Box Opening: Bluefairy Shiny Fairy May

Hello!!! Today I want to continue with the arrival streak I’ve been having lately. So 6 days after I received Sassy Rosy, I received another doll box. I don’t think I mentioned this purchase here, not sure why.

Do you guys remember the reason why I bought Lady Alice in the first place? Because She looked so much as my favorite Peak’s Woods sculpt, but since that one was MSD I didn’t think it would fit my collection. Same happened here! Bluefairy TF May is my absolute favorite Bluefairy sculpt, but She is msd. Luckily for me, they do May in other sizes as well, so I decided it was time to bring a Shiny Fairy May home to be friends with Ailene.

The order system Bluefairy has these days works for a few days each month where only a few sculpts are sold. They have a schedule in their website so you can see which months each sculpt is for sale. Because of that I bought May in May (lol), because I wouldn’t be able to order her until september if I missed that period.

But enough of my blah blah! I apologize because there’s not many photos, weather has been crappy and I’ve been busy so there was not much I could do about the quantity and quality of the photos.


The box is bigger than all my other YoSD sized dolls, but it’s so pretty that I’m totally okay with it. It comes covered in a zipper plastic bag inside an outer cardboard box.


The box works as a doll carrier haha! It is a very nice box, I like the shape, though it makes it harder to organize my closet.


On the side you can see the name of the sculpt, I thought it was a very nice detail. I need to make something like this to all my Peak’s Woods boxes!


And here She is!!! Besides the doll, I bought the default clothes set and fist hands. Bluefairy does not offer Certificate of Authenticity currently, I can’t say I’m happy about that.

On a more positive note, they shipped her really fast, it only took a month and a half to get a shipping notice.

She is the third version of this sculpt. I think the most popular is the first one, but that one is not made anymore. There was some changes to the sculpt and thus the 2nd version was born, but it wasn’t well received. In the end they worked it a bit more and made a version similar to the first one, but still different, and that one is the one they are currently selling.

The resin feels almost as hard and heavy as how bigger dolls’ resin feels, I was very surprised, and it is not as smooth as Peak’s Woods or SOOM tinies resin.

The panties are included with the default outfit.

Peak's Woods FoF and Bluefairy SF comparison

I was a bit worried that her head would be much bigger than my other tinies and look weird next to them, but luckily most of the head difference lays at the top, where it is hidden by the wig. I think Ailene and her look really nice together, what do you guys think? Love the height difference! It might be another story once She’s finished, but so far it looks very promising. I can’t wait to take photos of them playing together! They need a dog pet now.

The body is really nice, I love her thicker legs. The hands are very pretty, though I think they are a bit too big for her. I also like that there’s some YoSD clothes I have that fit way better on her, since Ailene is so thin some clothes are quite baggy on her.

I haven’t played much with her so it’s hard to say how well She can pose. It was very easy to stand her, so that’s good. I don’t know if anyone would be interested in a body review? If I get better light I might attempt to do one.

And that’s it for today! Hope you all have a great weekend!!!

22 thoughts on “Box Opening: Bluefairy Shiny Fairy May

  1. Irene

    Wow, another arrival and so soon! Haha~ I’m interested in seeing a group photo of all your Yoyos (that’s what they call yosds here!) now!
    Of course I can buy some Yoyo stuff for you the next time I go to a doll party in Taiwan now, since this size is very popular here!

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      Hahaha I must admit I feel embarrassed posting so many box openings! And I got another shipping notice today too x.x…. I swear all dolls were bought in different months, they just all decided to show up together!
      I love Yoyos! what a cute name, I will use it :D!!! My yoyos /o/~!!! XD
      Hope you go to many doll parties in Taiwan and take many many photos :D!!! Someday I’ll go to one too~ You are so sweet to offer :D!!! Yoyos should be popular everywhere >:D!
      Thanks! <3

  2. Alasse Carnesir

    Oh gosh! She’s arrived already? It doesn’t seem that long ago that you had mentioned you were getting her. That was pretty quick! I’ve been so excited to see her arrival. As you know, I had been debating over getting a Shiny Fairy doll to go with my Rune but I’d read about rumours of a body change for this size so I was a bit worried but it looks like the body is the same one that I like. If you get the time, I’d love to see a body review on her.

    I think she looks great with Ailene. I can’t wait to see what you do with her face up and see the two of them together all completed. I also love the height difference between these two. Makes me think May could be a bit more mature than Ailene? And I have to admit, I love the chunkiness of this Bluefairy body, even the heads.

