Mercedes the protector of the forest

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Hello guys! It seems like I’m finally progressing, even if it’s very slowly~ Today I want to show you how my +SIO2+ bleater looks like finished. I was torn between calling her Adelina or Mercedes, but after seeing the final result I think Mercedes suits her way better. Worry not, I’ll be getting an Adelina someday too, I love that name too much to let it go!


I’m happy with the end result, it’s more or less what I imagined and planned when I first saw the photos of her on tumblr, the only thing missing is a second heart in the other cheek, but I didn’t dare to try to make it, I’m sure I would have screwed up and there were many things going wrong to even dare.

I tried to make the blushing very light so i wouldn’t stress too much about chipping. Her face has some pink blushing (though you can’t see it in the photo all too well) and a pink heart on her left cheek. She also has blue eyeliner and blue eyebrows and lashes. I wasn’t planning on going with sad eyebrows but it sort of happened that way. I’m proud on how thin the hairs made with acrylics diluted with airbrush flow improver turned out.

Her right butt cheek also has a heart, but I didn’t manage to take a good photo of her back for now. Hair is a combination of pink and blue acrylics, the same ones I used on Fiyero.

Assembly was a pain and it’s a miracle I didn’t ruin the painting! I didn’t use the elastics she came with because I found them to  be too thin and crappy. Instead, I used 0.8 mm. elastic string for her arms and 1.5 mm. elastic for her body and legs. The end result is so much better!! You can buy the elastics at cool cat.

For eyes I used 10 mm. urethane eyes made by All that glitters on etsy, I highly recommend them if you need really small eyes. I chose 5 mm. iris and small pupil, I also requested custom pupil color, which costed extra (2 USD). In case you want to know the colors, iris is color no. 014 and pupil is no.013.

Though Mercedes likes to call herself a protector of all creatures, She’s just too coward for that. She was created by the fairies to act as a conscience for the real protectors of the forest. She loves hanging around with Serafina and the others, so let’s hope we can see them together soon.

18 thoughts on “Mercedes the protector of the forest

  1. Musume

    She looks so amazing!! I have Coolcat’s strings, those are of a great quality! And I can’t wait to get my ATG eyes, they look so pretty on Mercedes!!
    You *must* get Adelina, that name is just too adorable <3

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      Coolcat is the best for tools :D~ I’m glad I bought a bunch of elastics to try because I had no idea what would work on bleater or Ashes. Hope you get your ATG eyes soon, they are very nice!

      I have to work on Adelina hahaha, Mercedes needs more friends XD

  2. Nikki

    I think you did such an amazing job on the face-up! 😀 It’s so cute
    Mercedes is a great name :3 I really like it!
    Good thing you tried a different elastic. It can make such a huge difference!

  3. Niina

    I like the name Mercedes and Adelina! I agree with Musume, you ‘must’ get a Adelina! 😀 I know how it can be with names, they pop up in your head and suddenly you have too many names, but no dolls….hehe! 😀
    You did a great job with the face-up, wonderful light colors and a little heart is so cute.

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      Glad to know I’m not the only one collecting pretty names lol!!
      Thank you!!! The little heart was stressful to make but now it’s done so I can be happy, even if it’s not perfect haha 😀

  4. Alasse Carnesir

    Oh gosh, I love how she turned out. I’ve been so excited to see what you were going to do with her and I’m really happy you decided to share a photo. I just love everything, all the colours, the cute little heart. I also wanted to say thanks for posting the elastic specs for her. If I ever manage to get a hold of this little sculpt one day, I’ll keep your tips in mind and restring her with better elastic.

    She’s just so adorable and I really enjoyed reading a bit of her backstory. I love the fact she was created for the fairies to be the conscience for the forest protectors. That’s really neat.

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      Thanks!!! I wish I could have done a faceup progress on her, but most of the body pieces were done along with Ashes blushing and the head was done very improvised on a sunday. It doesn’t have that many layers of color either, since she’s white and the pastels took really strong with Vallejo sealant.
      Oh I hope you get your own bleater too!! That would be neat 😀 or the cat! or whatever SIO2 makes next. I don’t think they have ever done something I didn’t like.
      I swear someday I’ll post the doll profiles!

  5. Alasse Carnesir

    Oh I forgot to add, I love both names. Mercedes really suits her and I adore the name Adelina. It’s such an old style name, I’ve been really getting into older names lately. They always had such a grace and elegance to them. Now I’m curious who will be your Adelina!

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      Old style names are so pretty :D!!! I’m curious as who will be Adelina in the future as I have no plans for more dolls at the moment, but I’m sure she will be a lovely doll~

  6. bjdzen

    She looks so cute 😀 Congrats on finishing her and Mercedes is a really nice name.
    My professor at Uni is actually called Adeline and I think it’s such a pretty name.

  7. Xanadu

    Hi Alejandra,
    Love what you’ve done with Mercedes, the colours are lovely and her name is the perfect choice for her too. Though Adeline is a pretty name, I’m not sure whether it suits this doll, but I certainly would keep it for a future doll. 🙂
    CoolCat is a great supplier, I use them a lot and they have really nice and reasonably priced shoes.

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      Yes! Coolcat always saves me when I’m lacking for dolly tools~
      So happy you like her, so you too agree Adelina doesn’t suit her right? Mercedes is so much more fitting 😀
      Mercedes is one of the few dolls that I had an exact image of what I wanted since before ordering and that I succeeded in making her look just like that 😀


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