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Note: This is their old single jointed body. They changed to a double jointed body a year after this review.

The time has come! I’m sorry it took me this long to do the review, I know some people really wanted to see how SF bodies work. I tried to do the same poses I did in my Peak’s Woods FoF body review, but it was impossible since the body has other strengths and was a bit lacking doing the same things, you’ll see more of it in the photos.

Though there’s two bodies that can be bought with these heads, this review is only for the Shiny fairy body and not the junior version.

First of all, let’s see how this body looks:




I quite like the aesthetics of this body! The legs are chubbier compared to Peak’s Woods tinies and the body is taller than most YoSds, at 27 cm., head included. It’s also really easy to stand these dolls, and they are very stable standing straight.


Head motion to the side is enough, but I couldn’t move the head front and back much, and always went back to the initial position. It might be the elastic, I couldn’t figure out if the elastic was too tight (didn’t seem to be) or too loose (again, it wasn’t very loose), or too thin (I doubt a thicker elastic would pass through the arms, the holes were small). Hope someday I can solve the mystery.


Torso can move to the sides quite nicely.



Arms can hold positions to the sides, up and in 45 degrees.


Even though the arms are single jointed, it’s not too hard to make her touch her face. Wrist movement is quite lacking since the wrist ball is not attached to the hand, but a different piece.


Sitting is easy, especially because the legs sit at the front on the body.


She can also stay very straight while sitting.



And can also crouch. The torso has more front and back movement than Peak’s Woods FoF one, and can hold the positions.


Sitting this way is also very easy. I love how her legs look in every angle. Same as the arms, the legs are single jointed.


She can cross her leg while sitting, though it is not very flattering.



Let’s NOT talk about this one XD


Or this one.


This pose was harder to do, but it looks very nice. It was also very stable once I could do it.


It’s really easy to pose her on her knees. I wasn’t going to include this picture, but I’ve seen dolls that can’t do this, so I added it in the end.


I tried a long time to make her stand in one leg with no success, but my brother refused to give up until He actually managed to do some poses. They are all silly and useless, but hey, it was possible! He now wants to be called the Gravity magician.




Overall I think the Peak’s Woods FoF body poses way better and it’s easier to control. I especially missed the three carved lines the FoF body has on the legs to pass the elastic, I think something like that could have made this body a lot better at some poses. For practical purposes the body is very pretty and I don’t need very elaborated poses to take nice photos of it, so I think it is a good body nonetheless.


Here’s a comparison between the Peak’s Woods FoF body, the Bluefairy Shiny fairy body and the Aileen Doll dragon body. And also some tsum tsums, because why not, right?

While the Peak’s Woods body excels in natural poses, I think the Shiny Fairy body is very good at looking cute in all the poses it can successfully do. The resin is also very heavy and sturdy and feels very nice quality,

I’m sorry I couldn’t give you much variety in the poses, but I hope you will find this useful. I enjoyed very much playing with it.

Thanks for reading!

16 thoughts on “Review: BF Shiny Fairy body

  1. Irene

    Aww, tsum tsums are soo cute @o@

    Great and detailed review, I think even bodies that can’t pose as well still have their own aesthetic appeal~

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      Tsum tsums are the best!! As soon as I knew they were selling them here I went to get some XD I’m not a fan of the plushie ones, but these plastic versions are so nice~ and work for dolls as well :D!!! After I took these photos they kinda multiplied XD

      I think all bodies have their strengths and weaknesses, so I wasn’t expecting for this one to work exactly as the PW ones. Its quite a nice body, it’s just harder to pose.

  2. Musume

    Such a pretty body! For the head issue, it could be that the string is too tight, but you can solve it putting hot glue on the base of the head.

    And wow those one leg poses! Your brother has a special talent for posing dolls! xD

    I think this review was very useful, thank you for sharing it! And I agree with your final conclusion, too, this body always looks natural 😀

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      I thought the string could be too tight, but it doesn’t seem to be, unless the legs are using a different elastic than the head. Hot glue could be the solution though, or a silicone disc. for now it will stay like this.
      My brother has more patience than me and He’s just better at balancing stuff so He’s way better at posing dolls haha. It’s not the first time He poses my dolls for the photos either!
      I’m glad you find it useful~

  3. Xanadu

    Hi Alejandra,
    I really enjoyed your review and there were certainly enough poses to gain a good idea of how well this body does so. I quite like the stocky little legs and the hands also look nice from what I could see…I’m very particular about hands. I would certainly consider this body if I was looking for one, thank you for sharing this.

    Love the Tsum tsums, very sweet. 🙂

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      So happy you enjoyed it!! I think making reviews, especially body reviews, is quite hard! I admire all those who do comparison photos and stuff :D!
      The hands are really nice! I had a few photos of just the hands, but they came out super blurry so I couldn’t include them. I plan to make a resin comparison between luts, Peak’s Woods and blue fairy resin since I have hands in normal skin of those 3 companies, so you will see the hands up close then 😀
      I’ve been hunting tsum tsums all over hehe~

  4. Alasse Carnesir

    Thank you so much for doing this review. I appreciate it! I’ve always been curious about the posing ability of Bluefairy dolls. For a single jointed doll, I think there is a great variety of poses this body can pull off. I actually think you showed off quite a few poses. And standing on one leg is awesome. I have never been able to get any doll I own to do this .. at all. I’ve tried many times but none can pull it off even those who are supposedly able to. Maybe I just don’t have the magic fingers to do it!

    I really adore the way the hands are sculpted on this body. They look so darn cute. Something about the pose and chubbiness. I really really hope Bluefairy don’t change this body for a while like they’ve done with the MSD line.

    I’m glad you posted a comparison photo again of the two bodies. I couldn’t remember how they looked side by side and was going to check out the other post with the two bodies together. I have to admit, both bodies are aesthetically pleasing. But … those Bluefairy hands … just love them a lot!

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      I totally agree, it is a very nice single jointed body! didn’t miss the double jointed arms that much, it was more the legs that restricted the poses, but it’s okay~ I can stand some dolls in one leg, but my brother has a special talent for it!! With this body I tried and tried but couldn’t do it, and it took him just a few minutes to do! He has also done some really weird poses with the teenie gem centaur body XD

      Love the hands too, at first they looked so big in comparison with my other tinies, but I’m used to it now and I don’t think they look proportionally wrong haha, they look very delicate (just the look, they are as sturdy as the body hehe).

      One of the things I like of the blue fairy body being thicker, is that all the clothes look just right on it. Peak’s Woods are quite thin, so some clothes look big on Ailene, but they look totally adorbs on May!

  5. jSarie

    Great review! I’ve actually never seen one of these in real life, so it’s wonderful to get more of a sense of what they can do.

    And the little dragon and the stack of tsum tsums are just too cute! 🙂

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      Thanks!! Since I usually don’t get to try dolls before buying them, I like doing reviews, it not only helps others, but it also helps me get familiar with the doll and learn what can and can’t do.
      Tsum tsums :D!

  6. Xaya

    Even tough I have four Shinyfairies I’ve failed ever to do a review from any of them not to mention my other dolls! ^^; I’ve put some hotglue on my Shinyfairies, most of them. They would definitely need some new elastics, I must admit I’ve failed to keep them strung good. I love the Peaks Woods little one and Shiny May together, they’re nice looking together. 🙂 I hope you’ll soon post photos of your May with face up!

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      Thanks! I think they will make great friends :D! I’m hoping to get her a face up soonish, since the sun is coming out little by litte. She still has no wig nor eyes though hahaha. Might try hotglue someday if I can find a low temp gun~


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