Dolls and storage space

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I don’t know about you, but I don’t really have much space to keep everything I’ve acquired for my dolls these past few years, and the amount of things keeps increasing. I have to keep all my dolls stored in their boxes in my closet. The ideal situation for me would be to have a room where I could have a table big enough to work both as a designer and doing face ups with enough light to work comfortably and being able to take photos. I also would keep all my dolls in this room, preferably in a shelf specially made for them, where I could see them every day.

I know most people keep their dolls in dark rooms so they don’t yellow as much, but in my experience, my dolls have been in a really dark closet, in their boxes all the time, and I can see how their skin tone is much creamy than it used to be. It is especially true for my Super gem Onyx, if you look inside her head, the color is really peachy, but outside she’s more yellow. In any case I’m glad she has mellowed a bit, I was not much a fan of the really peach normal skin. So if they are going to yellow anyways, I’ll just keep them in a room for my taste, and thing is, I don’t like dark rooms, I love windows and natural light, the more the better.


As for clothes, shoes and other accessories, so far I had them in brown cardboard boxes that I couldn’t close anymore because they were either breaking from use or had too many things to close. I’ve been looking for pretty boxes for an affordable price, but I never find anything to my taste or in the size I need it, they usually run on the small size and are way too expensive.

So I bought some cardboard of better quality and some wrapping paper of different styles and decided to make my own boxes. So far I’ve made 4 boxes, but only 3 are finished.


shoebox2The smallest one is for male shoes. It has enough space for 2 more pairs, since I don’t find male shoes that I like often, but I’m guessing I’ll need a bigger box in the future. This was the only box I made that will need a change sometime, the others all have enough space to hold way more things.

The blue box is for Faolan’s clothes. I might have done it a bit too big, so I was thinking in mixing both Lucas and Faolan’s clothes in it, but I’m not sure. I still need to finish the boxes for my girls’ clothes.

The biggest box (pink) is for all the female shoes. As you can see I made some separations so it looks neater. It has enough space for a few more pairs, but I hope I can keep it like this for a while; I have way too many shoes already.

Inside of each box, on top of everything, I put a paper bag that has fragrance (shoes have apple fragrance and Faolan’s cinnamon). I know there are a lot of people that don’t like fragrances, but I much prefer my clothes to smell slightly like fruits than smelling like an old cardboard, and the smell is really faint. I didn’t take pictures of that.


And I think that’s pretty much it for now. I know the boxes aren’t really awesome looking nor special, but they are going to be hidden in a closet, anyways.

Have a nice week and thanks for reading!

4 thoughts on “Dolls and storage space

  1. Fyrd

    The fragrances sound like a marvellous idea! And I love the little compartments you’ve made, keeps things in place very well. Damn I should do something like that for my extra shoes if I could just find boxes that low.

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      And that’s why I ended up doing my own boxes :p! And the fragances really make it such a nice experience to take stuff from the boxes! I have others with strawberry smell and peach, but those will go for the rest of the boxes I haven’t done yet.

  2. Kurisu

    Oh! This is a brilliant idea!
    Your boxes are very neat, and I love the compartments – great idea!
    For now I mainly keep my dolls’ clothes and shoes in some small cheap IKEA plastic boxes that can go on top of each other…but they are still in a cupboard XD’
    I’d love to have a huge ‘exhibition’ on my wall someday with all my doll clothes and shoes in a wood/glass box. ^^

    1. Fantasywoods Post author

      We don’t have IKEA ;_; ….. I also dream of having my dolls in a wood shelf with glass doors so I can see them every day, and have all their things close. It’s torture having to take things out of the closet >.>


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