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Hello everybody!!! I was meaning to post this on friday, but I admit I was having way too much fun playing Final Fantasy XIII, who would have thought? I did post a photo on Instagram about it, so those who follow me there already know and saw my beautiful Junia, my first MSD.

She took a lot longer than I thought to get shipped so I ended up asking Souldoll. I don’t know if they had plans to send her that same day or they sped up the process because I asked, but they sent her the same day they replied my Q&A post. And my postal service has been so nice with EMS packages lately, she arrived fast and with no customs fees.

As you might or might not know, I ordered  Junia with human body in milk cocoa skin, small bust and elf head, with the animal head as extra.


This is the side of the outer box. Many signs to be careful with the doll, I like that!


And here is the doll box. I’m not a fan of the logo since I don’t like butterflies, but it is a very pretty box.


The pillows are polkadot, I love that!


Here’s the mummy! It took a lot of time to get her out of all that foam, they put a lot of care with the padding.


Animal head, high heel feet (they cost extra) and extra peanuts for legs and arms I guess. I didn’t know they sent those, I hope I never have to use them.

The animal head is stunning but I already can see it will be a problem to make eyes look nice in it.


And here’s the elf head. These two photos are way too edited so don’t think this is how the milk cocoa skin looks. Weather is crappy and that’s why all my box openings have so little photos lately.

You can also see the small bust in these shots, it is very pretty.


I got 2 certificates, one for each head. This is how I like it.
I blurred some parts because I don’t want to risk my CoAs photos to be used in something fishy, if you know what I mean.


A similar shot to the one I posted on Instagram. Her skin color is very pretty. The eyes are kind of big on her, but they are very pretty. The stuff they use to put the eyes in place was a pain to take off, but in the end I think I got it all out.

I originally asked for another style to be sent with my doll, but I guess they forgot. It was not important in any case.

My plan was to name her Frida, but seeing her in person I’m not sure if the name fits her. I’ll have to do a lot more thinking. I haven’t tried any wigs on her yet, but I did try the mako eyes I got her and they looked lovely. I didn’t take photos of that.

So far I really like the size. She is so long and thin, the head seems very small for the size, but I like the proportions. I need more time to get used to her, it was quite shocking to see all the details in the head sculpt, since YoSDs tend to be a lot simpler.

And that’s it for this box opening, I’m really happy with her. Hope you guys are having a nice weekend!!!


20 thoughts on “Box Opening: Soul doll Junia

  1. Alasse Carnesir

    I think she has a wonderful colour to her. It reminds me a little of chocolate milk. I just love the tone and didn’t know Souldoll offered additional colours other than Sandy Brown. Was it a special?

    I’m excited to see how you will paint both of these heads. It will take some getting used to the MSD size especially if you haven’t handled them before or are used to either the bigger or smaller size. MSD are probably my favourite size in bjds. They’re not too small and not too big. I kind of wish I had known that when I first got into the hobby but you never know, I could have gone the other way and ended up liking SDs more!!

    That’s a good idea about the blurring of the COAs. I will have to remember to do that too next time I post mine. You never used to have to worry about stuff like that in the past. Sad that times have changed.

    Looking forward to seeing more of her.

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      I think milk cocoa was limited only to Junia and sandy brown is their standar tan for regular dolls. It is a very nice color indeed, it reminds me of Lucas’ tan, but a bit tad lighter.

      I only handled MSDs at a meet up once, but the size still surprised me when I held her. I agree with you that they aren’t so big nor small so the size should be just what I’m looking for. I still see myself more of a tinies collector now, who would have thought? I was so sure I was only going to collect SDs when I started, I wonder too what would have happened if I started with something else.
      I’m gonna miss the variety in mature sculpts the bigger dolls have to offer. Luckily for me you still are into those 😀

      I decided to blur off CoAs just in case, it never hurts to be extra cautious. And since things are like they are now well, it sucks. I went back to all my Box openings and did the same with all the CoA photos.

      Thanks!!! I also wonder how she will turn out 😀

  2. Nikki

    She very gorgeous! I could really see myself owning her, if I was into MSDs and collected fantasy themed dolls.
    The skin color looks stunning! Can’t wait to see her painted by you ^-^

  3. Xanadu

    Hi Alejandra,
    Congratulations!! I love the milk cocoa colour it’s really beautiful and I am so glad you bought an Elf (you know how passionate I am about them, after all I have so many now). Her ears are just delightful, such a pretty shape. I shall look forward to seeing her face up done and to see how you dress her.

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      Love elf ears!!! I always worry they will break easily, but I’m sure they are sturdy enough :D! Love both her elf ears and the animal ones, and the skin color is amazing, thank you! I’m glad you like her

  4. Irene

    Her skin color is so unique and gorgeous, I wonder what color schemes you’re going to be using on her! :3

    Congrats on receiving her~~

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      I’m wondering that myself XD! I got her a lilac wig but I haven’t tried it on her to see if it works. Might have to go another route, who knows at this point X)! Thank you!!

  5. NyteRaine

    Congratulations on this gorgeous girl! I really love her resin color too. What kind of face up are you planning to paint on her? Or are you commissioning someone? Wow, I didn’t know Souldoll gives two CoA for each head! I wish other companies would do the same. And I hope you find a perfect name for her soon. ^^

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      Thanks!!! I’m not sure about her face up yet, she will be a fairy, but I don’t plan anything special or intricate.
      I also think all companies should give a CoA per head, it would be nice :)!

  6. Niina

    Congrats on receiving her! Hope that you fins some nice colors to use on her face up! I agree with the wonderful resin color! So different that I am used to. Great thing from Souldoll to give each head a CoA. Other companies should follow their lead. Have you found a name yet? 🙂

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      Thanks! I.m still hung on Frida, but I have to see if it will fit her once painted, because so far it doesn’t XD If not maybe I can use it for another doll and thing of something else for her 😀

  7. Lady Boss

    Congratulations! She’s very beautiful, her resin color comes across as super lovely and I adore her eyes! I’m sure she’ll be even more gorgeous once she’s more customized 🙂

  8. jSarie

    She’s gorgeous! I especially love the delicate curve of her ears (and the detailing on the ears of the animal head as well).

    Can’t wait t o see how you complete her look! 🙂

  9. Crystal

    So many beautiful boxes!! *_______* This sculpt is so interesting! It reminds me of the awesome fantasy movies in the 80’s and 90’s, So magical, congrats!!!


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