A new collection? Momoko Lady Long Legs

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Hello guys!! Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend. I know some of you wanted to kill me this week as I kept complaining about a package that was not arriving, but I never gave the content of the package away. For that I’m sorry, but there were quite a few reasons I didn’t want to tell anyone about it until I got her.

Even with all the customs delays due to a strike (that was finally put to an end), She got here in a decent amount of time. Of course I paid EMS so I wouldn’t be too stressed about it, but it was still stressful haha. I thought I would have to pay custom fees, but I luckily didn’t have to.

If you came here through the main page, you already know what this is about, but let me introduce you to my new adventure in the doll hobby:


I ordered via Amiami, since they had the best price for the doll I wanted.


Box is this big because there was some other stuff in the box, but since that stuff wasn’t mine I didn’t take photos of it. Here the doll box is peeking out, what a lovely color!



My first momoko doll!!! I chose Lady Long Legs out of practicality really, her outfit was casual (which is my preferred style), but stylish too. LOVED the shoes and the hair. I wanted a doll with dark eyes, but even though hers are blue, they are still very dark. Love her pink lips of course!

I got to know Momoko dolls almost at the same time as I met BJDs. I followed a BJD owner back in the day that collected mostly Volks dolls, but also had a CP Shiwoo (when Luts and Fairyland were still one company) and Momoko dolls. This was around the year 2004 or 2005. With Alasse bringing some of these beauties home, it just made me remember how much I liked them, enough to put away my fear or overcrowding my house with other dolls, so here we are.

As you can see her body is covered with plastic wrap inside the box, do these bodies stain? I guess anything can stain. Since I’ve never had any dolls like these and I haven’t found all that much information exclusively targeted at momoko dolls, I have been keeping her naked in her box for now (though I need a better way to store her for sure). You can see the naked doll here (image was too long to insert it in the post).

My first impression of her was how different from a BJD is and how fragile it seems! I think I was waiting for a Barbie-like doll, you can bang their head in a table and they will survive. Wouldn’t try to find out if momokos can do that too LOL. I’m sure she is as sturdy as She can be, but venturing into a new thing is always scary.

She photographs very nicely, but I had to take photos in a rush yesterday when I got her because I had more pressing matters to attend to.


Excuse the awfully awkward pose, not sure why I didn’t move that arm away, but isn’t she too pretty? This is the reason I’m so hung up on doing a diorama. I know YoSDs are 1/6 scale too, but since they represent children, everything must be done in a bigger scale than that, so it looks like they are kids. With momoko dolls, being the same scale but representing adults, everything can be smaller. They are a few centimeters shorter than barbies, but can share the same kind of furniture and accessories. I already have my eyes on some pretty furniture on etsy, but I need to plan my diorama really well first.

Hope that people that only comes for the BJDs will stay all the same with me in this journey, since I have many plans for my BJDs and I’ll be posting about them as often as always. I still owe you photos of my Shiny Fairy May, I just haven’t taken any because I was busy making crafts for a Christmas photo.

So what are your thoughts on this? I’m excited to see where it gets me.

Have a wonderful week!


21 thoughts on “A new collection? Momoko Lady Long Legs

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      Thanks!!! Yeah barbie sized stuff is easy to get and make too. It also takes a lot less space :D! Didn’t even think about naming her yet, for now she’s just “a momoko”, no story nor name no anything. I should give her a name eventually 🙂

  1. Alasse Carnesir

    Well, you know me, I love seeing a wide variety of doll collections. I want to formally welcome you to the exciting world of Momokodoll. You already know this but she was on my list of maybe dolls to purchase. I am so excited you got her and I can experience her through your photos!

    Her outfit and shows are really nice and those sunglasses are pretty awesome. I like the subtle make up on her face too and you’re right, pink lips! I never noticed that before. I like how very lanky she looks in this outfit, definitely brings to mind Long Legs!!

    Sadly, Momokodoll don’t seem to come with stands anymore. I never realised this until recently when Minimagine mentioned getting stands with a lot of their Momoko dolls. I found this out when I bought the last girl (the Mary Poppins style one) that did come with a stand. She was made in 2009 so it looks like the stands only come with the older releases and not the newer ones. I wonder why they stopped including them with the newer dolls.

