Thank you for the great yoSD shoe tips! I especially love those light purple boots~ I’ve been eyeing them every now and then, but now seeing how cute they look on Ailene, I might finally have to get one pair XD Hopefully they’ll restock them at some point, I’d love to get the pink color~

    Also, it’d be great to see a tutorial on how you made the floor! It looks amazing and I’ve been wanting to make a wooden floor suitable for my smaller dolls :3

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      The boots are really nice!! I wish I had more styles and colors, and these particular ones in pink must be really nice too~ I do hope they restock them as well 😀
      Floor tutorial will be my next post!

  5. Crystal


    All the shoes are so adorable! Thanks for sharing about them, I often wonder about where people get their doll stuff. I really love the loafers! I need to find some for Harper! xD

  6. Fyrd

    Amazing review! Thank you! Now I have an urge to splurge on more Yo-SD shoes myself XD You got great finds, and there are some that I really want for my own dolls as well :3

    And +1 to wanting a tutorial for that floor. I would love to make a little diorama for my tinies, whenever I get the time…. And space for it 😀

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      I’m glad you like the review!! If you find some nice shoes please let me know, I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of doll shoes XD!!

      I’ll make a tutorial for the floor for sure, I always wanted to do dioramas, but since I lack the space I decided to make different wall designs and floor separately and put them together only for photos. After that you can store them really easy since they are thin and can go behind a furniture or at tthe back or sides of my closet XD.

  7. Alasse Carnesir

    Thanks for your extensive review on these shoes! Excellent variety you have and I really love your set up in that first photo. Did you make the cube storage? My favourite are the boots, particularly those purple ones but then again, I have a weakness for boots. I have to try hard not to just buy that sort of style for all my dolls. Although, I’d love it if you could get Doc Martens for dolls!

    I’ve found it’s hard to find shoes without heels for my SD girl. I don’t really put my girls in heels at all as I prefer flat shoes but a lot of stuff for SD girls tend to have heels, heels and more heels.

    I would love to know how you did that awesome flooring. I think it looks pretty neat and I really love the colour of the wood grain.

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      No problem! It was a fun review to do. I was thinking on doing some furniture like the cube storage in these photos, but I found that particular one in taobao for really cheap, so I gave that I try. It was probably cheaper than making it myself and once I have enough tiny props I could really make nice shots with it.

      I love boots!! I just find it hard to find nice ones for tinies. For SD I love all the high heels to be honest so I never complained haha, but it is true that it’s hard to find nice flat shoes for bigger girls. I remember I nce had a few Angell Studio shoes that had a tiny heel, and could work with flat feet. Never had any true flat shoes though.

      I will share my tips on the floor as my next post for sure, one good thing about whatt I used is that you can even choose the color of your floor :D!!

  8. Niina

    Looooove the shoes! Especially those purple boots and the pink ones with the heels! And yes, I would love to know how to make a floor! Thanks! 🙂 I need to see if there are some new shoes for my girls. They really need some new stuff.

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      Shopping for shoes is so much fun, no matter the size, for dolls and humans haha. I love tiny shoes~ Glad you liked the post!!! I’ll be doing the floor tutorial as soon as I get enough light for photos, today it rained so it was not possible.

  9. Xaya

    Great review! 😀 I love the shoes but that’s not a surprise, finding nice shoes for all sizes is so important. 😀

    I’m also waiting for the floor tutorial. 🙂

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      Hahaha shoes are the best :D!! After the depression of getting rid of all my female SD13 shoes I had to do something, like buying a bunch of YoSD ones XD!! I want more *_*


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