Wake-UP momoko DOLL WUDsp Monchhichi Gingham Blue

Hello everybody!!

This doll I’m about to show got here a day or two before my trip to Puerto Varas, but I didn’t have time to post about her until now. I was hoping to do a shoot of her in my diorama, but that is taking way more time than I anticipated. I have worked in it every weekend. but I’m still missing a few details (and a side table that I’m not sure how to make haha).

I got this girl on ebay because She was sold only in Japan to celebrate Monchhichi’s birthday. I was a bit scared to order a doll from ebay but it all went very smoothly. EMS did take a long time to arrive, but that was just my postal service being an ass again.

She’s a WAKE UP edition so she comes in a brown box and not the pink one I was used to. She also comes with no shoes nor accessories, only the blue gingham romper thing. There’s also a red version. I think all wake ups come in a romper with no other accessory.

Her face screening is very sharp and nice, she even has freckles!! I’m so glad I got her, She’s quickly becoming a favorite.

Finally a decent photo of my blue gingham girl 💙 #momoko #momokodoll #dollstagram #instadoll #doll

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Hope you are having a great week!

16 thoughts on “Wake-UP momoko DOLL WUDsp Monchhichi Gingham Blue

  1. Alasse Carnesir

    Congratulations on her arrival! I really love that these girls have freckles. There have been a few Momoko dolls with them which is always so lovely to see. I do like the red version myself and maybe one day but there are a few other dolls I’d like to get first as they’re a bit harder to get.

    I am really loving the photos you are are posting of your Momoko girls. Do you feel a little less anxious as they don’t really easily break either if they fall over (unlike resin dolls)? I am really enjoying how adventurous your girls are. They are so cute. I can tell you’re smitten with these dolls. So far two Momokos … I can see more in your future!

    What kind of side table are you thinking of making? If you’re just wanting something basic, you can get some balsa wood, cut into a small square, find some small thin balsa wood for the legs and add those to the square wood and paint. Have you seen the rope style side table at MyFroggyStuff? Also, I actually found a bedside table by just using a pen holder that looks like an old wine barrel. I picked it up at a local stationery shop. Works a treat. You can just see what you have around too. Sometimes you can find some things that can work quite well without needing too much mod work done to it.

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      Thanks!!! This is the first momoko with freckles that I absolutely adore (others are nice, but she’s my fave haha). Hope some day you can get the red version!! I saw today that she’s a bit cheaper than what I paid for her, I thought the price would go up but it’s gone down, so who knows? maybe you can get a nice deal later for her 🙂

      I love how light they are you are right on that!! but I haven’t been that much adventurous, I don’t think? hahah maybe I am!!! The photo of merry go round with one feet off the ground was made using a stand and photoshopping the hell out of it. And I have three momokos!!! Not sure if you are forgetting merry go round or lady long legs :D!!! Lady long legs has one braid instead of two and her hair is lighter, but she and blue gingham do look a bit alike in that sense (I LOVE lady long legs bright pink lips!). Gosh I think I need to give these girls names, I want to buy another momoko and make her a fashion blogger :D!! But I can’t spend money at the moment. I am very tempted though XD

      I totally was going to make the rope style side table!!! I got white twine instead of brown (I have brown but it’s too thick), but I couldn’t find nor make anything in the shape I wanted so I gave up. I was trying to avoid doing yet another table on wood, but that’s an option I will consider. Thanks for your suggestions!!! Each weekend gets me closer to finish this diorama, I hope it turns out how I want it to be 🙂

      1. Alasse Carnesir

        Oh my gosh, how could I forget any of your Momokos. I think it was because you were posting mostly Lady Long Legs on your IG that I miscounted! You have three Momokos already. You’re fast catching up to me! I still haven’t found my 5th Momoko. I debate over getting the red version or wait and see what else is released (although to be honest, the releases so far this year haven’t really appealed to me much!).

        If you get a chance, I’d love to see a group photo of all three of your girls. They would look so adorable together.

        1. Fantasywoods Post author

          Hahaha it’s all good!!! And you are right! I’m almost catching up!! I agree with you, this year’s releases have been less than great so far, none has catched my eyes except for the red/blue gingham girls. I still think it would be neat if you got red 😀
          I’m terrible at group shots, but I’ll give it a try~

  2. Milena

    Congrats on new beautiful doll! I have other Monchhichi Momoko with freckles and I love her. I bought most of these dolls from Mimiwoo on Ebay. And yes, dolls from “Wake Up” series have only a romper/pyjama 🙂

  3. Kaisu

    She is cute! Congratulations! 😀 I’ve not ordered anything from Ebay yet, only few friends have ordered something for me from there. 🙂 I’m glad you had good experience! I can’t wait to see the diorama with your dolls! ^^ Have a nice day <3


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