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Hello!! After so many days I finally could come up with all 26 words in this tag! I first saw it in Crystal’s blog and I was gladly surprised to see many other people started doing it too. Here’s mine:

Arab descent
From my father’s side. You can tell by my nose haha, a very pretty nose. Sadly I’m not in touch with the culture except for the food because I was raised by my mother.

I love reading, and I love pretty and well designed books. I read a lot of fantasy and romantic novels, but I can give almost anything a try.
I’m always looking for nice books about fairytales. I have some books about russian fairytales that are so far my favorite, and I also have some about Irish tales, as well as some popular fairytales collections.


One of my fairytales books

I love chocolate more than I probably should haha. But not just any chocolate, I’m very picky when it comes to choosing my sweets.

More especifically, graphic designer. When I finished school I wasn’t sure what to study. I always liked to draw, but I couldn’t see myself as an illustrator, so I chose graphic design instead. I always complain how bad paid it is, but I can’t imagine myself working on something else.

The first nickname I used in mmorpgs and that followed me all these years until I made my blog Fantasywoods. My Den of Angels account still has this name.

I don’t like how in the last years the word has been turned into something negative. Feminism does not benefit only women, but everybody. I don’t tend to use this word often because many people asociate it with stupid campaings and with men hating messages, but I firmly believe in equal rights for all.

I don’t have that many goals in life, but I try my best to focus on them. I want a simple life really, I’m not too materialistic, except when it comes to dolls XD

My current musical obsession. By current I mean for the past year (and counting).

Some people tend to belive I’m a patient person because I can wait many months for something (dolls, for example), but I only can wait because I have to. In this hobby nothing comes fast, but I would change that if I could.

Jem (and the holograms)
My favorite cartoons growing up. So much pink!

I never realized how many korean things I love until not long ago. I watch many korean dramas and that’s no mistery, but also all my BJDs come from Korea as well. I love korean make up packaging and I have some though I do not wear make up. I’d love to visit Korea someday and go on a shopping spree.

Self explanatory.

I think my love for miniatures was one of the main points that attracted me to this hobby. When I was little I used to made tiny things for all my dolls and figures.

I’ve always been complimented about my nails. Keeping them natural or wearing nailpolish, I make sure they look nice, with the only exception of when I’m painting dolls. Even using gloves my nails don’t look their best after cleaning and painting dolls. I don’t have that many colors of nailpolish, and I have mostly pinks and purples. I only buy OPI mainly because the brush is wider, making it easier to apply, but also because it looks more organized if all bottles are the same.


Back row are all pinks, next row is all purple (and one blue) and front the rest of the colors. At the bottom are base and top coats and treatments.

I try to be optimistic as much as I can. Some people are better at it than me, but I keep working at it.

Pink has always been my favorite color, though I love everything colorful. I love purple (lilac especially), yellow, blue and most colors, but I always come back to pink when I can’t make up my mind.

I work fast, which is both a bless and a curse. I don’t like making people wait, and I find myself often waiting for others, both in personal and professional life.

I consider myself a romantic, though I’m sure most people wouldn’t see me that way at first. I.m not a fan of flowers or teddy bears that say I love you, but there’s so many other romantic gestures! I love romantic movies, books, everything.

I try to smile often. To the people behind the counter when I’m buying something, to my family, to my friends, to myself. I think its good for the soul.

I love all kind of teas. Since I don’t drink soda, alcohol or coffee, tea is the only flavored liquid I enjoy. I especially like green tea, fruit blends and anything with ginger on it.

I’ve lived all my life in a big city (as big as it can be in Chile, that is). I’d love to live near nature someday.

I used to be more into them back in the day, but I still love playing videogames. I’ve been always a fan of RPGs. I’m currently trying to finish Star Ocean 2 in my psp (I will have to skip a few Star oceans because I don’t have them and jump right into the new ps4 one once I get the console) and Final Fantasy 13 that I bought in the steam sale. Before these two I was playing Kingdom Hearts dream drop distance.

The musical that got me serious into being into musicals. Does that makes sense? A lot of people look down to Wicked fans because it’s so popular and famous. I don’t get that mentality, if you consider yourself a fan or something then you are, no matter how much or how little you know, or if you only like popular things. Wicked has beautiful songs and I hope to see it one day. Though I liked other musicals before, it’s thanks to Wicked that I got to know a world I knew existed but couldn’t imagine how amazing it was.

Xmen are my favorite superheroes of all times. When I was little I used to watch the cartoons, and when the movies came out I watched those. I love reading the comics too, especially the old ones.

A “word” that I use way too often.

I’m apparently between cancer and gemini, having been born in June 21st. I don’t believe in the zodiac, but every time I get asked people try to figure out if I’m more of one or the other.

16 thoughts on “26 things about me

  1. Nikki

    Yay, so happy to see you also did the meme 😀
    It was so nice to get to know you a bit more!

