Sahra’s a la mode: Meow × Meow a la mode Abyssinian Neko Maya

Heya everybody!! Hope everything is good!! Today I want to show my newest doll, yes, another one! But this time is not a Momoko, but a Pure neemo.

I immediately liked Maya from the photos and wanted to add her to my small collection (of now 2) and the short hair was perfect. I have to admit I loved the exclusive one with the twin tails, but this one in pink was perfect so I prepared myself to be awake for the pre order.

It was really late at night and Amiami still hadn’t put her up for sale so a friend recommended me Nippon Yasan, since Maya was already up there. Everything was easy peasy and I was able to finally go to sleep. I wish I knew she wasn’t going to be as popular as other pure neemos because she was available for quite a few days after, and Amiami restocked a few times too lol. I guess I just like unpopular choices in this hobby most of the time, and that’s alright.

So much pink, don’t you love it?!

All the things she comes with. I don’t care much about the cat parts, but I love the hands! I don’t think I had these, and I bought 2 packs of hands a while ago so yay for extra hands.

This is how the tail works, pretty clever!!! The underwear has a tiny pocket to put the magnet in. Much better than using masking tape on their butt XD!
Sahra’s a la mode: Meow × Meow a la mode Abyssinian Neko Maya

I think her bangs are a bit uneven but I wouldn’t dare to touch them. Other than that she is perfect and I’m very happy with her. Her hair color is prettier in person, I’ll make it my mission to get the color better in future photos.

I wish you a nice sunday and a great week!

18 thoughts on “Sahra’s a la mode: Meow × Meow a la mode Abyssinian Neko Maya

  1. Alasse Carnesir

    I wondered if you would end up getting her when I first saw her because of all the pink! The only missing is pink hair! But she does have a lovely colour for her hair though. I love the bob style on Pureneemos. It’s nice the way they set up the tail. I wouldn’t like having to use masking tape on the actual vinyl either! Big congrats on getting her!

    As far as restocking and popular dolls, it can be hard to tell at first. The Sahras girls do tend to get restocked at least on Hobbysearch. Some of the Pureneemo Ex-Cute lines also get restocked there but it depends which ones. Any doll with coloured hair (pink, blue etc.) in those lines tend to be insanely popular and hard to get and I’ve noticed don’t tend to get restocked. I think though that might be because Azone don’t release a lot of their dolls in those hair colours (other than for special editions exclusive to Japan so their overseas customers tend to miss out on those). I’ve only ever participated in a click war once for one of these dolls and frankly, too much hassle and stress for me to be interested in doing that ever again. I’ve made a rule that if a doll is hard to get, I just won’t bother with it. Besides, there will always be dolls just as good if not better. That rule applies to all my doll collections now.

    Do you keep the boxes? I’ve been curious what other collectors do with those. I did keep them but I’m running out of room now so I’ve slowly been recycling the boxes for my collections to get back more space.

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      Bob style is very nice because it doesn’t get too messy hahaha! Thank you!!
      Thanks for all that info, I think next time I won’t stay up, if I get one I want will be great and if not, not big deal, I’m like you on that, I don’t like click wars and I know I won’t die for not having a certain doll.
      I do keep all the boxes because I store all the dolls in them, but naked. Every doll is in it’s own box and all the boxes are piled up in my closet. I sadly lack the space to have them all out, I just recently started to put one or 2 momokos/pure neemos in my desk using stands because they don’t take that much space, but I don’t do it all the time, because my desk isn’t that big and sometimes I need all the space.

  2. Irene

    Waii ~ she’s so cute, and I love the little cat-eared stockings! x3 Such a neat little detail!
    I hope you do get to trim her bangs, it seems a common issue with neemos from other box openings I’ve seen!

    I also love her face, and how her mouth has that subtle different :3 smile!

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      Thanks!! She’s probably going to stay with the bangs like that, I was never good cutting hair hahaha, but yes! I’ve read many people complaining about hair in their pure neemos, luckily this isn’t too bad.
      I’m not too sure on her :3 smile, I actually didn’t notice it until I got her XD! But ut’s fine, at least it’s cute!

  3. Xanadu

    Hi Alejandra,
    Well your Maya may not be as popular with other collectors, but she’s a pretty little kitty doll in my books! Love her pink clothes, but then I am always a sucker for pink anything, and the kitty parts are really cute. 🙂

  4. Nikki

    Maya~ I’m not in the slightest bit envying you (Aren’t I the worst liar ever though? 😉 )
    Congrats congrats! She’s so perfect! I love her entire fullset as well. I hope to see lots of more photos of her by you 😀

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      You’ll get your PNs too!!! No need to be jealous 😀 !! I love her face, hair, clothing, but I’m not too excited about the cat parts, not sure if I’ll use them, maybe I’ll give them a try.

  5. Nana

    Such a lovely pink cutie! And that’s a smart solution with the tail.
    I like her stockings too. ^^
    This cuteness overload makes me want to do some crossdressing experiment with my resin boy. 😉

  6. Niina

    The doll heaven must have opened the doors! It’s raining dolls! Congratulations, she is really a cutie and I love the hair! And who wants masking tape on ones butt! Great way to get the tail working nicely.
    I visited Nippin Yasan, got lost, gave almost up, and theeen found the Azone International page. It was nice to take a tour there and look at all those cute faces. Maybe someday… 🙂
    Have a wonderful new week ahead!

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      LOL!!!!! I wish it was raining dolls hahha, what a nice way to see it!! But then if that was really true we will all be in the hospital with head bumps and bruises, if not something worst!! Pure neemos are quite hard! I think we could survive a Momoko rain though 😛
      It would be really nice to see you enter other dolly worlds too 😀 !!! I’m loving your barbies!
      Thanks, you too!

  7. Kaisu

    I love Maya! I was also surprised to see her available in AmiAmi for so long after the release. 😀 I think these cat series have been very popular and no wonder, they’re all super cute! Congratulations on Maya! 🙂 <3

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      Thanks!! I think Maya is the least popular, but most people tend to go for lolita styled pure neemos, they rarely ever release anything else, but that’s exactly what I liked about Maya 🙂


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