Box Opening: Peak’s Woods FoF Sassy Rosy

Hello everybody! How’s this weekend treating you? It has been a nice weekend for me: I started reading a new book (new for me) called “The paper magician” and so far I really like it (though the customers reviews are scary bad!). I also took advantage of the Steam summer sale and got 2 games: Final Fantasy XIII (I don’t like it, but I played a demo of Lighting returns and I really liked that one so I have to start from the beginning lol) and Child of Light, though I have to wait until I finish Star ocean 2 on my psp to start a new game.

And of course the most important news happened on friday: I received my Sassy Rosy!!! Wasn’t that fast? Same as with my PW Leo, waiting time was 2 months, so I’d say Peak’s Woods is pretty consistent with that. Face upped dolls do take longer, I remember my Lady Alice took over 3 months.


Outer box. EMS from Peak’s Woods to me took exactly a week, which was awesome considering how slow the mailing system has been here lately.


All my 3 Peak’s woods dolls have come in a bigger outer box than necessary and no padding to prevent the doll box to move around. At first I thought this was awful, but now I’m used to it. And considering all 3 dolls arrived with their boxes in perfect condition, I’d say there’s nothing to worry about.


See? perfect condition!


They always include postcards of limited edition full sets. And FINALLY I got some FoF postcards, including one of my own doll! Boy, that made me super happy!


The back of the certificate is so pretty!


Hello there you perfect ball of lavender resin!! Her color isn’t as bright as I thought it would be, it is kind of an earthy lilac, but it is very nice.


I had to pay extra for the fist hands, but the others come with all their FoF dolls.


I tried some purple eyes on her because that’s all I have as spare (DAN 020 from Mako with black pupil) though I have no intention of keeping them on her. I still can’t figure out which color would suit her best, so I can’t order from Mako just yet. Any suggestions?

The wig is from luts, I got it from a sale they held not too long ago. It’s a purpleish brown and I thought the color was perfect for her skin, though now I’m not really sure haha, I do like it though!


I also tried these 2 wigs I had. The yellow one is from for my doll and the salmon one is from Luts, though Luts says is a milky pink (it has some blonde and pink fibers), not sure how I will tame the curls down to make it look like the promo photos.

Her head seems to be smaller than my other YoSD dolls because all my 6-7 wigs run a bit big on her, but She still looks good with all three in my opinion, so I’m not sure what I’ll be doing with her. I want her to use pretty dresses (She’ll be using all the dresses I got for Ailene for now and maybe I’ll try to get her something with more frills in the future).

I really need to figure out what wig-eye combo I want on her to plan her face up, but Gosh isn’t she lovely just like this anyways?

And that’s it for today!! I got another shipping notice the other day, so expect another box opening soon!

26 thoughts on “Box Opening: Peak’s Woods FoF Sassy Rosy

  1. Musume (@musume_desu)

    She is pretty congrats!!!! And those teeny tiny hands, too cute!!

    I like those eyes, although I would choose smaller ones. What about gray? A light gray may look nice with her resin! Can’t wait to see what you will do with her… hope you can decide on wig/eyes soon!!

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      LOL you are obsessed with small eyes!! I think little girls look cuter with big eyes :D! I knew you would say that so I tried the 12mm eyes I have and holy crap was that creepy!! So creepy I didn’t dare to take a photo XD!!!
      Leo has gray eyes, though they are not very light, I was thinking more of a happier color, something colorful, but I’m not sure what yet XD. I should have tried the green eyes she came with, but looking them next to her skin didn’t make me want to try them on, so I guess I can rule green out of my options.

      1. Musume (@musume_desu)

        Hahaha!! Creepy!! You did made me laugh!
        When I zoomed in the photo, the big eyes did look cute, I will grant you that xD About color… maybe some cyan? I wouldn’t suggest pin/magenta because she may end up being “monochrome” with the rosy skin and possible similar-colored hair.
        I can’t wait to see her with faceup, I’m sure it will make her skin color pop up a lot more!

        1. Fantasywoods Post author

          It did look creepy!mako eyes are so tiny, it felt wrong XD

          Faolan is already very monochrome, so I wanted another direction for this one haha :D! I’ll check oscar eyes and mako and see if I can decide on something soonish, though there’s some face up supplies I bought online that haven’t even ship yet, and I need them X.x

  2. Xanadu

    Congrats Alejandra! Don’t you just love that resin colour, I have a Noble Dolls Radicelle in that colour and I just love it! As you know, I also love Peak’s Woods sculpts. 🙂

    I like the first and last wigs on her best though on my screen the last one looks more peach/apricot rather than pink and matches her dress beautifully, it’s probably my favourite for her. I’m not so fond of the yellow wig, I have one in that colour (lemon tea), and have found it’s very difficult to find a resin suitable to do it justice. I wish it had been just a shade lighter.

    I shall look forward to seeing your next box opening.

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      Thanks!! Though Luts calls it pink, it is more like a peach/salmon color, still pretty though! If I can make it look less messy I might use that one for her, I’m not too convinced with the rosy brown.

  3. Alasse Carnesir

    Big congrats on all the incoming goodies! I think she is gorgeous, even blank. Her lips are my favourite part of her face. Love the way they are sculpted. That lilac resin seems to change in certain lights. In some photos it looks darker and in others lighter. That’s pretty neat. Maybe see what a pale purple or pink might look on her? Or you could go pale brown. A lighter eye colour would make her eyes really pop with that resin colour. Are you wanting her character to be quite colourful?

    I’m pretty excited to see her face up.

    I love it when companies send out postcards with their dolls.

    The paper magician sounds interesting. You’ll have to let me know your thoughts when you finish it. I’m still slowly making my way through ‘First Life’. Really intrigued by the concept.

