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Second post of this lame series! I’m trying to be more active here in the blog, so little by little I hope to have more posts up.

Ahhh Lucas, my favorite guy on Earth. He is the most complete doll I own, though that doesn’t mean that I don’t have any plans related to him. In fact I have quite a few!

For starters He needs eyeglasses. I’ve tried twice to get some for him and failed, so I ended up asking around in tumblr, which led me to Sherimi, and She and Sarqq helped me with pictures of some Dollmore glasses in Sarqq’s Dia. I really liked how they looked so I ordered a pair in white, but I still can’t tell you if they work because they have been stuck at the post office central for over a week, and I doubt I will get them this week either since we have some holidays. Since they were cheap I won’t cry if they don’t work, but I also got tempted and chose a pink pair for Ailene in case She could rock them.

Today I took Lucas for some photos, and though He looked really nice, I hate that I always end up taking portraits of him and nothing else, so my gallery is full of head shots. I don’t know why I can’t seem to do anything else with him and today I had almost no time for photos so I ended up with the same, Maybe it’s because he doesn’t pose that well or the lack of space and him being so big, or that I just don’t have the creativity bone in me, but I’ll try to take better photos of him soon! I was hoping to have something to upload to Deviantart and Flickr, but I guess today was not the day XD so I’ll leave the photos for this blog post. Anyways, here are some plans I have:



I really like the size and color of his eyes and I think He looks nice with them, but I get tired so easy and change opinions so fast! I sometimes think He looks lifeless with them, but He’s a doll so He can’t look that much more alive XD Anyways! I might try some urethane eyes for him soon, and if they work great! and If not I’ll just stick to the ones He has or try again later.

I’m happy to say that I gathered some money courage and made my first order for Mako eyes. I got tired of waiting for a new Dollbakery preorder for Ailene and I ended up disliking how light the unicorn eyes were, so I went with another style and color for her and added a pair of eyes for Leo as well and eyes for Lucas that if they don’t work for him, Serafina will claim, since they both wear blue/green eyes.

If I really like them more than glass eyes I might go and get some for Serafina (or Lucas) in the future. I ordered not too long ago and went for airmail (a local owner said that it was pretty safe and She always got her eyes) so it will be a looong wait.


I wish I could give him a pink wig, but He doesn’t have the personality for that haha. Instead, I want to buy him a wig for photos were He is supposed to look younger than He is now. Let me explain: when I got Hana’s wig I got a second one as gift in the same size and it was so pretty that I decided to keep it to take photos of Hana as a younger self (which my lazy ass haven’t done yet, oops). So I want to give Lucas the same treatment. While I can’t imagine Lucas dying his hair in funny colors or anything like that, I want a wig like this one, because I totally see Hana convincing a naive Lucas to try going blonde for a while XD. It looks like He tried, didn’t like it, and grew his hair, right? 😀

I also might try to replace his current wig since it looks kinda ratty, though I’m not sure if ti always looked like this or it’s just too old now. I’ll keep the color of course.


Big news on this department! I decided to kill off Faolan. Shocking I know, but hear me out!! I realized that I don’t want that many big dolls (not now at least) and I can’t go around thinking of his replacement, so I thought to add all the important parts of his story to Lucas’ story, so his profile page is under construction until I fix it. Faolan wasn’t really all that important, since Lucas is the main character with his significant other (that I’ll own someday). I really like the name Faolan so I probably will use it on another character (might happen sooner than you think!), though He will be totally unrelated to the previous Faolan.


So not only I went for my first adventure with urethane eyes, I also tried taobao. I bought some cute stuff for Ailene, but it hasn’t arrived yet (checking the tracking like mad, but nothing happens *sniff*). I hope I can do a haul post for my loot, though it’s not that much. I also got her some stuff from etsy that I’m excited to show, but as you might imagine, not here yet.

I did get some boots for Leo from Mimiwoo and they costed me 6.99 USD and I thought they were going to be so so, but they are really cute! and perfect for what I need. The right boot has a tiny spot with something that I think it might be glue that I couldn’t get off, but for the price I’m okay with it. And they arrived fast, and before other stuff I bought first.

Una foto publicada por Alejandra Zacarías (@fantasywoods) el

I feel more comfortable with smaller dolls at the moment so I’ve been checking those more. I might be buying a tiny soon(ish), but I don’t want to spoil the surprise hehe.

Spring hasn’t started yet, the days are still cold so I can’t do face ups, but I might re do Hana’s face up once the weather gets better and I also have to paint Leo.

12 thoughts on “Doll plans: Lucas

  1. Xanadu

    Well it appears you have been pretty busy emptying your wallet too Alejandra. I do love your Lucas and it will be ineresting to see him with different colour eyes and glasses. I’d like to get some glasses for some of my dolls but can never find any small enough, will check out Dollmore though. You had better beware, those tinies are addictive , especially those from Fairyland. 🙂 Can’t wait to see who you bring home though.

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      Haha you are right, I’ve been really busy with that! And here I was hoping that my doll plans wouldn’t cost me that much lol It seems they never cost what I plan, it’s hard to stop the plans going once you started hehe.
      Fairyland has some amazing tinies and I see what they do to people, so I’ll be staying away from them for the time being XD!
      Hugs for you too 🙂

  2. Alasse Carnesir

    It’s always a treat to see Lucas. He is just such a lovely doll and well, you had me at tan skin and he is a particularly nice shade of tan.

    I grabbed my eyeglasses from Sadol. I have another pair that has the glass part in it but I found they were a bit too heavy and the Sadol ones are just frames (no glass part) and are much lighter and stay on easier I think (plus they are plastic rather than metal so not as much fear of scratching the face ups).

