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Today marks the first day of winter (and my birthday) and it has been a very relaxed day. I was hoping to receive some packages from the postman (mainly phone cases), but I was surprised to receive my Mako eyes instead. I guess that worked better than expected.

I was shocked when I saw how small 12mm eyes were! I would have thought they sent me the wrong size if it weren’t for the fact that mako doesn’t make 10mm eyes. That being said, I thought I could try the 12mm eyes on my fairytale sheep from SIO2, since I wasn’t so sure on where to buy her 10mm eyes yet. Musume suggested I did a post with that information, so I decided to take a few photos.

Mako eyes

From top to bottom:
OWL 013 16mm
DAN020 black pupil 14mm
MOON016 12mm

*Size comparison is accurate since I cropped the boxes on photoshop, but all the eyes were taken in the same picture (one on top of the other).

I included the purple eyes to show all 3 sizes, but I got those sometime ago.

The 16mm eyes are intended for my little dragon and the 12mm ones are for my Junia (no shipping notice on those dolls yet).


I mentioned in my box opening I had to put Bleater on another box. I have this set of 3 cute boxes where the middle one was still unused and was just perfect for the job! The biggest one has eyelashes, blue tak, elastic and magic eraser and the small one has all my mako eyes boxes.


The headcap on bleater doesn’t have magnets, probably because there’s almost no space inside that little head. You twist the headcap in the direction of the arrow to take it off instead. It is simple but it works perfect and the cap doesn’t come off once secured in place.


SIO2 is carved inside the headcap.


And here she is using mako eyes in 12mm. I think the size looks really nice, though it was a fight to place them inside since there’s not much space. What do you guys think? I think the iris size looks very nice here so I might get her a pair of these in another style (and black pupil).

Even if they sit a bit too close to the back is still possible to capture the color, so that’s nice. I wonder how much that would change once she has eyelashes though. I’m sure 10mm eyes would sit way better inside, but the iris would be too small in my opinion.


And since you guys weren’t familiar with Adelina Esperanza, I tried to find some screenshots from when I played Granado Espada. Here She is in her default outfit. I love the eyepatch and those pants, She looks very fierce.


But of course they later added a pink costume for her and I HAD to get it. In this screenshot Adelina is the one in the middle (with the purple outline). Bad picture, since you can’t see anything in that dark enviroment, but it is a gorgeous pink and black costume (click the pictures to enlarge). At her left is my elementalist (basic character) and to the right is Cano, another recruitable character. I liked playing with 3 characters at the same time and all the recruitable and premium characters the game has to offer.

And since we are on the topic, here’s my favorite character, battlefield Claude:


Don’t you guys think He looks like SOOM Dia? at least the lips do! I swear that was the reason why I got him in the first place, and He became my most used character. At the very left there’s Beatrice, my favorite mage.

I could talk about all my favorite characters in this game for hours, but I’ll leave it here for now. I quit the game long long ago, but it is still my favorite online game.

23 thoughts on “More about bleater and random things

  1. Nikki

    In my experience Mako do make small 12mm eyes. Other 12mm eyes are too big for Isabelle (SID Marien) but her 12mm Mako fits perfectly! I love it 😀
    Mako makes so gorgeous eyes, especially compared to the price. 🙂

      1. Fantasywoods Post author

        Thank you!! I alwayd read people saying mako eyes were smaller, but my 14mm ones are the same as any other 14mm I’ve had. I guess it does happen with their 12mm eyes! I don’t mind though, it works at my advantage 😀

        Thanks for the greetings too 🙂

  2. Musume (@musume_desu)

    Thank you for doing the post! And happy birthday once again!

    I personally think the 12mm Makos are too big for her, specially since it looks that the high dome is pushing the eyes back and creating a gap. I think your best bet would be 10mm lower dome eyes with smaller irises (those irises should be the same of a 12mm Mako). But that is my personal taste xD

    I really love the name Adelina for her, and Claude does look like a Dia!

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      I think the iris in the makos works fine. Smaller than that and she will look evil XD! That being said, I think I’ll try 10mm ones from etsy first, so they can sit closer to the face.
      I love battlefield Claude so much X)!!! He was my go to pvp character for legion wars :D!

  3. Fyrd

    Happy Birthday!! ^_^
    My 14mm Makos are also the same size as any other 14mm eye I have. I don’t remember how the 12mm compared, but I don’t have many eyes in that size anyway.

