Azone Ex cute Himeno Fanny Fanny III ver. 1.1

I know what you are thinking and yeah, I kinda broke my self imposed shopping ban. I was hoping to last at least until February next year without purchases. Still, this is the first doll I’ve gotten in a year and a half, so I’m not too disappointed on myself.

As soon as I got back being active in the hobby I fell in love with this version of Himeno, but She was sold out everywhere. Someone pointed at me She was being sold at Fabric Friends dolls, but long story short, the store would only ship priority to Chile, which was 49.99 usd. That put the doll in a much higher price for me and out of reach. Still, i decided to sell some stuff  I had been meaning to, and see if I could raise the money. In the end I found one in Mandarake for less money, and also half the shipping cost.

This is the box. And okay, you got me, this isn’t a photo of her when she got here, but way after I already had played with her lmao. I picked her up on Friday because there was customs fees to be paid and I got home late, so I didn’t take photos right away.

Here you can see her cute little face. She came fully dressed, with the exception of the hat and sneakers that were in bags behind the plastic display. The only complain I have about her clothes is that the jacket’s sleeves are made from thin faux leather, so it probably will peel after a lot of use. I would have much preferred some regular fabric.

I also got her some extra hands, but I haven’t figured out how to put them without using brute force to take the original ones out. I literally had to use pliers and a lot of force to take one out. I’m surprised it didn’t break. I don’t know japanese but I followed the pictures as instructions. If anyone knows a secret on how to make it easier please do let me know.

She comes with the Pure Neemo 2 emotion body and it poses wonderfully. She can do all sort of poses, though aesthetically it’s not very pleasing. It is a bit trickier to stand her, since she’s so flexible and that makes it harder to balance her, but she totally can. Excuse the ugly cutting board as background, it has certainly seen better days in the past.

The usual papers Pure Neemos come with.

Here is the naked body. Not very pretty, but it’s also not too bad. On the back side of her thighs there’s some carvings so she can completely bend the leg. The photo isn’t too great, but hopefully you will be able to see: .

I didn’t take any photos of it, but she also comes with heel feet

I’m very pleased with how the new body poses, I just wish I knew how to change the hands easier so I can experiment with it even more. The doll is very cute and the clothes are to die for, I’m very happy with this purchase and I hope I get to share many photos of her in the future.

Hope you have a great week!!! Me and Himeno say goodbye until the next time. Hugs!

18 thoughts on “Azone Ex cute Himeno Fanny Fanny III ver. 1.1

  1. Nana Arima

    Haha, it’s not easy to resist buying such cuties. 🙂 I’d love to buy a new doll too but I have to wait until I save up some money.
    Himeno is really sweet. And the clothes look very realistic. I have never had any Azone in my hand so I know nothing about the exchangeable parts. I hope you find some solution though.

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      I know right?!?! I’m kinda excited to see what other cuties will be coming home in the future! Hope you can have a new doll soon, I’m saving as well, everything in this hobby is about patience, isn’t it?
      The clothes are very well made, the sneakers not so much, but that’s okay, I plan on getting more shoes for my Azone crew next year 🙂
      I know I will figure out the hands problem eventually, thanks!

  2. Lise

    I’m so much in love with this version of Himeno <3 She's so cute and stylish!
    Great "box opening's" photos 😉
    I look forward to seeing more of Himeno 😀

  3. Kamelia

    A year and a half? Seriously? How did you do that!? 😀

    Himeno is sweet. I love her clothes and how she poses. I feel like I really want a sweet girl like her. Oh no… 😉

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      Hahaha I was ona total doll break so I just unsubscribed from almost all doll related IG accounts, newsletters and removed all my doll favorite websites on google chrome. That helped, a lot haha.
      Everyone needs a sweet little girl :D! go go go

  4. Niina

    Well, why not see her as a gift for not buying anything in a year and a half!? 😀 She is so cute, so I can imagine why you wanted her. I am not so fond of the new body, but seeing the last photo, with her sitting like that – I changed my mind. She must me very good in posing. Hope that you figure out how to change the hands. Are the joints much different from the old body type?

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      Hahaha Iw as hoping for 2 years but yeah! I totally deserved a doll X)! The new body is wonderful por posing, but not very pretty. It works different than the old, there’s not much twisting limbs to get the pose right, more like it can easily bend in many directions. Still, with that much flexibility, it’s harder to stand still, but I did manage to do it.