    I would love to hear what you think the Mako Eyes when you get them. Eve wears one of those and so does the new tan minifee boy I have. I think they look great when the light hits them the right way but they can also appear a bit darker in a darker setting.

    Lucas with pink hair. That would be interesting to see. Who knows, maybe you can do that just for giggles.

    I tend to kill off characters if the doll leaves but like you, I sometimes re-use their names too. Why waste a good name I say! And I am curious which tiny you are looking at …

  3. Fantasywoods Post author

    Thanks!! He’s a lovely tan, though it’s so light that it might appear as a dark normal skin sometimes haha.

    I didn’t even think of Sadol glasses, those are nice! I’ve bought some clothes from Sadol in the past and they are lovely. If I purchase some in the future I’ll be sure to add some glasses as well, thanks!

    I plan to do a review for the Mako eyes once they arrive, I can hardly wait, but well, I have to XD I chose lighter colors so hopefully they won’t look too dark.

    Don’t tempt me with the pink hair lol He would look weird, but I love pink hair guys so much 🙂

    I’m glad I’m not the only one killing characters and keeping the names, I was thinking people will find it too weird XD but I refuse to part with the name Faolan.

  4. Safir

    Love to hear about your plans for your dolls :3 Hope the eye glasses and new eyes will be to your liking, please do write about your thoughts and share some pictures once they’ve arrived! I’m also curious to see what cute stuff you got for Ailene, Taobao is such a dangerous place to shop since there’s sooo much stuff >3<

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      I will share some pictures og the glasses when they get here!! I hope they suit him well, but Dias look good with almost anything (almost, I don’t think they look good with a paper bag on the head or anything that could cover those lips XD).
      I so want to show you what I got from taobao and etsy but alas, stupid post mail service 🙁

  5. Musume

    Bad customs, release items!! xD
    Anyways, I think that there is nothing wrong with taking portraits! Sometimes dolls are too cute and one wants to take photos of all the details on their faces!
    I also hope you will do some review about the Mako eyes when you get them :3
    I do have some boots from Mimiwoo and the quality is amazing by the price they have! I’m glad to see you are happy with them! 😀

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      Bad customs are baaad! On top of it if they haven’t been released I can’t check the tracking numbers in the chilean website >.>….. so 99% of my trackings say they don’t exist XD

      I love portraits, LOOOVE them, but that’s all I have of Lucas and it makes me sad. I don’t know, maybe I should just keep posting them to DA and flickr anyways… until I have something better to show.

      I will do a review of the mako eyes :)! I hope I like them, and they are worth their price, it was a hard decision to go for them!

      Mimiwoo is great for some stuff. I presonally didn’t like the yosd shoes selection, but the boot and sneakers are all super cute, so I might get more stuff in the future 🙂 Plus that free shipping is awesome

  6. Irene

    (Looks like my last comment didn’t go through)
    It’s so interesting to see your extensive planning for just 1 doll~ usually I don’t plan their characters that thoroughly and just go with the flow ~ x3 exchange wigs whenever, wherever 😀

    I think it’s totally cool to kill off characters, I mean just look at George RR Martin xD;;;

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      Hahaha I don’t have that many dolls and most of them are different sizes/style so they can’t share stuff between them so I try to organize my plans and priorize, specially this time of the year, since the postals ervice collapses around november/december, I have to make sure I buy what I want before that period or else I have to wait for next year.

      Let’s only hope I don’t become the George RR Martin of the BJD hobby XD and don’t have to kill that many characters off haha

  7. Lise

    Yay, it’s great to see you blogging again 😀
    The “always taking portrait pictures” problem, is one I really can relate to :/ It’s so hard to take really interesting and good pictures, so I tend to fall back into the habit of portraits.
    Personally I love urethane eyes, but it’s all a matter of taste! Mako makes really nice eyes for the price indeed :3 I have a pair for Charlotte, but she’s soon getting ED eyes. I just love ED so much, that I’ll rather have those, but again, it’s a matter of taste.
    I’m waiting for a Dollbakery preorder too u_u I missed out on the Iplehouse sized preorder, so I hope for a new one. Annabelle needs 12mm eyes, but the brown color of the eye fills out the whole eye, so it looks wrong. xD
    I think he’ll look so cute with that wig! XD
    Taobao is a great place for afforable stuff. I really want to try Kaleido :3
    Leo’s boots are adorable!
    Can’t wait to see which tiny you will get :3

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      I’m trying to be more active and it’s working :D!! thanks!!
      I’m glad I’m not the only one with the portraits thing, but let’s hope we can change that! Your photos are really nice and I love portraits so it’s nothing bad, but something different once in a while wouldn’t hurt 🙂

      EDs are nice but I checked the website and they don’t do low dome for smaller eyes (12mm) so they are not an option at the moment, though I did contemplate getting a pair for Ailene at some point (discarded it in the end because for the price of one pair I could get 2 mako pairs XD). I’m new to urethane eyes so I prefer to go cheaper first, see if I like it, then I might try something higher. I’m sure that I could sell the mako eyes in my local community if I didn’t like them/went for something else. EDs wuld be much harder to sell here x.x.

      I like that wig! He probably will look SUPER weird but I’m going to buy it at some point, probably in january so it won’t get stuck in customs around christmas.
      I haven’t received my taobao order yet and I want to do another XD! But I won’t ahaha, I have to check Kaleido :o!

      Thanks for commenting on everything I posted haha 😀
      I also can’t wait to have another tiny to show you XD I really hope I can get one 🙂


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