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      Thank you!!!
      Yeah my 14mm makos look the same as any other 14mm eyes I’ve ever had, but I feel the 12mm ones are smaller. I don’t think I have 12mm eyes of any kind atm since I sell anything I don’t use, but I was very surprised by their size!

  4. Alasse Carnesir

    What did you think of the Mako Moon eyes? I was thinking of getting one of those next time I do a Mako order. I really like the eye size you have for your SI02. The colour is quite pretty too. I think even with eyelashes in, the eyes should still look great. Eve wears a size 16mm Mako eyes. I love how they look on her and she normally wears a size 18mm!

    You have really pretty storage boxes for your things.

    Thanks for sharing your game characters. I love their outfits and I agree about Soom Dia. I haven’t played a lot of online games other than dungeon crawlers like Diablo and Torchlight. I’ve never played WoW either. Have you? I have seen some “movie” style videos on Youtube using WoW game engine and some were pretty well done.

    And of course … I don’t know exactly when your birthday is but …

    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday to sweet you!

    {Imagine Josef singing this to you a la Marilyn style, hehe}

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      Moon eyes are stunning, but I’m not sure how they will work once I put them on the doll they are intended for. I’m always very wary when it comes to fantasy looking pupils because sometimes they make the doll look dead and that’s not what I want at all. I will post photos of Junia once I get her with those eyes so you can judge better how they look on other dolls as well. In any case you can buy mako moon eyes and request black pupil! I just thought the whole galaxy thing going on in these particular pair would be lost if I chose black pupils so I got them as they are intended.

      I love pretty boxes! I don’t usually get boxes because I don’t really have that much stuff to put in them, but I got this one because it was pretty. And I was so surprised when I opened to see there were 2 other boxes inside haha! That worked out in the end so I eventually found use for all the boxes though if I keep buying eyes I might need a bigger one for that lol.

      I haven’t played WoW, it somehow never interested me. I’m very weird when it comes to choosing an online game to play, and I tend to aim raising to the top so I can get a bit addicted so I don’t have plans of playing any at the moment XD.

      My bday was yesterday, exactly on june 21st, the first day of winter 🙂 Thank you very much!!! I can imagine Josef’s voice in my head 😀

  5. NyteRaine

    What a nice surprise! And the eyes looks very beautiful! I think 12mm pupils/iris looks perfect but there’s not enough sclera to cover the eye holes. Maybe you can do a custom size? I’m not sure if Mako eyes offers it though. And happy belated birthday to you!!! 🙂

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      Mako doesn’t do custom size so I might try 10mm ones for her. Maybe oscar doll? who knows! I saw a pair I really liked but I’m not sure if it would work haha.
      Thank you very much!

  6. Irene

    Granado Espada always looked so interesting but I never tried it! Have you ever tried Aion? That game is gorgeous as well~ especially the music!

    The picture of you holding sheepy makes me realize she is even tinier than I had imagined. Haha, provides a nice scale I guess!
    Also those eyes look good, the iris size seems pretty good :O I also think a smaller size might make the iris too tiny?

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      I tried Aion, but not much to be honest. It was very pretty, but I somehow didn’t like it enough to stay.

      The little sheep is like 12 cm? around that height, tiny!! but she’s so cute 😀

  7. Xanadu

    Happy Birthday Alejandra. Seems I am always late with these wishes. 🙂

    The eyes are all lovely and I adore Bleater, but I do think 10mm will fit better in the eye well. Unfortunately I am not too familiar with eyes, so I can’t give you any advice as to where you might purchase some with large pupils. I’m sure one of your other followers will help you with finding them though.

    Hope you are having a lovely weekend.

  8. Crystal

    Happy birthday again! I hope it was great! I love those last pair of eyes, so pretty! I always have a hard time finding eyes that work.

    That game looks pretty neat! I see the resemblance. xD

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      Thank you!!
      Eyes are one of the hardest things in this hobby. You never know if they will work until you have them on the doll.
      Granado espada is great 🙂

  9. Xaya

    I really like those Mako eyes! they are so pretty! I like those eyes on your little sheep a lot, they look great! ^^ I love how the colour come out even if the size of the eye is quite small. 🙂

    Hehee very late birthday wishes <3 ^^ from me too!


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