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Crobidoll is a store located in South Korea. They sell their own dolls in different sizes, lots of clothes, accessories and wigs. I’ll be refering to their wigs here.

I’ve ordered at least 4 times from them and I’ve always been pretty satisfied with the quality of their wigs. I don’t know if they are partners with For my doll or not, but they carry the same colors (for natural, basic wigs like brown and blonde), just under different names. Some of the styles are the same too, but not all.

About the products

From all the times I’ve ordered from Crobi, they haven’t made any mistake with my wigs, so I consider them a safe place to order (same as For my doll).

The quality is very nice, the fiber is soft and shiny, in a good way. Wigs are made from heat resisting fiber and they fit nicely around my dolls’ heads in every size I’ve got.

I did not style this wig, but it has that cut where there’s way less hair at the bottom. The wig does have a kind of wave that didn’t show in the pictures, and it probably needs styling to look like the promo pictures.

Faolan looked like He came from the 80’s and I was laughing so hard that I have to admit I didn’t tried anything else with it. But the more I look at the photos, the more I think this wig is promising for him.

I really like this one. The photos don’t do justice to it. I tried to retake them, but I ended up with way worst photos lol. Not the wig’s fault really, I just didn’t have light nor space to take them so that happened.

I love the wave it has and the cut is super nice.

This one looks exactly like the promo pictures and it looks way cuter on Hana than I thought it would. The wig does not have a parting on the back for the braids and there’s loose hair in the front, making it look fuller, which I like.

Soft milk looks like truly white in their website, but in person it has a yellow tone. Not enough to be platinum blonde, just a yellowish white.

Light black is actually not black (but you can see that from the promo pictures anyways). It’s a really nice dark brown.


Crobidoll only uses EMS so shipping can get pricey, but that also means that you get your things fast. All their wigs are in stock unless stated otherwise, though they rarely do preorders. Good thing is that they do ship things really fast. I got a shipping notice the very next day (same with all my previous orders)

Can’t say much about their customer service, because I’ve never had any problem with them so I’ve never contacted them, which is a good thing.

Same as last time, they sent me a envelope thing with a photo of their dolls full of wipes. Useful and cute!

Featured image at the top belongs to Crobidoll. All the other photos were taken by me.

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24 thoughts on “Review: Crobidoll wigs

  1. NyteRaine

    I love Crobidoll’s wigs~ They’re definitely my favorite store for wigs. I own about 10+ wigs from them and none of them has yet to disappoint me. I glad you ordered the CRWM-116 (that’s my favorite out of the three), I have been eyeing that style since it came out. Hopefully I’ll be able to get it this year. 😀

  2. Alasse Carnesir

    Thank you for reviewing these Crobidoll wigs. It’s been quite a few years now since I last ordered from them and back then their wigs were all pre-orders (waited a bit over a month) so it’s nice to hear the wigs are in fact in stock now and ready to ship. From memory I found their wigs were always great quality too. How is the fit on your dolls? For example, if you got a 6-7inch, did it fit your 6-7inch head doll? (Hope that made sense!)

    The doll in that photo is cute. I think I debated getting her off and on! I’m just not sure about the bodies for the smaller dolls from Crobidoll.

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      No prob! I’m glad to be of some use :D. The fit is really nice, 6-7 inch fit like 6-7 inch and 7-8 same thing. I think 7-8 from leeke might be a tad smaller than Crobi’s, since with no silicon cap the Crobi wig moves a lot easier (it still stay in place with no problem, though I prefer using a silicon cap if dolls are going to wear wigs for longer periods of time).

      I also debated getting her, but in the end it was just too small to fit with the rest of my tinies and same as you, no idea about their bodies.

  3. Kirstine

    Crobi Doll is a nice company! Great to read about your experiences with them 😀
    I really like the wig with the braids. Its really a nice way to make it look fuller and also, you don’t see the wig cap thing, which is very important to me ^^
    Glad you had nice experiences with Crobi after your sad one with Leeke 🙂

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      Hahaha yeah I’ve never had a cap showing from Crobi wigs. Had that problem with a SOOM one and Leeke, but not crobi yet.
      And thanks, it was a nice change 🙂

  4. Irene

    Ah I love promotional tissues xD!

    Great review, I had no idea they offered the same colors as FMD! But a lot of their combos/styles are different, aren’t they? :O

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      I love them too, specially when they come with such a cute photo 😀
      I’m pretty sure the standar colors (brown, blonde) are the same. I’ve had Coco brown wigs from FMD and Powder brown from Crobi and theya re exactly the same. Styles are different, and so are the special colors it seems (like pink, lavender, blend mixtures, etc)

  5. Musume

    Nice review! Thanks for doing it!
    I’ve always liked their wigs, but they do not ship with airmail, right?
    I think Faolan and Hana look so cute with those wigs! 😀

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      Thanks! and no prob! As long as I keep buying things, I’ll keep doing reviews!
      They don’t offer airmail, you are correct, only EMS, which sucks when you want to save money.

  6. Safir

    Thanks for the great review! I didn’t know that they have the exactly same colors as FMD D: Though now that you mentioned it I realize that they do have quite similar colors, maybe they get the fiber from same source or something? I’m not really familiar with how BJD wig stores do these things XD

    I love Crobi’s wig quality too, I have (had) many wigs from them and never had any problems. I really wish they’d offer a real black color though :/

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      No prob!! I think their standar colors are the same. I’ve had Coco brown wigs from FMD and Powder brown from Crobi and they are exactly the same. Styles are different, and so are the special colors it seems (like pink, lavender, blend mixtures, etc). Yeah it could be that they get the fiber in the same place too haha

      I agree, they need to add black to their stock

  7. Xanadu

    Been a while since I ordered anything from Crobi, so it was good to hear of your experience with them Alejandra. I must take another peek when I am next in need of wigs, sometimes I just go straight to FMD and forget about everyone else. Thanks for doing the review.

  8. jSarie

    Thanks for the review; I’ve been debating ordering some things (including wigs) from Crobidoll for a while now, so it’s great to read more about their products and shipping processes!

  9. Crystal

    Thanks for another great review! I’m always trying to keep my eyes open for good wigs, too. That white one if my favorite, but they all look really nice! *_*

  10. Niina

    Well, did not this review come handy for one who are on the hunt for new wigs! Thank you so much, need to take a visit to this site! Love the white wig and the wig with braids! 🙂

  11. Maria

    Crobidoll is definitely one of my favourite stores to buy wigs from. Sadly I don’t have that many because of the expensive EMS shipping and an big guarantee that we get custom fees on things sent with EMS. D:

    Glad your satisfied with the wigs you bought! Hana really looks lovely in both of the wigs. 😀

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      It sucks about customs!! Here EMS packages can pass without custom taxes if they are small enough, bigger packages almost always get charged, though my SOOM Dia came with no extra cost :D! But my dollshe Saint was really expensive >.>…. It’s kinda random at this point, they never even charge the same % even though all my packages have the same inside: a doll



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