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Hello everybody!! Hope this weekend has been good to you. Today I come with a simple post, just my tales of a crafty weekend, since I’m hoping to be able to set up some dioramas soon.

This isn’t a tutorial because all I crafted was based on other people’s tutorials. I will link everything in case anyone wanna try these out.

I have a list of crafts I would love to make, so I took some of those and started them this weekend. The plan was to use materials I already have on hand, though I bought 2 things: glue and pink rope.

For the longest time, I’ve had some arpakasso coin purses that I was meant to turn into backpacks for my YoSDs. I had already made one, but I had 3 others that needed to be finished. So this became my first craft.

It’s a simple work really. Just take some ribbon that matches the coin purse and sew in on the back. My stitching isn’t the greatest, but it gets the job done.

Hardest part is to sew the bottom part.

I made 4 backpacks, for 4 YoSDs. Did I mention I decided to keep Faolan? Even if He doesn’t have any clothes of his own, and nothing fantasy related, I’ll just make it work with what I have. I’m also keeping Sassy Rosy for now. Might give her a new look if She still doesn’t work after I take her out for photos.

Once that was done, it was pillow time! I once bought a ton of tiny squares of fabric for super cheap, and I already had started to make pillows out of them. Since I plan on making a teepe, using this tutorial, I thought, might as well make some more pillows. I wanted a pink and white theme.

I really like the fabrics I chose. I also made one white fur pillow (I actually made 2, but had to discard the second one because it looked crooked).

I sew it by hand, but luckily once you flip them, you can’t see the stitches haha. You can enlarge all the photos, but quality isn’t too great, because I used my phone for all.

After I had some pillows done, I thought it would be nice to attempt a rug, based on this tutorial. Link will take you to the part where they make the rug, because the video has more content in it. Only difference is that instead of braiding yarn, I used some thin rope in white and pink, no braiding.

I took some photos of the process:


i thought of making it fully pink, but I think the extra work of putting some white was well worth it. This was my second attempt, the first one had more white/pink alternations, and though it looks decent, it had some gaps in between in a few parts of the pink, so this one I made sure to place it tighter.

In between some of the crafts, I also made 2 twine baskets, using Myheartissupernova tutorial.

I also made some headbands and earmuffs for Momokos and Pure Neemos, based on Irene’s tutorial. I used pompoms for the ears and warmers because it was too tiny to attempt sewing some myself.

Final results of the weekend:

  • 3 new backpacks
  • 4 pillows
  • 2 baskets
  • 2 rugs
  • 4 hair accessories for momoko (3 earmuffs, one ears headband)
  • 4 hair accessories for pure neemos (3 earmuffs, one ears headband)

Now I have more matching things for when I finally make my teepee. And some pink walls of course.

Hope you have an excellent week!

8 thoughts on “Crafty weekend

  1. Xanadu

    Oh boy! You sure had a busy crafting weekend Alejandra. Everything looks really nice, but I love those tiny baskets best of all, they are so pretty. Thanks for posting all the tutorial links too!

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      It was a very productive weekend indeed! I did non doll related stuff that needed to be taken care of as well 😀
      I’m glad you liked the baskets, those are easy to make and the result is very nice, hope you give them a try! And no prob, I’m happy to share what I find~

  2. Niina

    So many cute and pink things! Love the earmuffs! I have always had a weak heart when it comes to earmuffs. I have even a pair of my own! 😀
    Very simple things that make the difference, when it comes to the rug, packbacks and other stuff you made. And easy to make too! Thanks for the links!

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      Earmuffs are very nice to have indeed! I used to have a pair for me too, but I lost it and never purchased another one again, because I don’t have to be out when it’s too cold for long periods of time now, like when I was studying. Hope you give some things a try, For BJD earmuffs I much rather use my own tutorial than using pompoms, but momokos and pureneemos heads are way too small for that haha. Wish I had black pompoms to make mickey ears, wouldn’t that be fun?!
      The rug looks very nice and it’s way too easy to make too~ you know I like to keep things good and simple haha.
      Thanks for reading!

  3. Irene

    So many cute crafts going on! I love the pillows and baskets, I’d love to try to make some based on that tutorial!
    Thanks for checking my page, i’m so sorry to say that I think I lost the photos with the great photobucket purge D: I will try to recover them somehow!!!

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      Hope you try them out too!! And yeah, I noticed your images were lost, but luckily I still remember how to do them, since I made lots at some point haha. Hope you can recover your photos!

  4. Alasse Carnesir

    Sounds like quite a productive time you have been having lately with the doll stuff. Great work on all of them. I really like the colours you chose for everything too. The rug tutorial is one I’ve been wanting to try myself for a while but haven’t got around to it yet. Maybe one day when I am more up to the task.

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      Glad to see you back!! And thanks, I like the colors as well 😀
      You should try the rug, is one of my favorite crafts because it takes almost no time or effort, but the result is quite nice.
      I’m sure you’ll be up for it in no time. Big hugs~


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