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I’m soooo tired!!! I’ve been running all over for weeks, work has been the busiest and every free minute I have I’ve used it to do face ups. Today is Serafina‘s turn and I hope you like the result, I’m really proud of this one!

serafinafullShe has body blushing and a fantasy themed face up, it’s also my first try at fantasy.

I think I’m getting better at doing the lower eyelashes and eyebrows and that makes me so happy! Also, gluing eyelashes doesn’t stress me that much anymore, and I got better at it too.

I was not sure about the green and blue eyeshadow in her faceup at first, but I think it works nicely with her eyes. I had to re do the bottom part of the centaur body because I tried blushing it with pastels and it started to look dirty, since the area to paint was so big, so I did my first try at painting with airbrush. Not too shabby if I say so myself.

I also did the face twice because the color in the ears didn’t convince me, so after a few days of thinking about it, I just cleaned her and started over. I never finished the first face up, but this turned a thousand times better.

I did screw up a few things: one of the lines in the eyelids it’s not as fine as it could have because I passed with the brush twice. Big mistake. I also forgot to put bubble wrap in the belly area and when I closed the box (that it was VERY tight), I ruined the blushing of the area (2 tiny white spots). At first I thought my sealing sucked and it was all my fault (even if I did TONS of sealant layers), but after the accident I used the magic eraser in the zone (since I had to fix it anyways) and even when I passed with it strongly, I couldn’t take any color off. So I don’t know what happened. Now I have the box unclosed with a lot of bubble wrap everywhere. I fixed the white spots by wrapping the entire doll to focus only in sealing and painting the area, so now you can’t tell it had an accident. I don’t recommend doing this, but stringing this doll was so hard!


Before and after the fix.

I still need to re do my SOOM Onyx face up, but I think I’ll take a break from face ups, at least for this week. It’s been too tiring to paint non stop, I want to do nothing next time I’m free.

So let me know what you think about Serafina, I’d love to hear your thoughts!


13 thoughts on “Serafina

  1. Fyrd

    You did a god job! The lashes and brows look very neat and the overall blushing suits her wig so well. Also I think you made the right choice with the contrast eyeshadow, it really makes the eyes pop. The hooves do actually look nice all strung up and don’t necessarily need a darker tone at all. But if you want to add to them later, maybe try airbrushing them to get the smoother look?

    It seems like you have the same problem I tend to have though, with the corners of the mouth 😀 I struggle getting them to look neat if I add those spots to the corner. Doesn’t look bad from a bit afar, but shows up in close-ups. If you figure out a solution for that, I’m all ears! I just usually have to redo them a dozen times…

    All in all though, loving her attitude and natural shades. She looks like a true fantasy forest creature 🙂

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      Stupid corners right??? This was my first time trying to darken them and it didn’t turn out that great up close, you are right. I tried to fix it, but it’s so deep that I couldn’t do much x.x!!! I’ll appreciate any tips if you find too :D!!!
      Your eye sight is amazing, what are you, a hawk? the mistake isn’t THAT notoriuous or is it? XD! I knew you would notice anyways :P! I don’t mind my mistakes showing up in close ups though, I think it makes a nice documentation on how my skills progress 😀

      I’m so happy you like it and noticed some progress too ^^

      1. Fyrd

        No it’s not that prominent, don’t worry. It’s just something my eye draws to, since it is a hard part for me too. 😛 I’ve only seen a few artist who can always do clean corners. Even my favourite artist who did Nuu’s face-up messed up the corners in that face-up! XD And really, it doesn’t show up in anything but a very tight close-up, so it doesn’t bother me irl. But whenever I see close-ups of my own face-ups, where there are messed up corners, it makes me cringe… 😛

  2. Lise

    She honestly looks amazing! The face-up is stunning. Makes her look mischievous. :3
    The body-blushing is really awesome too! You have a nice talent for this. 😀

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      Thank you!! I’ll try to keep practicing so I don’t lose anything that I have learned so far!
      Serafina is the hardest paint job I’ve made so far and I’m happy you like it!I worked really hard X)

  3. Musume

    She is so cute, OMG! I love her face expression, I told you I think of her as mischievious and perspicacious, but also cute and adorable. I really like her, and I think you managed the white-spots issue really nice. I love the result!

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      Thank you! I did the white spots with acrylics and then I made a few streaks in each spot with a white pencil, so it would look more like its “hairy”, but It doesn’t show too well in pictures X(!!!

  4. KirstyKittens

    I think she looks amazing 😮 I love the little dots! And her devious face is so pretty <3 I really like the blue <3 And I'm so so jelly of how well you can do eyebrows and lower lashes as thats where I really struggle lol But she's lovly <3 Its amazing how the sculpt has told both of us that she's mischievous! My Tona is obsessed with fire, need I say more? lol

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      Thank you!!! I started doing really bad eyebrows and lashes. Have you seen Xhanti’s video about how diluted should be the paint for lower lashes? that helped me a lot :D!
      I love your Tona! I always thought Serafina would be cute and serious, but I guess the sculpt is not for that XD!

  5. Xanadu

    I think you have done a terrific job of Serafina. Love the cheeky look and the airbrushing has come up well, especially as it was your first attempt.

    Practice makes perfect. 🙂 So keep up the good work!

  6. Kurisu

    Aw she looks so nice. Good job! Especially with the airbrush. I need to learn that as well, but first I’ll need to conquer my fears of it XD’
    I really like the colors you chose they look great together and her blue eyeshadow gives a lot of life to her. ^^

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      Thank you! I still need to learn how to control the airbrush for tiny areas, but it’s fun!!! You should try it too, I know it’s scary at first, but it’s not that terrible, you’ll have loads of fun in the end X)!!


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