    I must go check out Bluefairy’s schedule and plan ahead.

    I really still don’t understand why Bluefairy decided to stop sending COAs all of a sudden with their dolls. I don’t think there’s been more of an explanation since they posted that announcement on their website.

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      Shipping was really fast, I forgot to add it to my post, I think I’ll do it now haha! I got a shipping notice after a month and a half!! how fast is that?!! I freaked out a bit because I don’t have her eyes nor hair, I still haven’t ordered it, I thought I had enough time. But I’m happy that I got a doll shipped fast for a change 🙂
      May will be older than her by a year or so! I think the face is also more serious than Ailene’s so that worked out great! I love the body and I want to do a review of it, need to figre out how to get more light in my room so I can take clear photos, the photo comparison I posted here is heavily edited and it looks like crap up close XD
      I’m super bummed about the CoA 🙁 but I’ll just printo all the information I have and put it in her box, just in case.
      I can’t wait for summer and summer photoshoots of her next to Ailene. Need to find her a name too!

  3. Alasse Carnesir

    Ack, that should be the chunkiness of their hands that I love, not heads. My fingers type faster than my thoughts!

  4. Nikki

    Congrats on the arrival!
    She’s super cute 😀 I really love Blue Fairy’s dolls, but I won’t be bringing one home again, I think. MSDs are not for me, and I have a ton of other YoSD sized dolls I’d rather bring home. But they’re super cute nonetheless!

    Have you decided on a name for her yet? :3

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      Thanks~!! I think Bluefairy dolls compared to many other companies are very simple and less detailed, but there’s something so charming about them that I’ve always liked haha 😀

      Still no name x.x…. not sure what to do! I’m so bad naming dolls haha

  5. Niina

    Wow, another amazing delivery! I want too! Have not made any orders in a very long time. Hopefully soon! But first I need to win in a lottery or rob a bank, lol! 😀
    Congrats, she is a beautiful cutie! <3 Looking forward to some more photos of your new dollies! 🙂

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      I didn’t buy any dolls last years and I feel like overcompensated this one lol! Hope you do get to bring some new resin home soon 😀
      Thank you~!!

  6. Xaya

    Oh wow, now I see what kind of box you got with your Shiny May! I had one of these boxes for my Tinyfairy and several of other kinds for others. I think Bluefairy has been experimenting with packaging a lot. LOL.

    I’m bummed they have let go of the certificates! I only waited for 10 years to have them >_> I don’t understand why they don’t offer that anymore.

    They look so adorable together with Ailene! DOes she have a nme or do you name her after she’s received her face up? Are you going to make the face up yourself or send her out to artist 😀 Congratulations! She’s absolutely adorable. <3

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      Hahaha I do think the box is more fitted for their tiny fairies because it is so large XD! Maybe it is the same you had!

      I’m bummed too but there’s nothing I can do about it 🙁
      Still no name for her. I’ve been trying to think on some, but nothing has come up. I will be doing her face up myself, same with Sassy Rosy 😀
      Thank you!

  7. Musume (@musume_desu)

    Congrats!!! I told you all your dolls would ship together regardless of when you bought them! You should call her Maymay or something like that (because you bought May on May xD).

    I would love a body review, and a comparison with PW 1/6 dolls! Can’t wait to see her with a faceup and all done <3

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      You were totally right!!! Maymay sounds so cute XD!!!! I have to think about that! I need a name for Sassy Rosy as well, I hate naming dolls, it’s the hardest XD~

      I’ll try to do a review this week 🙂 Maybe I can attempt the smae poses I did with the PW body so that works as a comparison!

  8. Safir

    She’s adorable, congrats on the lovely new arrival! ^^ I’ve also noticed that dolls tend to arrive the same day or at least the same week, even if ordered months apart XD It’s quite funny.

  9. Xanadu

    Congrats on another new arrival Alejandra. I can see they would make great siblings and I love her shapely hips. 🙂 I would most certainly be interested in a body review as I don’t know much about these dolls.

  10. jSarie

    She’s adorable – congratulations on having her home! 🙂

    I hadn’t seen this style of box before, but I really like the look (and the functionality) of it!

  11. Crystal

    I’m one of those people who have a hard time even opening the package because it’s so pretty! The box is so lovely, not to mention the resin inside. Gotta love fast shipping too! Congrats!


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