    As for staining, vinyl dolls do tend to stain however, my girls are still dressed in their default outfits and at least two of them have dark outfits and I haven’t as yet seen any staining. I know Barbie stains too but perhaps if they sit in dark outfits for a long period of time, they would stain. I know they don’t stain as easily as my Obitsu girl who got a wig stain after wearing the wig for 4 hours! You can colorfast their clothing if you’re concerned or have them in dark outfits for short periods and change them out into lighter clothing? I tend to try and put at least white stockings on my dolls to help prevent staining. If you’re the type to change out their outfits a lot, there probably isn’t too much to worry about.

    By the way, Clear Lan has some fabulous outfits for Momokodolls. I want to order some from there at some point myself.

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      Thanks for the welcome! I’m glad you like this momoko doll too, I remembered you said you only really liked 2 from this year and she was not one of those XD I think most momoko dolls are really pretty. I’m hoping they will release some nice ones next year that are not exclusive to Japan.

      It’s such a pity about the stands, that would have helped, but maybe buying some 1/6 figure stands could work? You know I have all my dolls in boxes so a stand for now is not an issue for me, but I’m not comfortable with the way I put her back in her box, where’s all the padding and the face protector? LOL.

      Yeah she doesn’t look like she will stain easily, but I don’t mind having her naked if she’s not being used, unless I end up having her in my desk at some point. Does the magic eraser help with stains with vinyl? I should look into that just in case.

      Thanks for the store recommendation! I’m looking at it now and it looks super nice, I will be needing more clothes if I want to enjoy the photography often with her 😀
      I’m really excited to make a diorama and maybe bring more of her friends home XD

      1. Alasse Carnesir

        I’m not sure on the magic eraser. The only thing I’ve read to help vinyl stains has been for the Obitsu doll and involves some sort of cream for face blemishes or something. I’m not quite sure but wouldn’t be game to try that sort of thing on my dolls! Usually with resin, I dampen those magic erasers just a little and it fixes stains. I honestly can’t imagine why it wouldn’t work on vinyl especially Momoko which to me feels a lot harder vinyl than my Obitsu dolls. I will let you know if I find any stains and will try this method out.

        Now that you’re going to be collecting Momoko, I will have to make some things you can add to your diorama. I already have a few ideas in mind so expect some Momoko scale stuff in your next parcel!

  2. Xanadu

    Lovely girl Alejandra, I see Alasse has had some influence here. LOL! Momoko are nice dolls and I much prefer them to Barbie dolls, and I look forward to seeing your diorama when it’s completed.

  3. Irene

    This is so wonderful! ~ ahaha, I love this size as well and it’s the easiest for dioramas I think! So I am very excited to see what you’ll come up with for her :3 and nothing wrong with starting a small new collection? :O

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      Yes!! The size is really nice to work with 😀 Hope I can make a nice diorama~ Nothing wrong with new collections at all!! It’s just my space is so limited and I’m always scared I will want many companions fo all my doll lines if I were to collect more than one type. But momokos boxes are small, so I think it’s okay 🙂

  4. Nikki

    Aha! So this was what you were up to?! 😀
    Haha, she’s so adorable :3 I can see the appeal of mature YoSD size dolls, since as you mentioned they’re Barbie size, which means there’ll be a shiton of furtiture and stuff you can use for them! Also just the cute factor, you know. Smaller things are just more cute. Period.
    Love the outfit she arrived with! But I hope you’ll find a lot more for her :3

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      Hahaha yessss :D!! I’m glad you find her adorable, I think she’s cute and stylish 😀
      Love the size and that I don’t have to paint the head, it’s already ready to play with :)! I’m already looking at more clothes hehehe.
      Smaller things are cuter indeed!

  5. bjdzen

    She looks very cute 😀 I think this type of dolls are not for me, but I can totally see the appeal in her. I hope you will post many photos of her 😀

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      Thanks!! There’s so many kind of dolls out there, every one of them appealing to different people. I think BJDs are the ones that appeal to a much more broader audience than any other so I understand how momokos are not for you 😀 They are still really pretty to look at, I know I love looking at dolls that I know aren’t for me either 🙂

  6. Niina

    Oh my, you have a Momoko doll!!! I am totally amazed and congratulations on getting her. She is a real cutie (and please do not bang her head in the table, that may hurt – LOL) and I look forward to seeing where this adventure takes you!

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      Thank you :D!!!! Hahaha I won’t bang her head no worries, don’t want people to call the doll services on me XD
      You are so kind, hope I can get to make nice things with her 😀


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