    Fun fact – I’m currently watching X Men. I had watched the two first years ago, but I didn’t really get what it was about. Then my very X Men loving friend talked me into watching them again. I just bought the Blu Ray box set of the 7 first >w< I really love them now!

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      Thank you!!!
      I love most Xmen movies 😀 One of my favorites is The last stand, though most people hate it XD Days of future past is amazing too 🙂
      That box set sounds like a nice purchase!

  2. Alasse Carnesir

    Thank you for sharing this with us. I really enjoyed learning more about you! I love these kind of tags. It sounds like you have a lovely collection of fairytale books. I love those stories too. I will keep an eye out and if I see anything, I will let you know. I’m still looking for a nice one of Alice in Wonderland myself.

    I can see why you love Hamilton. The bit you posted there grabbed me straight away. The music sounds like the type I love and the costumes are great. And I did not know those girls were in Wicked. They’re from Glee or have shown up on that show in the past and the dark haired lady, Idina? was the voice of Elsa from Frozen, I think both speaking and definitely the singing voice for her.

    A smile really does brighten someone’s days especially if they’re having a particularly bad one.

    I forgot to tell you, in a few weeks I am going to a fancy dress and I’m going as Jubilee (original cartoon version). I had a specific letter theme so I chose her (mostly because the costume was easy to put together and I wasn’t sure about spandex for Jean Grey! – Not confident enough to wear something like that!) I’m sure I have the original cartoons somewhere of X-Men with the Phoenix storyline. I should check and watch them again.

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      I have a spanish edition of Alice in Wonderland/Alice through the looking glass, but it is not so pretty hahaha.

      I’m glad you liked the small clip from Hamilton! I wish I could post something better but that’s one of the few official videos that won’t get deleted.
      Idina and Kristin were in Glee! And Glee performed many songs from Wicked through all their seasons. Idina and Krisitn were the first Elphaba and Glinda in Broadway, they originated the roles many years ago. There’s a lot of great artists that have been on the roles through the years too 😀

      Ohhh that sounds like fun!! I’m sure you will be a great Jubilee :D!!! And I actually prefer her over Jean XD!

      Thanks for reading! I’m glad you liked it 😀

  3. Musume (@musume_desu)

    I love the Xmen!! I knew you liked fantasy books, but that one you shared looks so beautiful! And the nail polishes!! LOVE THEM!

    I think that the self explanatory one is Hamilton, actually xDD I didn’t knew you were arab descent! Loved this meme 😀

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      That’s because you follow me on twitter, where I post about Hamilton 99% of the time XD!!!
      That book is a collection of The brother Grimm’s fairytales. It is great because the translation is as close as the original tales as they could be (with all the creepy details XD) and the illustrations for each tale are from the most representative editions that each tale has had.
      I think I need to stop buying pink nailpolishes and focus on another color xD

  4. Irene

    So nice to read this! I am the same as you, I consider myself efficient and sometimes get annoyed when other people are not, haha!
    I recently also watched the latest X-men movie ~ however it wasn’t as good as the previous 2 I think, but quicksilver has become my favorite in this series, I think!
    I’d love to see some photos of your nails ~

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      I totally agree with you about the latest Xmen movie. I thought it was so lame compared to any other. My brother however, really liked it haha XD. Quicksilver is one of my favorite characters ever, and though I really like what they did with him in the movies, I wish we could see the more mature version of him.
      My nails are really simple though!! I don’t do nail art, I used to, but it was too much work for this lazy ass XD

  5. Fyrd

    It was so fun to read this, fellow X-men fan! 😀

    I’d also like to add some more beautiful fairytale books into my library. My only dilemma is whether to get them in Finnish (so I could read them to my boy) or in English (because those usually are better editions). I bought a year back an amazing Alice book in English, it had pink covers! I also remember, that in my childhood we had a collection of Russian tales and I loved them too. One of my favourites was this one where a prince found a talking toad that could make anything for him and toad was actually a princess turned into a toad by a witch.

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      I get my books both in spanish and english at this point. Sometimes a collection of tales is only in english so I get them like that, or just because I really like the edition.
      When I was little there was a cartoon series that showcased some russian fairytales, so that started my love for them haha.
      And yay xmen 😀

  6. Xanadu

    Hi Alejandra,
    Not surprised by some of your answers, as we have some similar interests which we have touched on before.

    I used to have almost as many nail polish as you when I was younger, but I don’t wear it at all now. Didn’t realise you were also a tea drinker, another thing we have in common. 🙂


    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      We do have a lot in common! and I love when we find more things too.
      I’m sure someday I’ll get sick of painting my nails too. In winter I use clear polish most of the time, and sometimes a bright color if I need to cheer me up (it sadly doesn’t work long term haha).
      I drink hot tea in winter and ice tea in summer 🙂 and love trying new blends!

  7. Niina

    So great that you did this too! Always lovely to find out new things – interesting thing with the zodiac! And I agree – books, nails, pink, tea and X-men! Yay for all of these things!


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