  5. Xanadu

    Hi Alejandra! Congrats on the arrival of Himeno, she’s a wonderful poser! I like her clothes too, they look like they are great replicas of the real thing. You did pretty well at sticking at your self imposed abstaining . . . I didn’t last as long. 🙂
    Have a wonderful Christmas!
    Big hugs,

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      Hello!!! I did great for a while, but I was hoping to last at least until next year (and my original plan was to wait for another year LMAO). The clothes are AMAZING, the sneakers not so much, but I’m okay with that.
      You can always start a shopping ban again hehehe, I’ve been good after Himeno and haven’t got a thing! I’ll wait until january, that’s not much longer and it gives me time to save up!
      Hugs for you too!

  6. Alasse Carnesir

    Well, I would say you deserved to buy her. You have been good for quite a while! Congratulations on getting her. I saw her when she first came out and I debated over getting her but I am no longer collecting Pureneemo dolls. She has a really adorable face and clothing set. I am really glad you are happy with your Pureneemo girls. Plus they are such a small size, they hardly take up any space at all!

    Regarding the hands, I usually just twist and pull and it comes off. You do have to do it with a bit of strength. Two other methods you can try but I haven’t personally used on Azone but have used on my big Obitsu girl and Barbie is to run the part under hot tap water for a few seconds, enough to soften the vinyl a little so you can pull hands (and Barbie heads) off. I have also used a hairdryer on my big Obitsu girl to get her head off. I hold the hairdryer (on a low heat setting) about 20cm from the doll though (not too close) so as not to burn the vinyl. I have also read of people using heating pads on vinyl too to help soften the part enough to work with. I think the only issue I have read with the hairdryer method is that it could make vinyl brittle over time so I don’t tend to use the hairdryer method too often. I haven’t seen any side effects though with hot tap water which is my go to solution for vinyl. I would probably recommend trying to twist and pull the hand out at the same time first before trying any of the other methods. I know I had one Pureneemo girl who had hands like that and I was successful with just the twist and pull method.

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      Thanks!!! I’m not that surprised that you say you don’t collect PN anymore, since they always had the least attention from what I can see. Are you keeping the ones you already have or do you plan selling them? I see you enjoy much more FR and BJDs.It will be a bit sad not seeing your PN crew in the future.
      My older girls I have no problem taking hands off by twisting and pulling, but the new hands have movable wrist so I haven’t been able to successfully take the entire wrist piece out (either the hand alone comes off or the hand with half the wrist). If I try to take the wrist part out from the extra hands I can only take half of it out (and I couldn’t match the half in the doll with the half of the new hands correctly so it might have been the wrong half lmao). I’ll figure it out. It sucks because all of the rest of the body feels pretty loose, but not the part I need haha. I’ll try a bit of hot tap water on the extra hands, see if I can take them all out of the wrist part and use the one wrist piece that’s already on the doll. Thanks for the tip.

      1. Alasse Carnesir

        I think particularly over the past two years, it’s become quite obvious to me (and probably others) that my two main ‘big’ collections are the FR dolls and the BJDs. My Silkstone and Barbie Reproduction dolls are mostly for display so I don’t photograph them much and my Momoko do get some spotlight time but not nearly as much as the FR girls.

        I’m still debating whether I will keep some PN dolls. I think I will most likely keep my two Mia girls and my two Koron girls but the jury is still out on the rest. I won’t say they won’t get photo time because they probably will at some point, I seem to cycle through and favour different lines depending on my mood and motivation. So they will probably pop up but not quite as often as FR or BJDs.

        Let me know how you go with the hands!

        1. Fantasywoods Post author

          Yeah I’ve noticed and you know what? it’s totally okay to focus on one or 2 things, we can’t make everything we want so we have to prioritize. I too, decided not to get FR dolls cuz I can’t deal with a 4th doll collection atm. I would love to get some korean artists vinyl dolls but I would categorize them in the same realm as momokos and ruruko tbh, even if they can’t be photograph together, and I mostly want them for display.
          Whatever you decide to do with them will be the best for you, I’m sure you will find an answer.
          I will let you know about the hands as soon as I try it out, it’s been a crazy weekend and the week already started rough! Hope you have a great week!


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