    Oh my gosh, you got Child of Light? One of my favourite RPGs ever, not only for its gorgeous art and character design but gameplay too. I played it through twice so far. I think but don’t quote me on that, there might be a sequel at some stage. I need to google some info on it. I’ve been hoping and hoping there would be one. It’s probably the last great PC game I’ve played in a while.

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      Tjank you!! Her lips are her best feature I agree!!! I hope I can make them look just as nice when I paint her! I think both blue grey and pink lavender skin from Peak’s woods are very difficult to portray accurately in photos, because none of those colors are a definite tone, and more like a mix of things, so they can look quite different in each photo. That only makes them more interesting though haha. I think I want her to be colorful! Not super bright because it is hard to find bright dresses, but not so toned down either! I think I have to think about it a lot more than I thought!

      I’m already pass half in the paper magician and it became kinda dark at some point, but still interesting!! I will let you know once I finish it!

      I didn’t know much about Child of Light, but the sale price was really nice and the videos looked stunning so I hope I can play it soon!! Last game I played on PC was Ori and the blind forest. Graphics are just so amazing on that one too, very magical!! I bought Child of light because it looked just as magical as Ori, and being an rpg probably makes it even better!

  4. Safir

    Oh she has arrived! Many many congrats <3 She's such a cutie and that skin color looks so pretty! Can't wait to see faceup pictures~ Ailene must be super happy now that she has a friend at home x3

    I think the brown wig suits her really well, though I also like the salmon pink color 🙂 As for eyes, I guess it also depends on what wig color you end up using on her, but I can imagine that she'd look really pretty with pastel pink eyes ♥ Whatever you decide, I'm sure she'll be gorgeous :3

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      Thank you!! I think she will look nice no matter what, I would have to be horrible to her in look for her to look bad haha, thanks for your suggestions!!

  5. Irene

    I think the purplish brown color wig looks amazing on her :O I’d also like to see her with red hair or white hair (like the promo @o@)
    Congrats on your arrival, she’s super cute so far, we need to see more of this lovely girl!

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      Thanks!!! I think white hair looks amazing in her promo pics!! Didn’t think of red hair, but I don’t have any wig in that color haha.
      Hope I can show her again soon! though I’m not sure what I’ll be doing with her

  6. Niina

    Oh, she has arrived! Congrats! She looks lovely and I like her skin color. And I am more into big eyes 😀 The pinkish wig looks just great on her.

  7. NyteRaine

    Wow, she is precious! I really like her skin tone and those adorable lips, congratulation! I didn’t know Peak’s Woods was quite fast with their orders. Not sure if I mentioned it anywhere, but I have one Peaks’s Woods doll incoming soon (I’ll probably do a post about it later). I ordered the doll with face up so it might take another month or so.

    Can’t wait to see her with a face up! And I do hope there will be a photo story of her and Ailene soon~ ;3

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      Face up dolls from PW take 3 months and sometimes a bit more, but it is still a common waiting time between companies. They have become more popular lately in my opinion so I didn’t think they would ship my doll as fast as they did last time.


  8. Fyrd

    Congrats on her arrival! ^-^
    I think that peachy wig suits her very well and would look marvellous with some light pink or light blue eyes. But I’m so very partial towards pastels, so take it with a grain of salt 😀

    On FF issues: I actually warmed up to FFXIII after a few hours of playing. When you get to the roaming part of the game it is quite fun and by then I had gotten the hang of the battle system. I still haven’t finished my playthrough of Lightning Returns, since I’ve started to hate the game so much! X( If you start to play it, I suggest going with the easy mode, since you are losing time anyway and losing an extra hour by dying is sooo annoying!

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      Thank you!!
      I’m more and more convinced she should stick to the pink wig too haha! Love the yellow on her but it doesn’t fit her tiny her too well haha.
      For eyes I think I’ll take my time choosing, I know the day will come when I can imagine what color she truly needs, for now she can use the purple ones, better than being eyeless xD.

      The only thing I remember liking of FF13 is the battle system, so I’m sure it will make the game at least bearable. I refuse to go easy mode though XD I’ve never done that in any RPG and I won’t start now X(!!! Hope I don’t regret it later lmao!! I just want to be done with this game so I can buy the next one but I probably will wait for christmas sales though, I’m not paying full price XD

  9. Sharkyra

    Oh, so many new arrivals in such a short time, it’s incredible! You’re so lucky :D!
    Your girl looks really cute, and yes, I’m surprised too, that the violet color is much darker than expected. But a lovely color nonetheless and I’m sure it will work very well with the face-up.

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      Hahaha yeah I’ve been getting all the sipment notices together though I bought everything with a lot of time in between XD!
      Thanks!!! I love that the color is not that subtle, my blue grey leo looks mostly pale grey in photos and I never seem to bring the blue out in photos, sometimes He looks white! so I’m happy I won’t have that problem with the lilac 😀

  10. jSarie

    Congratulations on her arrival!

    I love the colour of her resin – it’s such a subtle purple, that it seems like the shade would look a little different depending on her outfit (or depending on her wig, as you’ve shown here). And she’s absolutely adorable – I can’t wait to see how you finish her! 🙂

  11. Xaya

    Oh wow, she looks absolutely adorable! >w< I love that first purplebrownish wig on her a lot and the salmon pink is also very cute, yellow is my least favourite. How would you think about yellow eyes.. like.. hmmm lemme see… these have the yellow and some purple in them around the black. Or would you be more comfortable with .. like light blue? Or have you settled on a pair yet? 😀 She has lovely hands! They are nice shape over all! Congrats!

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      Can you believe I was thinking of those same eyes?! I have them in my wishlist hahaha!!
      Thank you~! I think it will take some time for me to decide, but I hope I can make her look pretty 🙂


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