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Hello everyone!!! Can’t believe I haven’t posted anything at all this month! you soon will see what has been occupying my time lately, not much doll related things have happened, but I’ve been polishing my BJD profiles so I could finally bring them to you.

They are not perfect, and the writing is a little off, but I hope that people who likes reading doll profiles and stories can enjoy them. I don’t expect anyone to read them, as I think my doll stories are very basic and seem to work better in my mind than in paper.

You can check the profiles page here, or access to it from the top menu. I will try to make a post every time I update something in the page so you don’t have to go check it out more than you need.

You might notice May is not on the profiles page and that is because I still haven’t found the perfect name for her and I don’t want to force it. It might be that I truly dislike her face up, but can’t redo it just yet because I ran out of airbrush cleaner. I owe you a photo of her too, so let’s just use this cropped piece from my Christmas photos (that I’ve taken many times and I haven’t liked a single shot yet):

I won’t give up though, I still hope to make a Christmas post with photos and all.

And what has taken all of my free time if not dolls? Final Fantasy! Sweet, gorgeous, perfect Final Fantasy. At first I got World of Final Fantasy while waiting for Final Fantasy XV to come out, and having no expectations of the game, I was truly amazed at how fun it was.

The game isn’t related to any Final Fantasy, but it has many Final Fantasy elements to it. There’s places from the games you can visit and you meet many characters and creatures from the games. The main premise is to capture as many mirages (creatures) as possible to be stronger and beat the bad guys. Some Final Fantasy characters even aid you in battle, kind of like how summons work in actual FF games.

The game to me looked a lot like Pokemon at first, but even though the story isn’t anything special, the battle system and the interaction between characters is really fun. If you have a ps4 and you are not sure what game to try next, it might be a cute, fun and casual game for you.

It also has the best description for the creatures you capture, I had many laughs playing this game (as always you can enlarge photos by clicking on them).

And since I know Alasse likes Shiva, this is the design for her in the game (not a fan of it but you can’t have it all):

There’s also a version of Shiva made like the one in Final Fantasy XIII (The one Snow summons). I haven’t finished the game because as you already might know (or not), Final Fantasy XV was released on November 29th and of course I got it the first day.

If anyone wants to hear my impressions of the game: it is simply fantastic. It has a lot of content for old fans like me, but it is completely renewed in mechanics which totally make it appealing to new crowds (or that’s what I hope). When I played the demo I thought the battle system, though it looked very much like Kingdom Hearts, was too complicated and crappy, but after the game was released I got the hang of it fairly quickly. Here’s a battle video I recorded, though excuse my poor skills:

Hope everyone gives this game a chance if they can, the story is really nice (watch the movie if you want to know more about it), the characters feel more developed than in other games in the series and the battle system is really fun, though I still believe the best battle systems in the entire series are the Final Fantasy VIII and XII.

The story is short (I’m almost done with it), but you can do many side quests, hunts and exploring, which sums a crazy amount of hours of playing, which is always good.

Anyways, the main thing here was to talk about my profiles and not my games hahaha, I’m sure once I’m done with this game I will be more active in the doll community, Thanks for reading!

14 thoughts on “BJD profiles are up and random stuff

  1. Musume (@musume_desu)

    I love doll profiles, and love how you organized the page!

    I already told you but May is looking so pretty with that faceup!! I hope you can get airbrush cleaner and do a faceup you love, though.

    And that FF game looks interesting! I’m not really into the saga, to be honest, but the graphics on FFXV are amazing!

  2. Nikki

    I’m glad to finally have read about the story of your dolls! I think it’s amazing! :3 You’re very creative, I think.
    The games looks pretty. I do understand why it must have been fun 😀

  3. Fyrd

    I might get World of FF if I find it cheaply sdcond hand someday, but I have been very occupied with FFXV as well ^-^ After having been disappointed with every XIII instalment, this new game seems worth the wait! I’m a gotta-catch-em-all type of player so I’m still far from finishing it since I’m driving around doing all these sidequests and minigames and admiring Prompto in everything he does. I got really smitten by him ~♡ The game still lacks something as addictive as Tetra Master or raising chocobos, but it is still much more like the good old games that I’ve loved.

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      I have only played FFXII and not the sequels and I hated it at first. I gave it a second chance and once I got into Grand pulse the game got much better. It’s a nice game but it does not compare to any other game that was before it. FFXV is really nice, though I’m sure you already realized that the story is short. Took me very short time to see that, since once you decide to follow the story, the chapters fly in a matter of minutes! I did way over 80 sidequests and all the huts my level could take before finishing the game (finished last night after posting this) but I still was missing 2 armiger (most of them are not required to get to finish the game). Just as in FFXIII you can travel the entire world after you finish the game so I went ahead and finish it just so I wouldn’t forget how the story goes. Now I plan on getting the 2 armiger I’m missing and doing the hunts I couldn’t do before.
      Prompto is the least favorite for me, though I learned to like him after a while. I’m team Gladio all the way XD
      FFXV has some mini games though, but I didn’t find any of them entertaining.

