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I was going to post the interview tag, but I though the 10 facts one was a really nice way of knowing a character without going into much detail. So this will compliment the profile page.

So here they are, 10 boring facts about Lucas:


1. He was taught from his childhood to love all animals and nature, but He can’t stand moths.

2. He doesn’t get along with computers AT ALL. He has a laptop for university, but He only knows the basics.

3. He has a really nice voice. He was once asked to join a band that plays in the Cafe He works at, but He refused.

4. He LOOOOVES peaches.

5. He’s a good cook. He loves sweets and baking the best. Peach pie anyone?

6. He’s a terrible liar. He gets all clumsy and sweaty and you can tell from miles He’s hiding something. Don’t trust him with your secrets EVER.

7. His favorite drink is water. He thinks soda drinks taste like a chemistry project.

8. He is really good with kids.

9. Photography is his hobby.

10. He often babysit the kids in the village.

And thanks to everyone who checked and voted for my brother’s game, it was greenlit a few weeks ago 🙂

17 thoughts on “10 Facts: Lucas

  1. Musume

    I missed your posts so much!! Loved the 10 facts, specially 6 and 7. I also agree with him with 1 xD.
    Congrats to your brother for his game!

  2. Xanadu

    Hi Alejandra!
    So pleased to see you back posting. It’s cool to be learning more about Lucas and it’s great to hear about your brother’s success with his game, pass on my congratulations. 🙂

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      Thank you! I’m glad you liked it. I need to find more things to post about so I don’t abandon the blog so often.
      I’m really proud of my brother, I’ll pass your congrats asap 😀

  3. Safir

    Yay, glad to see you posting again! ♥ I really like Lucas, his character seems so kind ;__; I could totally tell 6 and 8 only by his appearance!

    Also great to hear about the success of your brother’s game, congrats to him! ^.^ There’s a lot of competition on the gaming industry, so that sounds like a great accomplishment! Wish him best of luck on his future projects as well~

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      Thanks! I’m glad you were able to see how he was just by his appearance, He has such a sweet face in my opinion *u* I’m glad others can see it as well!
      Thanks, I’ll tell my brother 😀

  4. Kurisu

    Aw! Lucas is such a nice guy *___*
    Loved to get to read from you again. 🙂
    Great facts! So fun to read 😀

    And cool news about your brother! That is really awesome. ^^

  5. Fyrd

    XD It is so hilarious how different our Dias are! About the only thing in common is that my Nigel is not that good of a liar either. But he can keep secrets, mainly because he just keeps his mouth shut and doesn’t talk to anyone in person.
    It was nice to read these facts of Lucas 🙂 I’m glad you are back to post!

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      Thank you!!! I love Nigel, I know just by looking at him how different he is from Lucas and it’s fantastic!! I love seeing other people’s Dias *u*!

  6. Jan

    Awww~ Lucas sounds like a really sweet guy. I’d really love to hear him sing or maybe even taste his cooking someday. 😀

  7. AlasseCarnesir

    Firstly, congrats to your brother on the game. I know this is belated but wanted to send it anyway.

    I love learning more about your characters. Lucas sounds like he is a very sweet and gentle guy.


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