  4. NaNa

    Hello! Your doll profiles are very interesting. I like creating stories as well. And I love FF series. Especially FF7, unfortunately I can’t play the remastered version because I don’t have a console.

  5. Alasse Carnesir

    Oh I loved reading the profiles of your dolls. I’m glad you were able to get them up. Really love the world you’ve created. You really inspire me with your fantasy characters. You make me think it is possible to have a fantasy world with these dolls! And the idea of the conscience … very clever and unique. I love how it’s incorporated and linked with your other characters. I also really liked the way the Guardians are created. I think this is such a fascinating way to make them.

    Your May is so adorable. I’m happy you posted a photo of her. I’ve been so curious and she’s just stunning. I know you said you’re not happy with the face up but I think you’ve done a really good job with it. She looks very gentle and approachable. Is there something specific you don’t like about the face up?

    Looking at the screenshots you show of the World of Final Fantasy, makes me wish I had a PS4. I really love the chibi style of this game and I literally made happy noises when I saw Shiva. I still prefer her FF VIII version the best though. But the chibi one is not bad either.

    The graphics as always is quite stellar with the final fantasy games and FFXV is no exception. After watching your game video, it reminded me of the Final Fantasy game made for the PSP – Crisis Core FFVII. I had a bit of a play with that game and the battle was similar. I found it a bit hard because I’m not used to jumping around your enemies to fight. From memory, I never got used to it. and ended up not playing the game right through.

    Have you seen the movie King’s Glaive? I bought it on DVD the other day. I am so curious about how they used the Glaive in the movie. Is it similar in the game?

    Thanks for sharing your profiles and gameplay. I really enjoyed reading about everything and of course, you know I always like seeing gameplay screenshots.

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      I feel so happy that you enjoyed them and find my world interesting. The conscience idea was the last thing I did, had to justify having the little sheep without turning her into a guardian, I found it was too weird because it would seems like she was just a baby and I didn’t like that idea.

      About May’s face up what really irks me is the subtle blushing. I wanted it subtle but it is so subtle that it can be barely seen in photos and makes it look so pale. I also dislike the pink lips against the peach blushing, which you can’t tell much in photos. Other than that I’m very pleased with the doll.

      Glad you liked Shiva!! FFVIII will always be the best in my opinion, though the summoning of Shiva on FFXV is quite stunning!

      Never tried Crisis Core because I was never much fun of the FFVII storyline, but I might give it a try someday.

      I totally watched King’s Glaive, loved the movie, which they made more characters from it into the game as well. Noctis does warp in the same way people warps in the movie, he throws the weapon and appears in the place the weapon is, and King Regis’ powers are very similar to what Noctis can do in the game as well. I finished the game yesterday, I feel the story falls a bit too short compared to older games, but they are supposed to revamp an entire chapter of the game so I’ll play it again once they do that, hope it gives more depth to the game. My favorite ones are still 8 and 4.

  6. Crystal

    Faolan is still my favorite, but I love your stories and your dolls! I love the majestic nature, and I think simple doesn’t mean worse. Some storytellers get complicated and that doesn’t mean better.

    You make me want to play those games!! Haahaa! XD

    And I like that Christmas shot, but I think it’s cool you don’t want to give up!

  7. Irene

    Your doll profiles look amazing and May’s face-up is good! I think maybe a slightly larger eye size would suit her!
    To be honest, the last FF I enjoyed was XII 😀 and I’m interested in XIV a bit. However with XIII I’ve totally lost interest, and am not interested in any new ones since. Instead, I’ve been replaying retro FFs starting from number 1! Is it weird that recently I’m only interested in old games? ;_; I miss the retro colorful RPG style in favor of gritty realistic styles ;;;;;;

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      Can’t blame you for losing the love with Final Fantasy XIII, it took me years from the first time I tried it to give it a second chance. I think the beginning of that game sucks so bad, it’s slow and too lineal, you only run from place A to place B to place C. Once you get to Gran Pulse and can go anywhere you want, it gets better, but it’s definitely one of the weakest games in the series. You are not weird for liking old games better, I think they used to make them with a lot more love, I miss old school games too! But playing something as modern as Final Fantasy XV is fun too once in a while, I really enjoyed the game.


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